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Y2J Wins The Game
by Natural Born Thriller (

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was a very happy woman. She had just beaten
Trish Stratus and Albert in a mixed tag team match with her husband Triple H,
and had even had Hunter beat up Chris Jericho for calling her a Ho for the
715,643rd time. She was ready for a long night of riding HHH's 10 inch cock,
but she had one problem, she couldn't find HHH. She had looked everywhere,
when she decided to check the locker room one last time, but as she walked
in, she felt a cold chill run up her body. She heard the door shut and spun
around to see not her husband, but the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Chris
Jericho. It was the last thing she would see for a while as she felt a glass
object break over her head and she fell unconscious.

Stephanie awoke to a frightening sight. Her husband Triple H was tied up
naked against the wall, bleeding slightly from the head. He was unconscious.
She turned to see Jericho walk in, followed by Trish Stratus and Chyna.
Stephanie was scared to death until she noticed that Trish, Chyna and Y2J
were completely naked. Then she noticed that her own clothes had disappeared
as well.

"Stephanie, this game between us has gone on long enough," Jericho said
softly. "I know how much you love HHH, so how much will it kill you to see 2
women u hate more than any others in the WWF, suck and fuck him better than
you ever could?"

"Jericho, don't do this!" Stephanie cried, but to no avail.

"Chyna, let him down and lie him on the couch," Jericho snarled as he
noticed Stephanie staring at his 9 inch cock, which was thicker than her

Chyna then untied the Game and laid him on the sofa. She then began to
run her muscular hands all over his body. She sees his cock beginning to
become fully erect as he awakes, and knew then was the time to strike. Chyna
impaled her mouth on the cock of her former DX partner. HHH began to moan,
but Trish quickly put a stop to that by straddling his face. HHH out of
instinct began to lick her neatly shaven blonde snatch.

Stephanie was almost reduced to tears, except her pussy was becoming more
and more soaked as she watched her husband being fucked and sucked by Chyna
and Trish. Chyna quit sucking and mounted the game. She squatted till his
whole manhood was buried deep in her pussy. She began to bounce up and down
on it as HHH slapped Trish's ass as he licked at her pussy with dizzying
speed. That was when Stephanie couldn’t take it anymore.

"Jericho let me go!" she screamed as he turned back to her.

"Why so you can save your husband from something he sooooo doesn't wanna
be saved from?" asked Y2J.

"No," She replied "I want some cock too, and since HHH is busy, I want

"You'll get whatever I let you have slut," spoke the IC Champ.

He walked over to her and shoved his cock in her mouth. What otherwise
would have been a big turnoff was making Stephanie go crazy. She had never
been an avid cocksucker, but she was going at Jericho's meat like a porn
star. By this time Chyna had gotten off HHH, and he had the girls in a 69
while he fucked Trish in the ass. Steph saw this and it drove her over the

"Chris, fuck me with that big fat cock like the filthy whore that I am!"
she commanded.

That was exactly what Jericho wanted to hear, and he untied her and
turned her over. He slammed all 9 inches of his shaft into Stephanie's cunt
at once.

"YESSSSSSSS! Please fuck me Chris. I'm your whore, I need your cock baby
fuck my cunt yesssssss."

Chris bucked back and forth into her like a man possessed, as HHH was
fucking Chyna's tits as Trish licked her cunt. HHH then blew his load all
over Chyna's tits and face, and Trish proceeded to lick up every drop up
before sharing it with the 9th wonder of the world in a passionate kiss.
Jericho was close to cumming too, and Steph knew it she flexed her cunt
muscles squeezing all the cum out of his balls and into her eager pussy.
Jericho pulled out, dressed, and then grabbed Stephanie by the hair and told
her that she was forever his nasty filthy whore.

She just smiled and said "Yes, master."

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