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You Are Amazing Goddess
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

For the first time in a long time, Alexa Bliss was excited about going to dinner with someone. Usually she, Mickie James, and sometimes Alicia Fox would go out for some food. But it was never anything fancy. She'd been meaning to find a reason to break out her fancy cocktail dress and attend the nicest eatery in town. Now she had a reason, and that reason was Ronda Rousey.

Applying a thin layer of pink lipstick to her lips, Alexa gave herself a once over to make sure she looked stunning for tonight. Her dark blue dress flowed down her body like a waterfall, her makeup was perfect, and her tits gave enough emphasis to her cleavage without showing too much.

"Ronda will love it," Alexa smile to herself.

Alexa opened the bathroom door. Standing in front of the vanity in the bedroom was her date for tonight. Ronda, dressed in a black dress that came to mid thigh, had her hair styled on top of her head in a tight bun. Alexa admitted to herself that she liked her hair that way a lot.

Ronda looked at Alexa and smiled. "My Goddess, you look..."

Alexa smiled. "Yes?"

"Words cannot describe your beauty," Ronda approached Alexa. "You are... Amazing, Goddess."

Alexa, feeling butterflies fill her stomach, leaned into Ronda. As their lips touched, Alexa felt a different sensation this time than she did normally. Usually, she'd feel lust and the desire to sexually please Ronda. But, now, the fire of desire wasn't followed by bodily desire. It was instead met with gentleness and the want to care for the woman in front of her. Could it be more than a mutual yearning to want to have sex with another woman? Could it be... Love? No, it couldn't be that. Not after last time it happened to her. Love wasn't part of Alexa's character. Her purpose in life was to be the best wrestler in the world. That confidence brought her great luck in finding men and woman to sleep with, much like Ronda herself.

"I love your kiss, Goddess," Ronda whispered, stealing another kiss with a smile.

Alexa, lost in her thoughts for a moment, smiled back. "And I enjoy yours as well, peasant," She gestured to the door. "Shall we?"

Ronda nodded her head. "Yes, ma'am."

The restaurant Alexa picked out had a long waiting list that sometimes required a reservation months ahead. Ronda admitted she never heard of this place even existing. Alexa told her it was one of the perks of being RAW General Manager to the women.

As Alexa waited in the valet line, she glanced at her date. Ronda had the most adorable sense of childlike nervousness in her eyes while she looked at the building in front of them.

"What do you think so far?" Alexa asked.

Ronda grinned. "Well, it looks expensive. That's for sure, Goddess."

Alexa nodded. "It is. A normal dinner costs seventy five dollars each."

"Holy shit," Ronda exclaimed, bringing a light chuckle from Alexa.

"Yeah, no kidding," Alexa said. "A lot of famous people come here. It's usually a place for very special occasions."

"What's ours?" Ronda asked, a little confused.

Alexa smirked. "Letting me come all over that pretty face of yours so many times," she gently placed her hand on Ronda's cheek, getting the other woman to smile softly.

Remembering what she planned, Alexa opened the glove box and removed a cardboard box.

"What's that, Goddess?" Ronda asked.

Alexa held the box out to Ronda. "A gift."

Ronda quickly opened the box. Inside, wrapped crudely in tissue paper, was a black box. Ronda, raising an eyebrow in question, opened the box to unveil a white band with a smooth back pattern tracing it.

"What's this?" Ronda asked.

"When I was on SmackDown, we gave our subs something to wear to show others they were taken," Alexa explained. "Becky wore a necklace when I was champion. Asuka where's a bracelet now that Becky is champion. Now that I am your dom, I have decided to pass the tradition on to RAW. What do you think?"

Ronda slid the ring onto her right ring finger so it wasn't to be mistaken for an engagement ring.

She smiled. "I love it, Goddess. It fits perfectly."

Alexa leaned across the center console. She pressed her lips against Ronda's, sighing into it as their tongues instinctively wrestled with each other.

"I want you to be my dom, no matter where I go or if I'm champion or not," Ronda admitted. "I'd even call myself your... Bitch. You please me better than anyone I've ever known, Goddess. I need that to stay in my life."

Alexa's instincts told her to shut her down right then and there; Those definitely sounded more than "I like having sex" words to her. But, with the light hitting Ronda's eye so the green in them shone like a diamond, the thought escaped Alexa's mind almost right away.

"Then I shall," Alexa said, smiling.

Ronda grinned. "Thank you, Goddess."

Alexa, checking her surroundings, stuck two of her fingers into her mouth. She ran her hand up Ronda's thigh until her fingertips slid into her pussy.

"No panties?" Alexa asked.

Ronda, breathing heavily, shook her head. "No, ma'am. My pussy is always ready for you."

Alexa started a line of kisses down Ronda's neck. Her fingers massaged her clit and the entrance to her soaking womanhood.

"Don't come," Alexa whispered as she pulled her hand away. "I need you to give me everything later."

Ronda, disappointed Alexa stopped, nodded her head. "Yes, ma'am. My come will be ready for you."

Dinner was delicious. Ronda and Alexa both agreed to order lobster with a side of calamari. While the waiter got their drinks, Alexa over dramatically dropped her fork. Ronda wasn't sure what was happening until she felt the Goddess's face between her legs. Even worse, the waiter returned and decided to chat with Ronda; He was apparently a huge UFC fan. Struggling to stay calm with Alexa's tongue darting all over her genitals, Ronda smiled weakly and replied with very brief answers to whatever the man said. Just before she came, the waiter left and Alexa stopped.

With their dresses in a heap on the floor, Alexa and Ronda embraced each other's nude bodies as they the tall blonde pinned the RAW Women's Champion to the bed.

"I'm so proud of you for not coming," Alexa whispered.

"I was nervous, and in public," Ronda admitted. "I couldn't do it there if I tried, Goddess"

Alexa, taking the sparkling blue tape from the bedside table, smiled devilishly. "Would the peasant like the Goddess's cock?"

Ronda nodded her head. "I do, Goddess. Please, I love your cock."

Alexa wrapped the tape around Ronda's head three times.

She kissed Ronda's forehead. "I love you, peasant."

It wasn't until Alexa was strapping the fake cock onto her waist did she realize what she just told Ronda. She glanced back at the bound and gagged woman; She seemed to be acting like she normally would in her situation.

Pushing the thought out of her mind, Alexa returned to the bed. Angrily, she flipped Ronda over and slapped her ass. Ronda grunted loudly into her gag. Alexa struck her again. And again. And again. Then one more time before pulling Ronda onto all fours and roughly shoving her fake dick into Ronda's pussy.

"Dirty fucking slut," Alexa grunted, thrusting her hips fast. "How do you fucking be so Goddamn sexy."

The harness was built with a vibrator that would pump into Alexa as she fucked Ronda. The vibrator, along with Ronda's fat ass bouncing off her hips, made Alexa feel like coming all over the bed in an instant. But she held on until Ronda's multiple orgasms came and went.

Taking a handful of hair, Alexa hammered away at Ronda's pussy. The soft grunts coming from the rowdy one only added to Alexa's pleasure.

Soon, at the same time, Alexa and Ronda came. Usually, Alexa would curse when she came. But she called Ronda's name this time.

"Fuck," Alexa thought, wiping sweat off her face. "What the hell is your problem, Bliss."

Ronda began to stir, but she was quickly flattened out and penetrated again.

"Don't you fucking move 'till I tell you," Alexa growled.

Ronda moaned into the tape and nodded her head, already feeling another orgasm coming along.

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