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Xtreme Domination Part 2: Stephanie McMahon
by Alexis

Trish walked down the hall of the recent Arena tears of pain slipping down
her face each time she took a step. She reached the women's locker room and
locked herself into a stall. Pulling down her pants she sat down on the
toilet and felt along the inside of her thigh. There was a small tattoo
right in the middle of her thigh. It said `Mistress LA.'. Trish whimpered
as she ran her fingers over the dark ink. She wondered who the redhead's
next victim would be.

Lita got off the plane in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her hair was blowing
about her face as the crisp night air mad her nipples harden and show
through her innocent white T-shirt. Reaching the black limo Lita slid onto
the leather seats to see Stephanie McMahon smiling at her. Lita put on a
sweet smile at the new woman before her and crossed her legs letting her
leather skirt ride up and show her lean tan legs. Stephanie opened her
mouth and then closed it at the sight. Lita smirked at the fact that a
McMahon was faltering at the sight of her.

"Lita I'm so glad you could make it." Stephanie smiled and Lita nodded.

"What is it exactly that you're calling me here for?" Lita asked cocking
her head to the side revealing her slender neck. Stephanie gulped.

"Well I.I■I thought that you could help me with ■with■" Stephanie sighed as
Lita leaned up and kissed her on the lips. Letting a hand slide down the
McMahon's pants Lita slipped a finger deep inside her clit. Stephanie
gasped her eyes widening and her head thrown back.

"You're a dirty slut." Lita growled rubbing Stephanie's clit. "You know

"No." Stephanie whimpered and Lita rubbed faster.

"I want you so bad Lita I want you to fuck me please."

"You'll be my slut when I'm done."

"You can't■" Stephanie moaned and an orgasm claimed her. "I'll make you
scream my name later Lita."

"MMMM." Lita straddled Stephanie's lap.

"You want to fuck me?" Lita asked and Stephanie pulled up Lita's shirt and
began sucking on her nipple in response.

"Too bad you know our time is up." Lita bit on Stephanie's neck leaving a
hickey as a mark. "But I win"

"Bitch!" Stephanie groaned angrily.

After the show Stephanie was walking down the hallway of the hotel when she
heard footsteps behind her. Turning around Stephanie sighed when there was
no one there. She was fine there was no one out to get her. She continued
walking when the footsteps started again and then she stopped. Looking back
again there was no one there. As she went to continue again Stephanie was
shoved towards a wall her head hitting it and her mind blackening. Lita
lifted her by the hair and pulled her towards a room. Sliding the key in
the door Stephanie was drug inside and tossed on the bed.

"Oh you'll be my bitch alright." Lita stripped the youngest McMahon down
and massaged her ass. Tossing the brunette on the bed she handcuffed her
and spread her legs. Pulling from a black bag Lita held in her hands an
eleven-inch dildo. Slipping it inside Stephanie's pussy Lita then cuffed
her ankles together. Lita got ready for her slave by pulling on a pair of
vinyl black panties with a zipper up the crotch. Leaving her breasts bare
Lita watched as Stephanie stirred awake. Stephanie's eyes fell upon Lita
and the redhead smiled.

"Oh god Lita." Stephanie whimpered.

"Oh god Lita." Lita mimicked laughing. Stephanie's eyes hardened and she
spat at her. : Lita grinned here was the fun part. Breaking a McMahon.

Lita sat down on the bed and pulled Stephanie over her knees and grabbed a
thick belt. Lifting it up she began spanking Stephanie with it.

"Oh oh oh!" Stephanie screamed. "Stop!!"

"Are you my bitch?" Lita asked.

"Fuck you." Stephanie yelled out and screamed when the belt hit her again.
She began to sob.

"Oh go ahead and cry you little slut. You like it." Lita ran her fingers
over the bruised skin. She continued until Stephanie's sobs became soft

"Who's bitch are you?" Lita asked.

Lita un cuffed Stephanie's wrists and then shoved her between her legs.
Stephanie smelled the pussy before her and cried out when her head was
jerked back. Stephanie watched as Lita shoved her face into her breasts.

"Suck my breasts." Lita commanded and Stephanie cried out liking
everywhere. After Lita's nipples were round and hardened Lita tossed
Stephanie on the bed and rubbed her ass. Stephanie screamed in pain.

"OOO" Lita ran her tongue between Stephanie's ass cheeks. The brunette
began crying again. Lita went lower and dipped her tongue into Stephanie's
pussy along with the dildo. The sweet taste of it made Lita lick her until
she came. Stephanie was crying in shame as her body gave in. Pulling the
dildo out she placed it at Stephanie's mouth.

"Lick it clean." Lita smiled. Stephanie began to suck and lick the fake
cock. Lita smiled when Stephanie looked away after the "BJ". Kissing her
lips Lita moved and unzipped her cunt.

"Now Stephanie I'll make you want me I'll make you do what ever I want."
Lita smacked her ass again. Stephanie was instantly wet again.

"C'mon Stephanie." Lita sat in front of Stephanie's face and pulled her
face onto her cunt. Lita growled angrily when Stephanie didn't do anything.
Her eyes clamped shut as Stephanie began to use her mouth for something
other than whining. Stephanie moaned into Lita's cunt making her cum all
over her lips. Stephanie looked up sadly and Lita smiled.

"Who's bitch are you?" Lita asked.

"Y■. Y■. ours." Stephanie cried out and Lita un cuffed her. Stephanie lay
on the bed broken and throbbing. Lita slipped inside her a pair of panties
with a black dildo on it. Stephanie's pussy cried as the cock was slipped
inside. Fastening the panties Lita marked her and picked her up. Tossing
the brunette out the door Stephanie cried when the cock pumped in and out.

"Good now I want to hear you cum in the hallway.

"Ugh." Stephanie moaned as the cock jabbed her again. Rocking her hips
Stephanie moaned as the cock went in and out.

"Yeah■" Stephanie groaned. "Fuck■fuck■" She panted her pussy warming and

"Oh god." Stephanie screamed as She came wetting the floor shamefully.

"Who's the slut now?" Lita asked tossing her the key.

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