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You Abuse It You Lose It Rattlesnake
by Jake Jeckel

I had just gotten back from catching a RAW event. It was a great show,
but it still couldn't take my mind off of my shitty day. My girlfriend broke
up with me after being together for three years. Now, I was still unable to
calm down, so I headed out.

I didn't know where I was going. I drove out back to the Interstate and
went to the truck stop. It was about 11:30 and I noticed there were a few
cars in the lot. When I got inside, I was shocked at what I saw. There had
to have been 20 superstars inside! I looked around, and there was the APA,
RVD, Test, Trish, Lita and so many others. I told them I had just caught the
show and I thought it was great. They said thanks and continued to just hang
around. I was looking for a soda when out of the corner of my eye I saw the
lovely Debra.

I turned around to take in the sight that was the Rattlesnake's wife. She
was wearing a very tight red tank top and a pair of sexy black jogging pants.
My heart began to pound as I stared for what felt like five minutes. She
seemed to also have had a rough day, so I walked over to her.

I said, "Hi" and startled her.

She looked up gave me a courtesy smile and turned around. As she did so,
she knocked a stand of chips over. I immediately got over and helped her pick
up the mess. As I bent down, I looked across to see her tits wanting to
escape from her tank top. I felt a little rush of blood go to my cock and
give me a semi. But that quickly disappeared as I noticed she was crying. I
asked what was wrong and she told me everything. After the show, her and
Stone Cold got into a fight, and a pretty serious one. He left her at the
arena with no money or a car and headed to the next town.

I was pissed at this. I asked her where she was going to stay for the
night. She said nowhere and that gave me an idea. I looked right Into her
eyes and said, "Why don't you stay with me?"

Surprisingly, she seemed ecstatic to hear that and said yes. Wow, I
could've been a serial killer for all she knows, but I'm not. So, I thought,
"Fuck this" and told her let's go.

As we left, the other superstars looked at us suspiciously. As we got in
my truck, Debra looked at me and said, "I will make Steve regret what he did
tonight." At the time I didn't know what it meant, but I would later that

When we got back to my place, I showed her to my room. She asked where I
was going to stay, and I told her the couch was suitable enough for me. Debra
said, "Uh Uh, this bed is big enough for the two of us. You'll be staying
with me tonight."

After hearing those words, my dick stiffened up real quick. And with that,
Debra leaned over and kissed me with force. Our tongues swirled around. And
our hands were exploring each other. This was a far cry from the woman I saw
only a half hour ago. As we were kissing, we were also making our way to the
bed. Then, with a surge of energy, she pushed me onto my king size bed. She
looked at me and then at bulge in my pants.

With that, Debra looked at me and said, "I'm a Southern girl, and now it's
time for me to go down south." Then, she grabbed my pants by the waist and
unbuttoned them.

As she pulled them down, my dick sprang through the slit in my boxers. Her
eyes grew large as she gazed at the 8 inch tool that was before her. Wasting
no time, Debra took a deep breath and engulfed the whole thing. As she went
up and down on my throbbing shaft, she licked the head with a quick
flickering. I grabbed her long, blonde hair and pulled her head up and pushed
it back down my cock. I was close to cumming, and she hadn't even taken her
clothes off.

As I watched Debra deep throat it, I told her, "I'm gonna cum."

With that, she tightened her mouth and swallowed my hot, white cream. I
laid there regaining my energy when Debra said, "Do you have any lotion?"

I said, "Yeah, it's in the bathroom."

I didn't know why she needed it, but I got the answer quick. She returned
to the room with a bottle of lotion and a smile. She put it on the table and
then said, "You wanna see the puppies?"

I felt my cock get hard and I said, "Hell yeah I do."

She giggled and said, "OK."

Debra bent over and pulled her tank top from the bottom and gave me a
little teasing. Then, with lust in her eyes, she pulled it off. Her firm D
cups were only being held back by a sheer red bra. I almost busted a nut
right there, but I held my composure. But, I knew I wouldn't hold it for
long, so I got up and helped her take off her Victoria's Secret bra. (I get
the catalogs OK) I stepped back and watched her peel it off her feminine
chest. It dropped to the floor and I gazed back up to only see two PERFECT
tits with nice, dark, medium sized nipples on each.

Then, she laid on the bed and told me to get on top of her. Not
complaining, I did just that. Before I could do anything, she grabbed the
lotion bottle and squeezed it onto her tits. She smeared it all over and I
watched as her nipples hardened and she became excited.

She said, "You know what to do, so go ahead. FUCK MY TITTIES!"

Feeling like a school boy again, she pushed her tits together tightly, and
I slipped my dick in. The cool lotion felt so good on my cock, and her
breasts didn't feel too bad either. Back and forth between those two mounds,
I kept moaning, feeling my ride coming to an end soon. She told me to cum on
her tits when I was ready.

I got a good couple of thrusts through and then I felt the heat pulsating
through my shaft. I pulled out and jerked off onto her tits. A new batch of
cum shot and spilled all over those breasts and she moaned in ecstasy.

Without even thinking, she took her hands and rubbed the mixture of lotion
and cum into her voluptuous mounds until it dried up. She asked, "What's

And I told her, "Time to return the favor."

I rolled off the bed and pulled her to the edge. I then grabbed her pants
by the waist and literally ripped them off. She told me not to worry about
that and just keep going.

What I unveiled was a black G-string that left nothing to my imagination.
I grabbed it by the loops and slid it off of her revealing a pussy that had
just a thin strip of hair. Licking the sides of her cunt, I watched as her
pussy lips openly invited me to go further inside. She was already starting
to get hot and wet. As soon as I was done licking her lips, I found her
clit. It was soft, but only for a short time. I flicked it so quick, Debra
was moaning and screaming and the clit was now in a full state of arousal.

As I looked up while eating her out, I saw her rubbing her tits together
and the sweat beading off of them. While my tongue was licking the inside of
her vagina, she screamed like, "OHHHHHH SHIIITTTT! I'm gonna cum!"

With that warning, I waited for her juices to come pouring out, and they
did so on cue. I finished cleaning up as much as I could and asked her,
"What's left?"

She gave me a kinky smile and said, "Now the fun really begins."

I thought if that previous shit wasn't fun, I don't know what is. Debra
got on all fours and turned her head back towards me. She casually said,
"Put some of my pussy juice on my asshole and fuck my tight ass out."

I wiped my fingers across her cunt, which was still leaking out some good
liquid. Then, I fingered her asshole, sticking a finger in at the same time.
Next, I slid my swollen cock across her pussy lips and lubed that up real
quick. Now it was time for me to bang her out like the slut that she was.

I entered slowly, but put it all the way in. She wasted no time in getting
herself off once more. As I increased the speed of my thrusts, she reached
underneath and fingered her clit. Debra whipped her head back and moaned a
little more. "Ohhhhh, oooooo, yessss," was all I heard from the blonde

I could tell she was cumming again because there were juices flowing down
her legs. Then, I could hear the sound of my balls hanging freely and
slapping her pussy while I continued to pound her ass. Debra once again
reached back to pleasure herself, or so I thought.

Instead, she grabbed my balls and began to knead them in between her wet
fingers. She yelled out, "Cum now! I want your jizz in my ass."

So, I pumped even harder and faster in order to please her. Within a
matter of minutes I felt that rush I had already felt two times this night.
With one hand on her hip, I took my other one and fingered her as I said,
"I'm cumming!"

My pace quickly slowed as I pumped what felt like gallon upon gallon of
cum into her ass. As she laid face down on her stomach, my once hard cock
slowly pulled out of her ass. I laid down next to her and just looked at her
for a while.

After about ten minutes of staring at each other, we looked at the clock
and it read 4:30 AM. Debra then stood up and said, "I have to use the
bathroom, but don't get dressed yet. We are nowhere finished."

With that horniness in my eyes, I watched as her ass swayed side to side
while she walked to the bathroom door. I decided to get a bottle of soda
while I waited. When I got back to the room, Debra was already back on the
bed with a look on her face that told me I was in for a special treat.

She took the soda from me and said, "I want to tell you something."

To which I replied, "Go ahead."

She put the soda down and turned to me, "I want you to go somewhere where
even Steve hasn't been before with me. I want you to fuck my pussy. You see,
even though Steve and I have been married for almost two years now, I still
haven't let him in my cunt. He could never please me enough to gain that
right. But you, you have definitely earned it tonight. I haven't had a man
in my pussy for that same amount of time."

I was shocked at what I was just told. She wasn't a virgin, but hadn't
had cock in that beautiful pussy of hers in almost two years. I rolled over
and kissed her from her mouth all the way down to her waist. Then, I kissed
around her cunt again. I pulled up and worked my dick into a state of
pleasure. As soon as it was there, I slipped it into her velvet like pussy.

She was so tight from not having anything in there in so long. I pounded
her hard and fast until I noticed the look on her face was of sheer
enjoyment. I realized the facts again and slowed down to give her a little
more time to have fun. We were in a basic missionary style at first. She
wrapped her legs around mine and held on.

After going this way for about ten minutes, I told her we were going to
switch styles. I grabbed her legs and put them on my chest, her ass slightly
in the air. This allowed me to get deeper into that palace of love of hers.

She looked me dead in the eyes as I fucked her brains out and said, "I
forgot what this feels like. It feels soooo good I don't want you to stop

I chuckled and then regained my concentration. As I pumped my shaft
harder and harder into her, I leaned down to kiss her on her breasts. Taking
each nipple in my mouth, I never stopped pumping away. She grabbed my head
and stuffed it in between her breasts. I continued to lick her tits and
nipples, and as I did so, she whispered, "I'm gonna cum."

I nodded and looked into her eyes and kept pumping her pussy. As she
breathed heavily, I put my hands down and grabbed her ass. I felt her cum all
over my dick.

She then told me, "To bring it home."

I asked her, "Do you want me to cum inside you?"

She quickly screamed, "YES! Don't worry I'm on the pill."

Not caring much anyway, I did as I was instructed to and blew my load up
inside of her. She let go of my back and rested on the bed while I got a few
sneak thrusts in. When it was all over, the clock was reading 5:45 AM. As we
laid there high on an adrenaline rush, I asked her what she was going to do
about Stone Cold. She said, "After tonight, I may never see him again. In
fact I will file for divorce. Would it be OK if I lived with you from now

My mouth dropped and I looked at her and said, "Are you kidding? You're
gonna leave Steve Austin for me?"

She said, in her southern accent, "Yes, I will. After the way he treated
me last night, he doesn't deserve this anymore. So, what do you say?"

Shocked I said, "Yes, you can live with me. I would have to be retarded to
say no to the best woman I have ever had sex with."

She smiled and held me and I did so in return. We fell asleep and when we
awoke about five hours later, she went down and filed for a divorce from the
Rattlesnake. And the WWF never heard from Debra again.

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