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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

You Know You Want It...Woo Woo Woo
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at Manchester, New Hampshire's Verizon Wireless Arena, following
the broadcast of WWE NXT on June 22, 2010, WWE Pro Zack Ryder, wearing a
bright yellow button shirt, jeans, sunglasses and his trademark blue-gray
Woo-Woo-Woo headband, is coming out of the NXT Rookies locker room after
giving his rookie some advice following Titus's loss to Michael McGillicutty.
"Now to find that hottie..." Zack says as he rubs his hands together.

The Long Island Superstar makes his way over to the WWE Divas dressing room
area and grins as he sees Jamie Keyes, the gorgeous blond haired NXT Ring
Announcer, coming out of the dressing room. Zack leans against the wall as he
waits for Jamie to come towards, "Hey baby... you want some Long Island Iced
Z?" Zack smirks.

Jamie Keyes, dressed in a stunning single-piece navy blue skirt and top that
perfectly fits her seductively curved and gorgeously toned, tanned body,
raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly at Zack Ryder. "Some Long

Zack licks his lips, "You heard of Long Island Ice Tea?" Zack asks

Jamie crosses her arms against her large chest and licks her lips slightly.
"The drink? Oh yeah I love it...."

Zack grins at Jamie, "Well they call me Long Island Iced Z... cause I'm a
whole lot sweeter..." Zack Ryder says.

Jamie presses her luscious and pouty lips together to hold back from laughing
before she nods her head. " that so?" Jamie asks.

"Yeah that's so.... you want to come with a long, hard one..." Zack Ryder
replies as he checks out the blond haired Ring Announcer.

Jamie Keyes smirks and laughs slightly. "Did you come up with that on your

"You know it baby... I'm all original..." Zack replies.

Jamie bites down on her bottom lip as she unfolds her arms and places her
hands onto her smoothly curved and sultry hips. "I'm sorry Zack....but Montel
already asked me out for tonight..." Jamie begins to reply.

"And you turned him down cause you knew sooner or later The Z-Man would be
coming to show ya a good time..." Zack smirks.

Jamie begins to shake her head and laughs " I didn't...but I have
some time now...." Jamie says, shrugging her shoulders and licking her lips.
"Show me a good time right now and I'll reconsider my plans for later"

"Baby you're gonna be changing those plans..." Zack grins.

* * *

A short time later in the Superstars locker room, Jamie Keyes is sitting on
top of a smooth table with Zack Ryder kneeling between her gorgeous legs,
lapping his tongue up and down against her perfectly shaven and wet pussy.
Jamie Keyes bites down on her bottom lip and leans her head back slightly as
she grinds her wet pussy against his shaft "Ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Jamie moans
and licks her lips as she feels his hands onto her smooth, tanned thighs as
his tongue slaps against her wet cunt.

"Mmmmmm... mmm!" Zack moans as he places his hands on Jamie's thighs as he
swirls his tongue against Jamie's soft pussy lips.

Jamie begins to lightly rock forward on the surface of the table, pushing her
wet pussy against Zack Ryder's tongue as he easily works it against her wet
pussy. "Mmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah Zack..."

Zack glances up at Jamie as he pushes his talented tongue past her pussy lips
and into her warm, moist twat as she rocks forward against his tongue.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh that feels so good..." Jamie moans and grits her teeth
lightly as she seductively looks down at Zack Ryder with her stunning eyes as
he continues to skillfully work over her pussy. Zack bobs his head slightly
as he darts his tongue in and out of Jamie's warm wet and tasty cunt.

Jamie places her hands behind her onto the surface of the table and leans her
gorgeous, tanned body back slightly as Zack's tongue darts in and out of her
pussy. "Ohhhhh...ohhhhh shit..."

Zack twirls his tongue around inside of Jamie Keyes's pussy as she raises her
pussy up against his mouth. Jamie gently drapes her smooth and sultry,
stunningly tanned legs over Zack Ryder's shoulders as she leans back
slightly, pushing her wet pussy against his mouth and tongue as he rapidly
moves his tongue around her twat. "Ohhhhhh Zack...ohhhhhhh..."

Zack smirks as he lifts his head up Jamie's cunt and stands up, "You know you
want it..." Zack says as he proceeds to push his large cock into Jamie's hot
wet pussy.

Jamie Keyes bites down on her bottom lip and locks her sultry eyes with Zack
Ryder as she feels his long cock entering her tight, wet pussy. "Mmmmmm you
bet I do..." Jamie moans as she gently hooks her gorgeously smooth, tanned
legs around his waist as he drives his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh.... awww..." Zack Ryder moans as he places his hands on Jamie's
hips as he pumps his cock firmly into Jamie's pussy.

Jamie lifts her hands from the table's surface behind her and brings her
hands forward to place them on his strong arms as she rocks on the table with
Zack's cock swiftly thrusting into her wet and tight pussy. "Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh

"Mmmm ohhh yeah.. mmm..." Zack moans as he lifts Jamie up off of the table
and begins to bounce her up and down on his pistoning cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah...ohhhhhh..." Jamie moans and tilts her head back
as she smoothly bounces up and down on Zack Ryder's cock, feeling his shaft
driving steadily into wet pussy.

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck..." Zack moans as Jamie bounces on his cock as he
thrusts it deeply into her pussy while standing. Jamie bites down on her
bottom lip and seductively looks at Zack Ryder as she smoothly rocks forward
on his cock, while bouncing smoothly up and down.

"Mmmmm yeah you like that big cock... ahhhh fuck..." Zack moans as he rams
his cock deeply into Jamie's twat.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah...ohhhhhh fuck!" Jamie moans as she sharply lowers on his cock
and licks her lips as she feels his shaft rapidly slamming upward into her
wet and tight pussy. Zack licks his lips as he lifts Jamie up off of his

The Long Island Stud stands Jamie up and turns her around to bend her over he
table. As Jamie looks back at him, Zack pushes his shaft back into her wet
snatch. Jamie Keyes bites down on her bottom lip and seductively narrows her
eyes as she rocks forward against the side of the table, feeling Zack's large
cock thrust in and out of her pussy from behind.

"Ohhh yeah.... mmmm..." Zack moans as he places his hands on Jamie's lower
back as he thrusts his shaft in and out of her tight wet pussy.

Jamie places her hands down onto the surface of the table as she smoothly
rocks back on her feet to push her gorgeous and tanned ass back against his
tanned and toned waist "Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh fuck..."

"Ahhh shit.... mmmm fuck..." Zack Ryder moans as he quickens the pace of his
thrusts as he pumps it harder into Jamie's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh...that feels so good Zack....mmmmm..." Jamie moans as she smoothly
grinds her sultry body back against Zack's cock as he continues to swiftly
pump into her. Zack licks his lips as he pounds Jamie's wet pussy as she
rocks back on her feet. Jamie's juicy round ass smacks nicely against Zack's
toned waist each time she pushes against him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhh!" Jamie moans loudly as she feels his cock swiftly
slamming into her wet and warm pussy.

Ahhhhhh... awwww fuck.... mmmm..." Zack moans as he rams his cock balls deep
into Jamie's tight wet snatch.

Jamie presses her sultry and moist lips together as she glances back at Zack
Ryder as he continues to firmly pull her back against his cock, swiftly
slamming his entire shaft into her wet and warm pussy. "Mmmmmmm...ohhhh fuck

Zack takes off his sweat soaked headband and tosses it to the side as he
pumps his cock reputedly into Jamie's pussy. "Ohhh ahhh shit..." Zack moans .

Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck Zack! Ohhhhhh!" Jamie moans loudly and lustfully as
she tilts her head back as her pussy tightens around his shaft.

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah... ohhh shit!" Zack moans as Jamie pussy squeezes his cock
as it starts to throb while he keeps fucking the NXT Ring Announcer.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Jamie lustfully groans as she grinds back against his cock,
while her she begins to cum heavily on his still rapidly thrusting shaft.

"Mmmmm fuck... yeah... mmm yeah..." Zack moans as Jamie's pussy juices flow
all over his pistoning and pulsating cock.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm Zack...mmmmm..." Jamie moans as sweat drips down from her
stunning and incredibly hot, tanned body as she continues to rock back and
forth on against the table.

Zack licks his lips as he pulls his cock out of Jamie's wet snatch, "Come on
baby... I know you want some Long Island Ice Z..." Zack says. Jamie Keyes
eagerly turns around to face Zack Ryder and licks her lips before she kneels
down onto the floor in front of him, placing her right hand around his shaft.
Jamie takes little time in guiding his cock into her mouth and wrapping her
pouty lips around his shaft to begin to smoothly bob her head, sucking
perfectly on his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Zack moans as Jamie bobs her head steadily on his
cock while stroking it at the same time with her right hand.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...mmmmmm" Jamie Keyes moans as she smoothly bobs
her head back and forth on his cock, while she slaps her tongue against his
pulsating shaft.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm fucking suck that cock..." Zack moans as his dick throbs
inside of Jamie's mouth each time she smacks her tongue against it.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm...." Jamie moans as her soft and pouty lips brush back and
forth against his throbbing shaft, taking him deeper into her incredibly hot
mouth. Zack licks his lips and tilts his head back as Jamie opens her mouth
wider to fit all of his pulsating meat into her mouth. Jamie seductively
looks up at Zack Ryder as she slides her wet tongue back and forth against
his throbbing shaft as she bobs her head perfectly against his cock.

"Mmmmm shit..." Zack grits his teeth as Jamie sucks and slurps on this cock.
Sensing he's close erupting, Jamie lifts her head off of cock and wraps her
left hand around it and begins to pump Zack's cock fairly firmly. Jamie Keyes
hungrily licks her lips as she smoothly and steadily pumps her left hand
against Zack Ryder's throbbing cock, using his saliva to better move her
hand. Jamie leans her head down and sensually kisses the head of Ryder's cock
as she works her hand on his shaft.

"Ahhhhh awwww!" Zack moans as his cock begins to erupt just seconds after
Jamie lifts her head up slightly. The NXT Ring Announcer keeps stroking
Zack's cum shooting cock, causing him to unload his spunk in almost every
direction. Jamie opens her mouth and takes the head of his cock back into her
mouth, smoothly bobbing her head as his cum begins to spray now into her
mouth as well.

"Ohhhh fuck get that cum baby... yeah... mmmm fuck..." Zack moans as Jamie
bobs her head and strokes his cock in order to milk every remaining drop of
cum from him. Jamie makes sure to swallow every drop of his cum before lifts
her head and licks her lips, gently moving her left hand up and down his
slowly softening shaft.

Zack licks his lips as he looks down at Jamie and sees some of his cum did
land on her face before she took his dick into her mouth moments ago. "Yeah
baby you totally wanted it... woo... woo... woo..." Zack grins as Jamie uses
the head of his softening cock to collect some of the spunk that's on her

Jamie Keyes raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Zack Ryder. "You know I
did..." Jamie replies with a laugh before she circles her tongue around the
head of his cock, collecting the remaining cum.

"And you've changed your plans... cause I know you'll just love more of the
Z-Man..." Zack smirks.

Jamie removes her left hand from Zack Ryder's cock and licks her lips
"Actually..." Jamie begins to say before she stands up from the floor. "Why
don't you join us?"

Zack is about to roll his eyes but he stops himself and smirks, "Sure why
not... I can show up MVP tonight as you get yourself another shot of some
Long Island Iced Z..."


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