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Disclaimer: Nothing in this story or any of mine is based on reality or
endorsed by the names and orginizations used. In no way is this meant to be
presented as reality, just what we all like to think does happen

Note: Story is non kayfabe, but I will use the Wrestlers' ring names in this
story. Hey, who knows, maybe they use ring names since they have to be called
as so on such a routine basis

Starring: Brie Bella and Maryse

Codes: FF, Cons, Oral and Anal

You Can Look and You Can Touch
by Justin

Backstage at the February 21, 2011 filming of Monday Night RAW, Brie Bella is
backstage in her Navy Blue and almost White Pinstriped attire cooling off
after a Match with her Twin Sister, Nikki, in which they beat Divas Champion
Eve Torres and Gail Kim, by drinking a Bottle of Water in her Locker Room
area, which she shares with Nikki. Maryse, who only accompanied Ted DiBiase
on the tapings of that week's Superstars for his Match against Daniel Bryan,
walked by in her Street Clothes, consisting of a long sleeve Black Shirt and
casual blue Jeans hugging her tight lower frame.

"Good Match, Brie, but where's your better half?" says the French-Canadian,
chuckling after she finishes her question.

"Probably sucking a cock to get a Divas Championship reign for us." the uber-
sexy latina says tiredly, setting her Bottle of Water down and capping the

"Strong, Sexy and Powerful!" says Maryse in a sarcastic manner, smiling

"Did you hear about Undertaker coming back?" Maryse asks.

"Don't you mean Sting?" Brie says jokingly.

"Crazy how many people can get, well, crazy after just a little rumor that's
probably not even true." Maryse adds to the conversation.

"Yeah, I remember that rumor that because Vince was cutting the Celebrity
Guest Host act that we would be shitcanned because we didn't have any C-List
Celebrities to essentially arm fuck on RAW." Brie remarks.

""Arm fuck", nice one." Maryse says with a laugh. "Better than barley meeting
Jeremy Piven and going to an Eagles game to get you some dick." Maryse adds-
on, in reference to Kelly Kelly's presence at a Philadelphia Eagles game with
Piven shortly after meeting him, a RAW Guest Host in August 2009.

"Yeah." Brie says with a chuckle. "Can you get the back of this top? This
thing is hard enough to get on-and-off, but Kevin (Dunn, WWE Vice President
of Television Production) and Pat (Patterson, Vince's top advisor behind Dunn
and Son-in-Law, Triple H) like it, so whatever."

"Sure." Maryse says to the mildly recharged Twin. Maryse lifts up the top in
the back, enough so Brie can mostly pull it off, with a little help from the
former Divas Champion.

"It was good to see Rock, last week. Me and Nikki got his autograph. We were
like THE biggest Rock fans when we were watching a few years ago, so that was
really cool. Can't wait to see him at WrestleMania. Hey, he's divorced, maybe
we can take our fandom to the next level." a topless Brie Bella adds facing
her locker area, half jokingly.

"Melina'll probably beat you to it, that is if she isn't whining to Vince
about her character's direction all night, again. You would think for someone
who's fucked enough dick, and probably a little pussy, too, she wouldn't feel
the need to be such a bitch about her push." Maryse says, laying on the couch
in the middle of the dressing room, with her legs hanging off the end nearest
the shower.

"Yeah, she can get a bit annoying." Brie says sitting in a chair in front of
her Locker area.

"A bit?" if her ass hangs out an inch more than "It should" on those HD
Cameras she bitches at Kevin (Dunn) and the Camera men until Morrison has to
calm her down and pull her away. No wonder he's stuck in the mid-card, he's
got a bitch of a girlfriend and no room to look for something bigger than
beating Sheamus because of the headache they get from his "loving partner"
who broke up with him to get it on with Batista." Maryse says as she feels
like a load has been taken from her mind with all of the bitching she has to
hear every week from Melina to the writers and producers.

"Haha, yeah." Brie says, relaxing in her chair, as if it were a recliner,
sliding her body down a little to rest her shoulders against the top of the

"So anyways, how would you even "seduce" The Rock? Drop, suck and hope for
the best?" the Tightly-dressed "Sexy Bitch" asks.

"Do you really want to know?" Brie asks her.

"Yeah, paint a picture for me!" Maryse replies, in her trademark sarcastic
tone with her eyes closed, still lying on the leather Black couch.

"Well, first, if it was just me, I would bring up how they're naturally
gifted and how much I enjoyed their performance that night." Brie answers.

"Mmmhmm" Maryse adds-on, further relaxing on the couch.

"Then, I would get a little closer and make a nice, harmless compliment, one
that doesn't put too much thought about what I just said into their head,
enough to just focus on how good I look." The sultry Diva explains, getting
out of her chair, unbeknownst to Maryse, still with her eyes closed.

"Then words would be said to me, and I would inch as close as possible, not
looking too intent on sex, and utter....."

"Say what?" Maryse asks, with her eyes closed waiting for the Bella in the
room to finish her sentence.

".....How good they looked....." Brie says, as she suddenly drops into
Maryse's lap, startling the blonde bombshell, with her legs arched over her
lap, with her shins laying against the couch.

"What are you doing?" Maryse asks of Brie Bella

".....And how much I want to fuck them." Brie says to Maryse, in a nasty
tone, finishing her sentence.

".....What?" A shocked Maryse asks of the Diva literally sitting above her

"I felt those hands get a little rub on me when you took my top off, like a
pro, I might add, but besides, not like Rock was the only WWF guy I had a
crush on. How could you not not feel that tingle between your legs when Trish
walked out in her tight Black outfit?" Brie says to the confused Diva below

"I'm not a lesbian, Brie." Maryse says in a flustered tone.

"That's what Trish said, last night, but she changed her tone pretty quickly,
and since you're sorta the modern-day Trish, who better to set my sights on?"
Brie continues to her new crush.

"You, you want to fuck me?" Maryse asks, still in shock.

"Thanks for asking." Brie says, and before Maryse can clarify what she thinks
Brie already knew what she meant by that question, Brie and her topless self
goes down to kiss Maryse on the lips.

"Mmm, ummm!" Maryse mutters through both her and Brie Bella's lips, which are
connected together, something Maryse wants out of.

Maryse sticks her hands out, flailing them about, but eventually, as Brie
only intensifies the passion in her kiss, Maryse slowly mutters quieter and
relaxes her arms. Maryse soon then then actually puts her hands on Brie's
back, slowly and daintily, not knowing what to do in such a situation where
sudden lust was taking her over more and more by the second, not wanting to
cause a negative reaction from Brie, still lip locked with the her.

Brie starts to put her tongue out more on the forefront, wanting full entry
into Maryse's mouth, which Maryse slowly allows her, as she moves her hands
up and down the Bella's back slowly, eventually reaching the near side of her
ass, so famous for the shaking it does on Television when the Bellas make
their entrance, as well as her thigh, more to where Maryse is feeling.

Maryse starts to feel comfortable, but only then, Brie stops the game of
tonsil hockey, a game Brie and the fellow Canadian, Trish Stratus played for
hours the night before, and lifts her head up.

"I knew it wouldn't take much." Brie says smirking, as Maryse looks on half-
displeased at the lack of tongue in her mouth and half still shocked at the

"Just an FYI, whatever's fine, I'm not like Melina, you don't need a map with
specific directions to fuck me." Brie added, which only further sent Maryse,
a fellow resentment-filled person towards Melina, into a fit of passion,
grabbing the Bella Twin and forcefully kissing her, tongue and all, with her
hands running through Brie's soft and sweat-laden long brunette hair.

The kiss only lasted minutes, which compared to what Maryse felt after Brie
last spoke, was hardly enough time to get settled in Brie's young mouth and
feel enough Bella body to get "there", but she then soon softly broke the
kiss and guided the sexier Bella Twin, she thought, down to her moistened
area inbetween the Blonde's legs, still covered by her tight-fitting light
blue Jeans and White panties.

"You may be a quicker turn than Trish." Brie said as she was guided downward
after the kiss, eyeing exactly what the Blonde Diva wanted her to.

Brie lifted Maryse's legs upwards, feeling the thighs of her new lover,
stroking her hands up and down, as well as across thigh-to-thigh, before she
fulfilled the unspoken task of the former Playboy model, guiding her pants
off her hips after unzipping them and undoing the clasp holding a button
connecting each Jean side to one another, the last thing either Diva wanted.

"Mmmmhhhh" Maryse sighed as Brie grabbed a hold of her soft thighs from
underneath her body and began to tease herself, slowly swaying them from side
to side, keeping her main focus on Maryse's face and the treasure laying
between the legs in her hands.

Brie dropped the thighs and inched closer, with her shins now laying against
the couch, again, this time inbetween Maryse's legs, and unfastened the white
panties that almost teased her with their dampness from the kiss she layed
upon the ecstasy-filled Diva below her just minutes prior. Brie lowered her
head, letting her lips just barley touch the vagina in-front of her, which
was enough to send a shiver down Maryse's body, retching even more pleasure
out of her as the young Bella had hardly even done anything yet, resulting in
a loud moan.

"Oh, oh, God, fuuuuuck!" Maryse said in a medium, but quickly turning loud
tone of voice as Brie Bella started to lick the lips layed in-front of her,
the sexiest of the sexiest, Maryse claimed to herself and when appropriate,
others. Brie's experienced tongue flicked fastly against the Sexy Bitch's
shaven pussy, as Maryse grabbed a hold of the aggresive Bella's hair, pushing
her head down further into Maryse's pussy.

"Mmmhhh, mmmhhhhh" Brie muttered through Maryse's wet pussy, as Maryse felt
an unbelievable sensation, one she never had before felt, as she egged on the
Latina Diva.

"Fuck, more, more. Oh.....GOD, more!" Maryse, now nearly screaming, exclaimed
to the Diva between her legs, and that seemed to be enough, as the Bella Twin
fastend her already rapid pace of almost tongue fucking the lesbian virgin,
sending her into sheer extasy, lifting her lower back and ass off the couch,
climaxing into the Bella's Mouth twice in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, fuck, fuck. Ahhhhh, fuck." Maryse said, coming down off the high of her

"Now, we got the pussy down, so next would be the tits, right?" Brie
sarcastically asked with remnents of the French-Canadian's juices on her lips
and chin with a smirk on her face.

Brie gave a soft kiss to Maryse's extreme low stomach, what wasn't covered by
the long-sleeved Black shirt, which sent a small sensation through Maryse's
body, as Brie unattached her shirt from her body, revealing the black bra
holding the best tits in the WWE, today, practically begging to be sucked and
licked by Brie's amazing tongue.

Brie started to feel up the long-tenured Diva's breasts, still covered by the
silkiest bra that Bella had ever felt, as Maryse sighed in approval, still
shaking from the massive double-orgasm she received just moments ago, when
Brie started in with another question.

"Do you want me to play with these tits? Do you want me to make your titties
feel amazing?"

"Yes, make my tittes feel amazing, Brie, make them feel like my pussy, make
them feel like the most handled set of tits in the World, Brie." Maryse
answered, with heavy breaths inbetween her descriptive answer.

"You want me to pleasure your titties like I handled your little pussy?" Brie
asked, nastily, sitting on her knees above the begging Diva, with them next
to Maryse's legs on the couch.

"Yes." Marsye answered, with lust filled in her reply.

"Hmmhmm" Brie laughed to herself.

"Well, first, you're going to have lick my pussy. I'm not Melina, but I do
know what I want and I'll make it worth your while." The lovely twin, still
in her boots and tights finished.

"Then get it over here." An excited Maryse with a sex-crazed smile on her
face replied to her sex partner, which prompted Brie to get off the couch and
stand in-front of the sexy of sexy, still on the couch, now on her side,
edging as close off the couch as she could without falling forward and
hitting the floor.

Maryse took down Brie's tights in no time from the waist-down, not caring
where they went after they revealed a bare mid-section on the apparent
original lesbian Diva between the two.

"You little whore, you're not even wearing any panties!" Maryse said
excitedly with a laugh following each half of her sentence.

"They just get in the way, which is a lesson for you next time" Brie answered
to the statement.

Maryse licked her lips and quickly grazed her hands together before diving in
on the Latina's nearly bare pussy, possibly at the thought of another rockus
round of orgasms delivered to her by the mouth of her newly-defined diva pal,
but for sure with the anticipation of getting to lick the pussy she now
longed for her.

"Ohhhhh." Brie sighed as Maryse started in on her pussy.

"Are you sure you've never done this? Ahhhh, shit." Brie added as she was
both surprised at the skill of the alleged un-womanly touched Diva and
overcome with a sudden tingle, the same one she said she felt watching Trish
Startus on RAW Is War and SmackDown all those years ago, something she
thought impossible from anyone other than Trish.

"Mmmmhhhh, MMMHHHHH!" Maryse groaned through her mouth as she went to town on
Brie's delightful pussy, still standing in-front of her.

Brie walked over closer to the couch, where she was only inches away from to
start with, as Maryse clinched the back of her thighs with her hands and arms
to keep a hold of her pussy, which her tongue was doing it's best Brie Bella
impression of to pleasure it, and sat her shins against the black leather
couch, now sitting on Maryse's face as she was tongue-fucked by the first-

"Mmmmhhhh, ohhhhhh." Brie sighed, as she began to lightly grind back and
forth on Maryse's face, still buried as deep as possible in the young Bella's
fresh pussy.

"Oooooohhhhhhhh!" Brie loudly said as she now straignted her back in a
leaning direction, backwards, placing her hands on Maryse's barely
bra-covered breasts.

Brie continued her pleasure filled oral session as Maryse enjoyed every
second of it, even more-so when Brie pushed down her black silk bra, wettened
her hands and fingers with her saliva and started torquing on the French-
Canadian's breasts, who's nipples almost immediately reached the hardest
point they ever had as they were teased and played with by the wet appendages
and palms.

"Ohhhhhh, GOD! Fuck, fuck keep going! Fuck!" Brie exclaimed, now yelling, as
Maryse went in her lover's pussy as fast as she could.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh!" Brie shouted as she ratched up the pleasure of Maryse's
breasts, now squeezing them at every angle she could find with her back
turned to them.

"Uhhhh, hold on, hold on." Brie said, to the shock of Maryse, who hadn't made
Brie reach the point she did, earlier, let alone even cum.

"I'm going to switch sides, and I want you to lick my asshole." Brie said
calmly, in a normal tone, without deep breaths, despite the feeling she had
south of her equator.

So, Brie flipped over, wasting little time of pleasuring on both sides of the
equation and began getting a calmer hold of Maryse's perfect breasts, as
Maryse started in on Brie's asshole.

"Ohhhh, ffffffuCKKKKKK!" Brie shouted as she felt an even more pleasurable
feeling, with Maryse working her tongue in and around Brie's open asshole,
throwing Brie even further into a fit of passion, trying to focus on Maryse's
pair of tits as much as possible with such euphoric feelings going on in her
own body.

Maryse continued licking Brie's asshole as if she was shown a diagram of it
with pleasure points beforehand, as Brie quickined her pace of feeling up
Maryse's breasts. Soon however, the feeling became too much, and she had to
refrain from half-assing her groping of Maryse's breasts, knowing by this
point there was definitely a next time and since she saw wetness develop once
again in Maryse's area, she didn't feel bad for being selfish and thought she
had followed-through on her earlier statement to make it worth Maryse's
while, and focused on shaking her ass, just like she does when she makes her
entrance to Ringside, only this time, it was shaking on Maryse's face as it's
entrance hole was being invaded by the most amazing tongue it had ever felt.

"God, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck!" Brie said as she shook her ass from side
to side on Maryse's face, who's tongue was still mascarading in and around
Brie's asshole, which was sooned nearly matched in orgasmic anticipation by
Maryse's moving hand against her pussy, her right hand, as her left was
holding on to Brie's leg and the side of her left ass cheek.

"Ohhhhh, GOD, fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Fuck! Ohhhhh, fuck." Brie shouted at the top of
her lungs and soon as quietly as she could at the moment, as her juices
flowed and the feeling of Maryse's tongue in her asshole and hand in her
pussy became too much to withstand, shooting out three orgasms in less than
10 seconds, rivaling the feeling of Maryse's two from earlier on.

Brie collapsed on top of Maryse, who's head fell back against the arm of the
couch, momentarily, only to be lifted by her own desire and smacked Brie on
the ass to signal an official end to the sexual pleasure both received all
while RAW went on only feet away from them.

Brie eventually got up, put on her street clothes, a whie baggy, designer
shirt with Spandex Black Pants, showing off the ass Maryse had just handled,
very nicely, and before her good-byes to the newly-lesbian experienced Diva
could be said, Maryse, still bare naked on the couch, had another question
for the young Bella.

"Brie, so that's your plan to get The Rock?" Maryse asked, enthused from the
pleasure she just received and returned.

"Rock who?" Brie asked, walking out of the room, as Maryse gasped in
amazement, realizing there probably never was a plan to get with The Rock,
but only in her pants, not that she was complaining.

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