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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late at night in San Antonio, Texas just days before his unsanctioned grudge
match with Shawn Michaels that is scheduled for the WWE's 2008 broadcast of
Unforgiven, Chris Jericho is parking his rental car a few yards from the home
of Shawn Michaels. Dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, Jericho walks
the short distance from the street up to the house's entrance, Jericho
smirks, "Shawn ... you ignorant hypocrite ... first you brought your wife to
SummerSlam ... and now you've left her all alone just to do some media
appearances ..." Jericho says as he rings the doorbell once. He then waits a
few seconds before he rings it again. Jericho continues to ring the doorbell
until a light from the
second floor turns on. Jericho's smirk turns into a disturbing smile as he
notices a light on the first floor turned on before he hears the sound of the
door being unlocked.

"Do you know what time it is..." The beautiful wife of Shawn Michaels,
Rebecca, says as she opens the door without looking out to see who was
ringing the doorbell. Rebecca lifts her head and her eyes instantly lock on
Chris Jericho. Rebecca, dressed in a white silk bathrobe, tied around her
gorgeous waist and hangs against her thighs to show of her smooth, tanned
legs. "What are you doing here!?" Rebecca snaps at the man who punched her in
the face at SummerSlam.

Chris Jericho smirks slyly, "Oh I just happened to be in the neighborhood...
and I was curious to see how your mouth was..." Jericho says as he narrows
his eyes as he looks at Rebecca.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip as she cautiously places her left hand
onto the front door. "I think you should leave..."

"Is that any way to treat me... I came all this way to see you..." Jericho
says as he takes a step forward so that he's positioned to block the door if
Rebecca attempted to close it.

Rebecca's eyes widen a bit as she takes a step back. "I really think you
should leave..." Rebecca replies as she continues to back up into the house.

Jericho smerks as he steps forward again, entering the house, "Now why's
that... Shawn is not home... like he should be..." Jericho grins deviously.

Rebecca nervously looks around the house as she steps into the entrance of
the living room, while Jericho slams the front door shut and starts to
approach the wife of Shawn Michaels. "Please just leave..." Rebecca says as
she steps back towards the entrance of the kitchen.

"Ain't it funny... that Shawn hates me so much that he left you
unprotected..." Jericho says as he continues to walk towards Rebecca,
following her into the kitchen. "What type of husband is he? Oh right, he
just cares about himself..." Jericho laughs.

Rebecca grits her teeth and narrows her eyes "Shawn is a great husband!"
Rebecca snaps back at Jericho. "He's a decent man, unlike you!" Rebecca
replies as she glances at the cordless phone sitting on the kitchen counter.

The smirk on Jericho's face fades as a look of disgust replaces it, "Don't
you dare compare me to that broken down has been... he's a liar... he's a
deceiver... I am the good honest man..." Jericho says as comes within arms
length of Rebecca. Jericho notices the cordless phone on the kitchen counter.
"Go ahead.... try and get it..." Jericho says as he taunts Rebecca.

Rebecca firmly holds her eyes locked with Chris Jericho before a soft smile
appears on her face. Rebecca lightly shrugs her shoulders "You're
right...Shawn is a has been..." Rebecca says as she holds her arms against
her stomach. "It's a shame I can't be with someone like you..."

Jericho smirks, "Of course you want to be with a man like me... I'm good ...
I'm pure... I'm honest..." Jericho says as keeps his eyes locked on Rebecca.

Rebecca nods her head and smiles "And handsome..." Rebecca says as she takes
a casual side step to the left.

Jericho continues to smirk as he takes a step towards Rebecca, closing the
distance between them, "And I'm everything Shawn never was... and never will
be..." Jericho says.

Rebecca continues to smile and nod her head as she keeps her eyes locked with
Chris Jericho. "Yeah...and..." Rebecca's eyes slowly shift from Jericho's
eyes as she turns to quickly make an attempt for the cordless phone.

An instant before Rebecca can grab the cordless phone with her left hand,
Jericho grabs her left wrist with his right hand. "And I'm not as stupid as
you think..." Jericho says as he violently jerks Rebecca away from where the
cordless phone lays.

Rebecca timidly lowers her head as she now backs up against the east wall of
the kitchen after being roughly jerked by Jericho. Rebecca slowly looks up at
Jericho with disgust on her face. "Leave...Now!"

Chris Jericho smirks as he starts to twist Rebecca's left wrist, "I'll leave
when I finish what I came here for..." Jericho says as he uses his free hand
to tug the belt of Rebecca's bathrobe in order to untie it. Jericho then
pulls on the silk bathrobe itself to pull it from Rebecca's body while he
keeps a firm hold on her wrist. Rebecca closes her eyes as Jericho removes
the bathrobe from her body, exposing her incredibly, hot and naked, tanned

Jericho licks his lips hungrily "Tell me... do you sleep in the nude only
when Shawn isn't home...." Jericho laughs before he lets go of her wrist and
forces Rebecca to bend over the kitchen counter. Jericho stands directly
behind her and places a hand firmly on Rebecca's lower back while he uses his
free hand to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

"Stop it! Let me go!" Rebecca yells and struggles as she is bent over the
kitchen cover. Rebecca shakes her head in protest as she tries to push
herself away from the counter.

Jericho lowers his jeans enough for his long, thick and hardening cock is
freed. Jericho then presses his shaft against Rebecca's ass cheeks, making
her feel exactly how large his shaft is, "I know Shawn doesn't measure up..."
Jericho laughs as he grinds his shaft up and down against Rebecca's ass

Rebecca grits her teeth as she pushes her arms back, trying to hit Jericho
with her elbows. "Get off of me! Let me go!" Rebecca yells as she feels the
head of his cock grinding between her ass cheeks.

Chris Jericho laughs, "Fight all you want..." Jericho says before he guides
his huge cock down between Rebecca's ass cheeks. Once his cock leaves
Rebecca's ass crack, Jericho firmly forces his cock into her tight, warm

" asshole!" Rebecca moans and closes her eyes as she feels
Jericho's cock forcing into her tight, wet and warm pussy.

"Mmmmm.... someone's excited..." Jericho says mockingly as he starts to
thrust his cock in and out of Rebecca's surprisingly wet pussy.

"Ohhhh stop it! Stop it!" Rebecca screams and cries as she rocks against the
kitchen counter while Jericho thrusts his cock steadily into her tight, wet

"Mmmmm... ahhh... mmm I bet you love it..." Jericho laughs as he firmly
thrusts his shaft deeper into Rebecca's pussy. Jericho slides his hands
smoothly over her lower back as he now begins to increase the pace of his

Rebecca shakes her head before she lays her head down on the surface of the
counter while bent over. "Please stop...please stop!" Rebecca moans as she
feels his cock quickly thrusting into her pussy

"Mmmmmm ahhh.... awww..." Jericho licks his teeth as he drives his cock
swiftly into Rebecca's wet pussy. Jericho places his hands on the sides of
Rebecca's waist and pulls her back towards him so that her ass hits against
his waist.

" asshole! You asshole!" Rebecca screams as she is roughly pulled
back against Jericho's cock as her nicely shaped, firm and juicy ass hits
against his muscular, gorgeous waist.

"Mmmmm... you kiss your kids with that mouth?" Jericho laughs as he taunts
Rebecca as he roughly slams his cock into her pussy.

Rebecca lifts her head off of the kitchen counter and glances back at
Jericho. "Don't you fucking mention my kids ever!" Rebecca snaps with
confidence in her voice.

Jericho laughs, "I wonder what they would think if they knew their mother
loved a big hard cock in her tight twat..." Jericho laughs as he violently
jerks Rebecca back towards him. Rebecca glares over her shoulder at Chris
Jericho as her body is roughly jerked back against his deeply thrusting cock
as he drills and violates her pussy. Chris Jericho slows down his thrusts and
pulls his cock out of Rebecca's pussy. He then forces Rebecca to turn around
to face him and pushes her to the floor. Once Rebecca is on her back, Jericho
spreads her legs and slams his cock back into her pussy with a vicious

"Ohhhhh you fucking asshole!" Rebecca Michaels yells and grits her teeth as
she feels Jericho's cock slamming back into her pussy before he starts to
pump his shaft into her wet and nicely warm pussy.

"Ahhhh shit... you're really sounding like a broken record..." Jericho smirks
as he places his hands on Rebecca's firm, tanned and nicely round tits as he
fucks her pussy with sharp, swift thrusts. Rebecca closes her eyes and places
her hands onto Jericho's strong, muscular arms as she tries to push Jericho
off of her.

"Ahhh... mmmm... someone's enjoying this..." Jericho says as Rebecca's hands
slide against his arms as she tries to push him off of her. Jericho increases
the pace of his thrusts as his balls smack loudly between Rebecca's thighs.
Rebecca grits her teeth as she squirms underneath Jericho, trying to free
herself from his body pinning her on the floor of the kitchen. Chris Jericho
gets an amused look on his face as he continues to violate the wife of Shawn
Michaels on the floor of their home. Sweat begins to drip from his face as he
pounds her warm and wet pussy relentlessly.

"Ohhhh're such a jerk!" Rebecca yells as she feels his cock deeply
ramming into her tight, wet pussy, causing her to slide against the tiled
floor of the kitchen.

"Ahhh....mmmm it's amazing how much your body disagrees with your mouth..."
Jericho laughs as he sits up on his knees and pulls Rebecca up from the tiled
floor. Jericho begins to lift and lower Shawn Michaels' wife up and down on
his cock as she puts her hands on his chest to try and push away from him.

Rebecca shakes her as she tries to lift herself from Jericho's cock as he
deeply rams his cock up into her pussy. "Ohhh stop it! You fucking bastard!"

"Mmmmm you love it...' Jericho laughs as he forces Rebecca to lower herself
on his pistoning cock.

" I don't!" Rebecca yells as she sharply is forced to lower on
Jericho's cock deep inside of her pussy as he rocks her back and forth on his

"Mmmm yeah you do... you're not even trying to get away!" Jericho smirks as
he taunts Rebecca as he lifts her up and down on his cock while he slams it
up into her.

" asshole!" Rebecca moans and closes her eyes as her pussy
tightens around his shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... come on baby..." Jericho grits his teeth as he feels
Rebecca's pussy tightening on his cock, which starts to throb. Rebecca shakes
her head and grits her teeth as she feels Jericho's hands onto her tanned
waist as he swiftly drills her pussy with his throbbing cock.

"Ahhhh... awww.... yeah... mmmm..." Jericho gets a satisfied smirk on his
face as he starts to cum inside of Rebecca's dripping wet pussy. Rebecca
narrows her eyes and places her hands against Jericho's chest before she
finally manages to push herself away from Jericho.

Jericho smirks at Rebecca as he lets her move away from him. Jericho then
gets up to his feet and pulls up his jeans, "Now I get to play the waiting
game...." Jericho says with a grin.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow as she looks up at Jericho as she remains on the
floor of the kitchen. "What are you talking about?"

Jericho smirks, "It's obvious your hypocrite husband didn't marry you for
your brains... I did not have condom on... I just shot my load inside of
you..." Jericho says as he paints a proverbial picture of his true
intentions, "And with any lucky, in nine months..." Jericho laughs as he
adjusts his shirt before he walks out of the kitchen.

Rebecca grits her teeth. "Get out!" Rebecca yells.

After a few moments, Jericho returns to the kitchen, "Oh and before I
forget... Just like SummerSlam..." Jericho says as he walks to a furiously
upset Rebecca who is glaring at him. Rebecca attempt to slap Jericho, but he
blocks her right hand before he punches her in the mouth, knocking her out
and causing her to slump to the floor.

Jericho smirks as he looks down at the unconscious wife of Shawn Michaels.
"This was all Shawn's fault..."


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