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You Make Me Wanna
by Mercury32

I hesitate outside her locker room door after the show. This probably isn't
the greatest idea in the world, but I'm only human and I can only take so
much cockteasing before taking matters into my own hands.

The image of her running up the ramp covering her breasts flashes through my
mind again. At first I thought it was an accident, but on closer inspection
of the video I can see that what originally looked like uncomfortable
shifting under the weight of the beer bucket is actually attempting to get
her top hooked on the bucket.

Then, afterwards, as she brushed past me at the coffee stand, she leaned over
and whispered silkily "Enjoy the show?" From the smirk on her face, I knew
exactly what she was talking about and it wasn't the two hour Raw we'd just

I slowly open the door. It appears she's waiting for someone - probably that
little pissant Jericho. She's standing in front of the window, and I can see
her reflection in it. She's changed out of the refs top and into jeans and a
shirt that's open from the third button down. I exhale sharply.

"Took you long enough Chris." she says without turning around. I thought so.
I quietly lock the door and lock it. I don't want any interruptions. "Sorry
to disappoint you Steph, but Chris won't be showing tonight."

Stephanie spins around and stares at me in shock. "What the hell are you
doing here?"

"What's the matter? Not happy to see me?" God, but she's beautiful. I step
forward slowly. Surely she knows why I'm here. She's been sending me these
signals for the past 3 months, surely she didn't think I would be able to
just ignore them.

"Get out before I call security." she threatens. I move forward until she has
her back against the wall. I step forwards again, so that our bodies are
barely inches away.

"We both know your not going to do that."

"How can you be so sure?" She challenges, tossing her hair proudly. I spot a
little hollow just behind her ear that I'd love to flick my tongue against. I
lean in close and whisper in her ear. "Because you would've already done it.
And you can't tell me that you weren't expecting a little visit tonight after
that show you put on earlier."

"That was an accident!" She insisted, shifting her gaze to the door.

I laughed quietly. "No it wasn't. And the door is locked Stephanie. Nobody's
going to be able to get in here unless on of them let us in."

She looks at me for a long moment, something dark burning in her eyes. It's
now or never. My first reaction is to pin against the wall and crush her lips
in a searing hot kiss, but my instincts tell me that doing this might just
scare her off. Instead, I lower my head and lightly brush my lips against

She responds immediately, throwing her arms around my neck and deepening the
kiss. I slide a hand under her shirt and lightly caress her stomach. A roow
of goose bumps rise along the path of my palm.

We continue to kiss and tease each other with light touches for some time.
Some where along the line we both lose our shirts. I grasp her hips, drawing
them against mine. She moans softly and lightly draws her nails down my
chest. I check but there are no scratches - like every wrestler's woman, she
knows how to do this properly.

I rest my hands lightly on her rear end and gently squeeze, before lifting
her against me. She wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my
waist and I carry her over to the couch. I intend to lower her onto the soft
cushions, but she has other ideas, not letting go so that I tumble down on
top of her.

We kiss passionately, then I untangle her limbs from around me, standing up
and pulling her into sitting position before kneeling between her legs. I
place a hand on each of her thighs and lean forwards, pressing my lips
against her bare midriff and making tiny circles with my tongue. I move
higher, licking at the area just under her breasts as I slowly undo her
jeans. She wriggles out of them and I am shocked to see that Daddy's Little
Girl has gone commando.

She laughs at my surprise, then lunges forward, knocking me to the floor. She
straddles my waist and grinds her hips against mine, smiling as I arch my
back and moan loudly. I run my hands up and down her back, before unclasping
her bra and throwing it to the side.

She ducks her head away from me and I sense she's slightly embarassed. My
guess is that she doesn't make a habit of getting naked in front of others
often. Us guys in the locker room have seen each other in the raw many times,
and rumour is that the girls aren't shy around each other either. I gently
take her by the chin and force her to look at me.

"You're beautiful." I whisper huskily. I ran my hand up her leg and rest it
on her waist. "For gods sake don't let anyone convince you otherwise."

She licks my earlobe, bits my neck gently then moves off me. I make a small
noise of disappointment, then realise that she is undoing my jeans. She
slides them off, then pauses, her hands hovering at the waist band of my
boxer shorts.

I watch her face carefully, she seems to be having some kind of internal
struggle. Her thoughts are clear on her face. She seems to know that if she
stops things now, then I will not question her decision, I will not push the
matter. But this is it, once she makes her decision there's no going back.
She hesitates for a split second before literally ripping them off. I reach
up and pull her down beside me. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"No. This isn't what I want. I wasn't flirting with you so heavily for the
past month to lay here naked with you."

I knew it. What a fucking tease. I'm going to help the script writers come
up with a few more names for Jericho to call her. I clench my jaw and grind
out "Why then?"

"Because I want feel your hands on my skin, your mouth on mine. I want your
body pressing against me, but most off all I want you inside me, making me
scream your name with desire."

She pulls me on top of her, kissing my wildly. After a few minutes, she wraps
her legs around me and whispers "I want you now."

I slide into her slowly, gasping as I feel her closing around me. I move
slowly at first, then, encouraged by her moans and whimpers, faster & faster
until I find myself driving into her with a passion I've never felt before.

Before long, she cries out, holder me tighter and pleading with me "Harder...
faster." I obey her wishes, feeling myself travel closer and closer to the
edge. She cries out again and I thrust one more time, sending us both
spiralling into a cavern of ecstasy...

When it is over, I roll off her and lay beside her, panting. Wow. I haven't
had a lay like that... well, ever. When I regain my breath and composure, I
sit up and look at her. She grins up at me. "Amazing. Absolutely amazing."

"I thought so too." I dress silently, not knowing what else to say. Stephanie
does the same. We glance at each other from time to time, always breaking eye
contact when the other looks at us.

"I guess I should go."

"That might be a good idea." She seems anxious to get rid of me. Steph reads
the expression on my face and laughs. "Nothing personal. But Hunter always
calls around now. I doubt he'd be happy to hear your voice."

I laugh too. God if Hunter found out what happened... my life would be over.
I stand in front of the door and unlock it, but feel reluctant to leave
somehow. Steph smiles at me softly, and kisses me gently, before opening the
door. "You better leave."

I walk out of the locker room, looking back and waving. Steph waves back
before closing the door as I head off down the corridor. Jim Dotson sees me
and calls out "What are you doing here so late Austin?"

"Had to take care of a few things with Daddy's Little Girl for Smackdown." I
reply, grinning at the thought of his reaction if he knew I was taking care
of a bad case of blue balls. Dotson laughs. "Get out of here Steve! I'm ready
to go."

I grab my bag from the locker room and shoulder it, heading for the car. It's
not until I'm getting changed in my hotel room that I notice a note sticking
out of the pocket. It's from Stephanie. I read it and laugh, before falling
into the deepest sleep I've had in months.

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