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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Xtreme Coolisty
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A few days before the SummerSlam Pay-Per-View in the hot month of August 2000,
Edge and Christian are returning to the locker room area after defeating the Dudley Boyz
in a Summerslam warm-up match for their upcoming Tables, Ladders and Chairs match
against the Dudleys and The Hardy Boyz. "Dude... we like totally rocked the Dummy
Boys!" Edge says as he carries his WWF Tag Team title belt, and he's dressed in green
wrestling tights.

"Yeah... that so reeked of awesomeness..." Christian says, and he's dressed in yellow
wrestling tights and a seek through gray colored top. "We are going to win easily at
Summerslam in the TLC match! We're going to take them and the Hardys to the
extreme!" Christian says as he drapes his Tag Team title belt over his left shoulder.

Edge licks his teeth a bit, "That would be extremely cool... It would be... extreme
coolisty!" Edge and Christian both laugh at Edge's comment as they head to the catering
area where Lita, the WWF's Xtreme Diva is drinking a bottle of water.

"Whoa! Major Hottastic Babe at three o'clock..." Christian says as he instantly notices

Edge smirks, "Oh yea... that's putting it mildly..." Edge laughs a bit as he and Christian
approach Lita, "Hey Lita... when are you going to ditch the Hardys and hook up with
some real cool dudes with attitudes!"

The feisty, high flying manager of the Hardy Boyz, Lita, tosses her fiery red hair back as
she turns to face Edge and Christian with a raised eyebrow "Say that again..." Lita says as
she folds her arms against her toned, flat and nicely tanned stomach while the Xtreme
Diva is dressed in pair of slightly baggy black pants, a white tank top with her black
thong sticking out slightly from her baggy pants.

Edge smirks as he checks Lita out, "I thought I was pretty clear..."

"Yeah Lita... you're like totally wasting your time with them... they can't ever beat us!
Might as well trade on up!" Christian says with a grin on his face.

Lita slowly shakes her head as she keeps her sultry eyes locked on Edge and Christian
"Yeah...whatever...beside I like things extreme..." Lita says with a laugh as she
seductively licks her pouty lips.

Edge rolls his eyes, "Extreme? Please... the Hardly Boys aren't extreme...when's the last
time they won a big time extreme match against us?" Edge asks.

"Last October at No Mercy..." Christian answers.

Edge looks at him, "You're not helping me prove my point..." Edge says.

Lita rolls her eyes before she starts to turn away from Edge and Christian "Whatever
guys...I have to go meet up with my boys...who will no doubt kick both of your asses at
SummerSlam!" Lita says as she licks her teeth.

Edge puts his Tag Title belt on a table and starts to move so that he can keep himself in
front of Lita, "Oh come on... you know you're tired of seeing them lose... you want to be
with some real winners... " Edge says with a grin.

Lita pauses and presses her lips together into a seductive smirk "Real winners?" Lita
laughs "And just who would that be?"

"Christian and me of course..." Edge says. "Yeah Lita... we totally reek of

Christian says as he puts his Tag Title belt down with Edge's belt. "And we would bomb
with total coolisty if you hooked up with the greatest team in WWF history!" Christian

Lita laughs "Alright...fine, I'll humor you both and see what you have..." Lita begins to
say as she looks at Edge and Christian.

Edge licks his teeth, "You're going to love this...." Edge says as he starts to lower his
wrestling tight, bringing out his thirteen inch, impressively thick, semi-hard cock.

"Yeah Lita! Our cocks totally rock!" Christian says as he takes off his top, completely
revealing his smooth toned chest before he starts to push down his tights to let out his
eleven inch dick.

Lita slightly licks her lips and nods her fiery red haired head before she takes a step
closer to Edge and Christian, and then kneels down on the floor of the catering room in
front of the two brothers "Mmm...I just love fucking brothers..."

"Why does that not surprise me?" Edge laughs a bit as he and Christian step closer to Lita
to give her an even closer look at their cocks. Christian licks his lips as he watches Lita
size up his and Edge's hard, fat dicks. Lita slyly smiles as she looks up at Edge while
wrapping her left hand around his shaft and her right hand around Christian's shaft before
the hot and sexy Xtreme Diva begins to smoothly stroke her hands against their thick
shaft. Lita spits her warm saliva onto both of their shafts as she strokes them.

Christian licks his lips and moans a bit, "Mmmmm yea..." Christian closes his eyes and
tilts his head back as he enjoys the way Lita strokes his cock with her right hand. Edge
licks his teeth as he looks down at Lita as she moves her left hand up and down his long
dick a she smears her saliva all over it.

Lita lowers her head and gently slides her wet tongue across the head of his thick cock
before she slaps her tongue against Christian's cock as well. "Mmmmm...." Lita moans as
the stud of her tongue-rind hits against Christian's piss-slit. Lita closes her eyes as she
turns back to Edge's thirteen inch cock and smoothly takes the head of his cock into her

"Ahhhh.... mmmmm..." Edge moans as he feels Lita taking his cock inch by inch into her
wet mouth. The long haired WWF Superstar licks his teeth as Lita starts to bob her head
on his thirteen inch cock. Christian smirks a bit as the Xtreme redhead continues to stroke
his cock with her right hand.

"Mmmm..." Lita moans as her sultry lips rub against Edge's shaft as she lifts and lowers
her head, sucking his thirteen inch cock while smoothly stroking Christian's rock hard
shaft with her right hand

"Yeah.... you like having a real hard cock in your mouth..." Edge moans as he Lita bobs
her head nice and smoothly on his thirteen inch cock.

Christian smirks a bit, "Hey Lita... why don't you suck my dick... that'll totally rule!"
Christian says with an eager smile on his face as Lita jerks him off. Lita smacks her lips
around Edge's shaft before she lifts her head up and licks her sultry lips and turns on her
knees to face Christian's cock. The hot, feisty WWF Diva opens her mouth and eagerly
takes his cock into her wet mouth as she begins to suck rapidly on Christian's cock.

"Ohhhh yea Lita... ohhh fuck..." Christian moans as the Xtreme WWF Diva bobs her
head quickly on his stiff, thick cock. Christian puts both of his hands on Lita's head as she
turns her head on his dick.

Edge licks his teeth as he moves around behind Lita and kneels down. "Yeah... this is
totally full of Coolisty..." Edge says as he starts to lower Lita's baggy black pants an also
her black thong at the same time to uncover her gorgeous, tanned ass.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm!" Lita happily moans around Christian's cock as she wickedly
slaps her pierced tongue against his rock hard, thick shaft before she gently grinds her
soft lips around his thick cock.

"Awwww.... fuck yea..." Christian groans as he pushes Lita's red hair back as she smacks
his cock with her pierced tongue as she sucks and slurps on it.

Behind Lita, Edge licks his teeth as he smacks Lita's gorgeous ass, "Yeah... you're gonna
wanna ditch the Hardys for us..." Edge says with a smirk as he guides his thirteen inch
cock towards and then into Lita's hot tight pussy. "Mmmm...' Edge moans as he begins to
thrust his cock in and out of Lita's pussy.

"MMMMMMM!" Lita roughly and loudly moans around Christian's thick shaft before
she smoothly rocks herself back against Edge's shaft as he swiftly thrusts his cock in and
out of her tight, warm pussy. Lita lowers her head further down on Christian's cock as her
wet saliva stings against his cock.

"Ahhhh... uhhh yea..." Edge moans as he spears Lita's hot pussy with his thirteen inch
cock. Edge puts his hands on Lita's hips and pulls her back roughly against him so that
her ass cheeks hit right against his muscular waist. Christian tilts his head back as Lita
starts deep throating his fat cock, "Ohhhh yea.... fuck yea Lita... suck it..." Christian
moans as he pushes his pelvis forward to try to get his dick deeper into Lita's wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lita moans as she roughly slaps her pierced tongue against the
bottom side of his rock hard cock as she impressively deep throats Christian's entire cock
while she steadily pushes back against Edge's cock as he deeply spears her pussy with his

"Ohhh ahhh fuck shit...' Christian moans as he feels Lita's tongue piercing grinding
against the bottom of his cock as she blows him. Christian then starts to step backward
slowly, which causes him to pull his dick out of Lita's Xtreme mouth.

Edge licks his teeth as he sacks Lita's ass with his right hand, "Yeah Lita... you like how
we take it to the extreme?" Edge grunts as he fucks her with fast, firm thrusts.

Lita grits her teeth as she smoothly guides herself back against Edge's cock "Mmmm...
ohhh shit yeah!"

Christian licks his lips, "Hey Edge... let's really rock her body with our cocks of
awesomeness!" Christian says as he starts to get down on the floor in front of Lita.

Edge smirks a bit, "Good idea Christian..." Edge laughs a bit as he pushes the Xtreme
Diva forward as he pulls his thirteen inch dick out of Lita's Xtreme pussy.

Lita licks her lips and tosses her fiery red hair back as she locks her seductive eyes down
with Christian's rock hard cock. The feisty WWF Diva joins Christian down on the floor
before she mounts herself firmly onto of Christian's hard cock, taking him into her tight
pussy. "Mmmmm ohhhh shit!" Lita moans before she takes off her white tank top,
revealing her large, hot tits

"Ahhhh uhhh...." Christian groans as Lita squeezes his cock with her tight pussy.
Christian puts his hands on Lita's tits and starts feeling them up as she starts to rock on
his cock, but Lita doesn't get to build any moment because Edge moves closer to her and
spears her asshole with his thirteen inch shaft with one hard, swift thrust.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Lita shouts as she tilts her head back after Edge rams his rock deeply
into her tight asshole. The sultry Xtreme Diva rocks back on Christian's shaft, smacking
her nicely tanned, juicy ass back against Edge's muscular waist while riding Christian's

"Awww... uhhh fuck yea..." Edge moans as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of
Lita's Xtreme ass. Edge smacks Lita's ass with his right hand as he pumps his cock in and
out of her asshole.

"Ohhh yea Lita... ride that dick..." Christian moans as he gropes and plays with Lita's hot
tits as she rocks and bounces on his cock while Edge fucks her.

"Ohhhh yeah fuck that ass! Fuck it!" Lita moans as she grinds her juicy, tanned ass back
against Edge's muscular waist as he sharply spears her tight asshole, causing her to
roughly rock forward on Christian's cock.

"Mmmmm fuck... ohhh yea..." Christian moans as he starts to thrust his cock upward into
Lita's tight wet pussy as she roughly rocks on his impressive cock. Edge leans forward so
that his smooth stomach is pressing down on Lita's back as he continue to fuck Lita's ass
with quick, hard thrusts.

Lita closes her eyes and places her hands against Christian's toned stomach as sweat drips
off of her seductively tanned and nicely toned body as she deeply fucked by Christian
and Edge while pressed between the two brothers "Ohhhh...awww fuck!"

Edge licks his teeth, "Get ready Lita... we're gonna really take you to the extreme..." Edge
says as he pulls his cock out of Lita's asshole and starts to push it into her hot, already
dick-stuffed pussy.

"Ohhhh shit...' Christian groans as he feels Edge's dick grinding against his as it joins his
within Lita's hot, wet Xtreme pussy.

Lita tilts her head back as she arches her seductive, hot body a bit to lean back towards
Edge as he stuffs his rock hard cock into her cock filled pussy "Ohhhhhh mother fucker!"
Lita screams as she grinds her pussy down against Christian's cock as she gets to used to
the large cocks inside of her.

"Ahhhh... awww... yea..." Edge grits his teeth together as he and Christian start to
alternate thrusts as they fuck Lita's hot pussy.

"Mmmmm... yeah... take we're totally rocking Lita's hot body!" Christian moans as he
keeps thrusting his dick up into Lita's pussy, but Edge starts to increase his own pace.
Lita's hot body roughly slams down on Christian's and she gently digs her fingernails into
his muscular chest after Edge delivers a sharp thrust to her tight pussy, causing the sexy
Diva to jerk forward roughly as Edge and Christian's shafts grind together.

"Ahhhh... uhhh fuck Edge... can't you slow it down!" Christian says as he feels Edge's
cock rapidly grinding against his dick as they continue to tag team Lita's hot Xtreme

Edge smirks a bit as his balls slap against Lita's smooth skin, "Mmmm yeah... sure..."
Edge says as he slows down his sharp thrusts and then pulls his cock out of Lita's hot
pussy, leaving Christian's alone in her.

Lita licks her sultry lips as she steadily rocks back and forth on Christian's rock hard shaft
as she bucks her hips to smoothly grind her pussy against his shaft "Ohhhhh
fuck...mmmmm yeah fuck that cunt!" Lita moans.

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmm fuck..." Christian moans as he bucks his hips upward as he pops
his cock up into Lita's hot pussy as she rides the shit out of him. Christian grits his teeth
as he continues to play with Lita's tits as Edge stands up behind Lita and strokes his long,
hard cock.

Lita presses her lips together and lowers her head, locking her lustfilled eyes with
Christian as she steadily rides his rock hard, thick cock while she sharply slams down on
his cock after her thrusts up into her warm pussy "Ohhhhh....awww yeah!

"Ohhhhh... ohhh fuck... awww fuck...." Christian moans as he arches his back a bit as he
starts cumming within Lita's hot wet pussy as slams down and rocks on his cock.

Lita tilts her head back after slamming down once against on Christian's cock and feeling
his throbbing cock explode inside of her warm, wet pussy with his thick cum "Ohhhhh

"Mmmmm fuck... yea..." Christian moans as he relaxes underneath Lita as he finishes
cumming within Lita's wet pussy. Meanwhile, Edge licks his teeth as he stops stroking
his dick and bends down to pull Lita up off of Christian's cum spent dick.

Lita laughs a bit as Edge lifts the sweaty Xtreme Diva off of his brother's throbbing, cum
dripping cock "Hey!" Lita laughs

Edge smirks, "I'm telling you... you're going to want to ditch the Hardys for real men..."
Edge says as he brings Lita over to where his and Christian's Tag Title belts are laying.
Edge grabs his title and wraps it around his waist as he looks at Lita, "Ever blown a guy
with a Championship on?" Edge says with a wide grin.

Lita smirks slyly "You're bad..." Lita says as she licks her lips before she gently rubs her
left hand against the thick head of his cock, leading her hand down to his shaft as she
pulls his cock to her mouth and greedily accepts his thirteen inch cock

Edge smirks as Lita wraps her sensual Xtreme lips around his thirteen inch cock, "Hey...
I'm full of extreme Coolisty..." Edge moans as Lita starts to suck on his big hard cock
while Christian recovers on the floor. Lita locks her seductive, lustfilled eyes with Edge
as she smoothly bobs her fiery red haired head along his thick, rock hard shaft while he
sensual lips move against his cock. Lita starts to bob her head at a quicker pace, while her
wet saliva drips against his cock.

Edge licks his teeth as Lita bobs her head up and down on his stiff cock, "Mmmmm...
awww.... fuck yea Lita... keep sucking it..." Edge moans as he angles the Championship
that's on his waist so that Lita can see her own reflection as she blows Edge.

"Mmmmmm..." Lita moans as she smacks her sultry and sensual lips against his shaft
while roughly slapping her pierced tongue against the bottom side of Edge's thick shaft
before the incredibly hot Lita impressively deep throats his entire cock.

Edge grits his teeth, "Mmmm yea babe... ahhh... yea..." Edge moans as Lita swallows his
thirteen inch cock. Edge moves away from the table as he starts shooting his warm, thick,
salty cum into Lita's hot, wet mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Lita moans around Edge's shaft as she tightens her lips and devours Edge's
warm cum that sprays into her sultry, hot mouth.

"Mmmmm fuck yea... not that was totally cool...' Edge moans as he keeps cumming for a
few moments more. When he's done, Lita lifts her head off of his cock and Edge takes his
Tag Team Title belt off of his waist, "See how it's like with dudes with extreme
attitudes?" Edge asks.

Lita raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks " be honest...I can't wait for Matt and
Jeff to kick both of your asses for those belts!"

Christian gets up from the ground, "Oh that's not gonna happen... and we'll make a bet
with you!" Christian says to Lita.

Lita smirks a bit "A bet?"

Christian nods his head, "Yeah... we win Sunday you do what we want... and if by some

Edge tries to stop him, "Christian... don't...."

Christian ignores him as he says as he finishes what he's going to say, "We'll do what you

Lita licks her lips "You got a deal..."


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