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Xtreme Domination Part 1: Trish Stratus
by Alexis

Lita walked backstage at the Raw event. The show was just starting and she'd
finished her announcing for the night. Entering a bathroom she removed her
red shirt to reveal a pink and black tight tee-shirt with mistress on it. She
pulled her skin tight cargo's lower on her slender hips and pulled her pink
thong up higher. She fixed her hair so that it swirled around her shoulders
and applied a bit of lip gloss. She looked like sweet innocent regular Lita.
Grinning she left the discarded shirt on the floor and pulled the bathroom
door open.

Slinking down the hallway she smiled when she came upon the women's locker
room. Pushing the door open she listened carefully and was delighted to hear
the shower running. Rounding the corner to the shower room she smirked at
the sight in front of her. And what a sight it was. There was Trish Stratus
wet from head to toe. Lita waited her pussy tingling with excitement until
Trish had rinsed her body of the sudds and had a towel wrapped around her
body. Trish turned and jumped at the sight of the red head. Smiling she blew
out a breath of relief.

"Hey Lita." Trish said mildly. The new Women's champ walked to her locker
and began to take out some clothes.

"Hey Trish shinny belt you've got there." Lita smiled at her.

"Yeah too bad you're not "good" enough at the moment to compete for it I
mean with your neck and all." Trish said turning back to the locker. Lita's
smile faded and she stepped behind the blonde. Cupping Trish's breasts
through the towel Lita wasn't surprised when she heard Trish moan.

"Hey Trish am I really not good enough?" Lita asked squeezing the blonde's
tits gently.

"Well you are second best now compared to me and my new in-ring abilities."
Trish shot back biting her lower lip.

"Really? How about I show you who's better by making you my little slut?"
Lita's hand moved up to Trish's blonde locks and yanked her back. The towel
fell off leaving's Trish's breasts and pussy exposed to the cool air of the
locker room.

"Lita what are you doing?" Trish asked her eyes wide with fear.

"Making you my little blonde bitch." Lita shoved her down onto the hard
wooden bench making the Women's Champ straddle the bench. "You speak and
you'll be punished."

"And Trish call me Mistress." Lita smacked the blonde on the ass watching
it ripple. Pulling the blonde on to her back Lita gripped the hair and made
it twine with her hard fist.

"Now Trish I want you to take my pants off." Lita smiled as the Diva reached
and unbuttoned the red head's pants and slid them down to her knees.
Straddling Trish's face Lita let her drenched thong covered pussy hover over
the blonde's face.

"Alright my little slut time to make your mistress cum." Lita said sitting
her pussy on her slut's face. At first Trish didn't do anything.

"C'mon Bitch! Make your Mistress moan." Lita rubbed back and forth on Trish's
face until she felt a tongue slide against her pussy. Trish pushing the thong
aside started to lick and suck on Lita's wet pussy. Lita threw her head back
and yanked at Trish's hair.

Trish made slurpping sounds as Lita let out a moan. Trish's pouty lips found
Lita's clit and set to work at making Lita cum. Lita rode Trish's hot mouth
and reached down to rub Trish's own pussy. The blonde was so wet that Lita
was able to trail wetness back up Trish's body. Lita let out a thick cry as
she came on Trish's face moving down so it covered Trish's chin too.

"That's my little slut." Lita grinned and Trish whimpered at the cum dripping
from her chin. Pulling Trish back up Lita bent the hot little blonde over and
rubbed her still wet fingers over the tanned ass. Slapping her ass hard Lita
reached into one of her cargo pant pockets and pulled out a 9 inch dildo.
Rubbing the play-cock between Trish's ass cheeks Lita got a wicked idea.
Slipping the dildo into Trish's pussy she began pumping it in and out of the
blonde. Trish gasped and gripped the bench.

"C'mon bitch." Lita whispered in her ear. Trish groaned as Lita pumped it
faster making the dildo slick. Trish cried out nearly to her climax. Lita
pulled out the dildo and slid it up Trish's ass laughing when she screamed
in pain.

"Stop..." Trish whimpered as Lita pulled the dildo out and then slammed it
back in again. Lita slapped Trish's ass hard and the blonde cried out.

"I want you to hold it in there." Lita said slapping Trish's ass again and
turning her over. Trish was pinned on her back with the dildo inside her
ass driving her crazy.

"Now Trish you're going to get what you deserve. I'm going to make you my
little bitch by spanking you until you cum." Lita said rubbing Trish's
thighs. "I do believe I told you not to speak slut."

Trish bit her lip and clenched her legs shut. "Open them." Lita commanded.
When Trish didn't respond Lita shoved them apart and stuck her head between
Trish's legs. Licking and flitting her tongue in and out she chuckled when
Trish's legs quivered. Pulling her head up she saw Trish had her head
thrown back and her eyes closed. Lita took one of Trish's large breasts and
Squeezed hard. Blowing on Trish's cunt Lita then brought her other hand up.
She brought it down on Trish's pussy making the little blonde jump. Crying
out when Lita did it again Trish couldn't control her body as it warmed and
her pussy became more excited and wet. As Lita spanked Trish's cunt with
her hand she spoke to her. "C'mon bitch say you're my slut. Tell me how much
you want to be my little bitch and I'll make you cum."

"MMMm." Trish groaned as Lita slapped her pussy again. The dildo in her ass
slid out each time Trish jumped and went back in when Trish landed. The
feeling of her unique spanking and the dildo going in and out of her ass was
too much. Lita squeezed her tit harder and thumbed her nipple.

"I'm...I'm your slut." Trish cried out. "I want to be your bitch please

"I'm not convinced." Lita said slapping Trish's pink pussy again.

"Make me your bitch please Mistress. I'll be a good little slut I promise!"
Trish yelped.

"Alright Trishy." Lita laughed and slapped her cunt again. Taking Trish's
own hand Lita slid two of Trish's and her own fingers into the waiting pink
pussy. Harshly slamming the fingers in and out Trish's pussy Lita watched
as Trish arched her back and moaned for it. Trish cried out reaching her
peak. And Lita withdrew. She smiled and whispered in Trish's ear.

"All you have to do is cum." Lita grinned going back down and running her
tongue along Trish's aching hole. Trish moaned loudly as cum dribbled down
her pussy and pooled on the bench. Lita kissed the forehead of the Women's

"That's a good little bitch. And when I come back my little slut I'll take
your title too." Lita smacked Trish's thigh and pulled her pants. She left
the room a stratusfied smirk on her face. She left Trish lying, panting on
the bench drenched in hers and Trish's cum.

Lita checked her list inside her mind. Who was next to be dominated by Lita?

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