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Your Mine Blonde Bimbo
by ThePac

"Here is your winner and the number one contender for the Divas title, Beth Phoenix," Justin Roberts announces as the crowd roars.

Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon one of the best and most powerful Divas on the roster just amazed the sold out crowd winning a battle royal to become the number one contender for the Divas championship. She won it by picking up both Bella twins and dumping them over the top rope in an amazing feat of strength and power. Beth is nearly crying as her hand is raised as this is her first shot at the Divas title since coming back from a knee injury late last year. Kelly Kelly was outside the side doing commentary is now up and the Divas champion climbs into the ring. She has a big smile on her face and is clapping her hands together with her shiny silver championship belt on her shoulder. Beth dressed in her normal wrestling attire of a black bodysuit with white trim now drops to her knees in the middle of the ring. She is delighted to be back in the title picture after having spent most of 2010 on the side line with an injury it has taken the Glamazon a few months to climb back near the top of the Divas division. Kelly couldn't be more delighted for her friend; the two blondes have become close over recent months since Beth's switch back to Raw. They hung out backstage and even tag teamed in a few house show matches around the country. She is very happy her friend is now the number one contender for her title. The blonde is happy she is finally rid of the annoying cheating Bella's as rivals for her belt.

Not dressed for in ring action Kelly is in a cute black leather zip up jacket that doesn't cover her flat mid-section or a small amount of cleavage where the zip has been pulled down. She is also wearing green cargo pants and spiked black boots making her wobble as she walks. Kelly slides into the ring with her title smiling widely at a nearly crying Beth. Getting to her feet Beth stands in front of the champion who drops the belt down and moves towards Beth with her arms wide. Kelly embraces Beth with a big hug squeezing her friend tight so happy for Beth. Beaming back at Kelly Beth locks the hug in tighter as fans around the arena cheer the two Divas as they are celebrating together. It is rare to see a champion and new challenger getting on so well without all that hate and animosity you normally see from wrestlers. Kelly breaks the hug but keeps hold of Beth's arm then lifts it high in the air to show the WWE Universe who the winner is.

Beth has a huge smile on her face coming thought all the heartache of the past year has been worth it. Kelly has a huge smile on her face just like Beth keeping the large blonde's arm in the air walking her round the ring to show her off to every corner of the arena. Putting Beth's arm down Kelly goes back to joining the fans in clapping the new number one contender. Beth keeps fighting back the tears as she steps towards Kelly grinning then suddenly drives her knee up slamming it right into Kelly's gut. The cheering crowd suddenly stops as they look shocked into the ring as Kelly falls to one knee. She is holding her stomach coughing and in pain as Beth just blindsided her. Beth Phoenix has an evil little smirk on her face as Kelly kneels below her in some distress. Leaning down Kelly's long blonde hair is grabbed by Beth who cruelly twists it in her hands making Kelly scream out. Kelly's agony filled screams seem to make Beth happier as she roughly pulls Kelly up to her feet. She drags Kelly forward and using her amazing strength Beth hair throws Kelly halfway across the ring. Kelly spins though the air hitting the mat hard and bounces off the canvas all the way under the bottom rope. She drops from the apron right out to the arena floor landing hard getting a moan from the crowd who have been stunned into silence by Beth's actions. Kelly just got hair tossed all the way across the ring and right onto the outside. Poor Kelly looks hurt, her normally cute face twisted as she moans while Beth looks super calm and confident. She slides under the bottom rope out of the ring to stand over Kelly. The Divas champion is fighting to get back to her hands and knees while her pants are fighting to stay up around her waist. Beth spots Kelly's low slung pants and laughs moving her index finger down poking it against Kelly's bare ass crack. The fans that see it cheer and Kelly flinches as a foreign feeling just rubbed up against the top of her ass crack. Grabbing Kelly's hair again Beth lifts the butt crack showing Kelly up to her unsteady feet once again. She keeps Kelly bent forward as the Glamazon smiles in total control of the situation. Running forward Beth tosses Kelly sending the little blonde flying through the air smashing back first into the barricade.

The fans wince as Kelly smacked hard against the padded metal guard rail. Her back hit hard and now she is lying on the floor screaming in pain. Kelly's poor spine has been punished after Beth Phoenix brutally tuned on her. In three power moves Beth has the Divas champion down and in real pain with Kelly's back leaving an imprint in the padding around the guard rail. In no rush Beth takes her time walking round to the time keepers table to pick up a microphone. Fans close to her are booing as for seemingly no good reason Beth attacked and maybe seriously injured Kelly Kelly. Slowly Beth walks over to a groaning Kelly making sure to kneel down next to her pained face.

"Awwww is poor little Kelly Kelly hurt," Beth says mockingly clearly enjoying Kelly's predicament.

"You know something Kelly the days of the cute, perky, Barbie doll like fake wrestler is over," Beth says menacingly.

"You little blonde bimbo are a horrible role model, a below average wrestler basically just a street walker wrapped up in very pretty clothes flaunting yourself for these idiots," Beth carries on the insults speaking right into Kelly's pain filled face.

"So in order to take woman's wrestling back from the slutty bimbos like you I've decided Kelly that in front of all these people I'm going to break you," Beth threatens.

"Would you like that Kelly? Would like to be taken to the edges of endurance and exposed for what you are right here on Monday night Raw?" Beth says in mockingly excited tone.

Kelly groans trying to get her sore body up to her hands and knees, she looks at Beth and spits, "Screw you Beth you will never break me."

Beth smiles as Kelly's words fill the arena before she slaps Kelly hard around the face dropping the skinny blonde again.

"Was kinda hoping you would say that Kelly as its pointless breaking a willing subject," Beth says almost sounding happy as she gets to her feet.

"Oh one more thing Kelly sort of important," Beth says suddenly remembering, "I'm not gonna physically break you I'm going to break you sexually."

Even though the crowd is solidly behind Kelly on Beth's last statement they can't help but cheer loudly. The Glamazon can't mean what everyone thinks she means not even the Glamazon would do that to a rival in front of a packed out arena and TV cameras broadcasting to the world.

Beth smiles as the fans around are buzzing so she looks down at Kelly again, "You heard me right Kelly I'm gonna use your body, your little cockteasing body just like all the men and woman here would love to use your slutty little frame."

The fans are shocked at Beth's words but not as shocked as Kelly who suddenly feels in real peril and very exposed. Beth drops the microphone taking hold of Kelly's long blonde locks and starts pulling her across the arena floor. Fans cheer, their sympathy for Kelly reduced to nothing in the face of HLA between two smoking hot Divas. Everyone rightly thought the big powerful Beth would be a top sexually and now they are gonna see her top the ultra-sexy Kelly. A scared looking Kelly is dragged to the announcers table and on cue the announcers spilt and run before Beth threatens them with being broken sexually. Beth is grinning as she easily scoops the struggling Diva off the floor with great ease, Beth holds her in the air for a couple of seconds before dropping the champion down. Kelly smashes face first into the announce table, her beaten up body taking another massive blow as she is now flat out on the arena floor. In total control Beth now pulls the top off the table throwing it away along with the monitors and any other rubbish lying on it. Pulling a weakened Kelly up by her hair once more Beth rolls Kelly's body on top of the stripped down table almost like she has made a little work bench to work on breaking Kelly. Beth leaves a flat out, groaning in pain Kelly on the table as she goes back into the ring getting the silver butterfly belt known as the Divas title. Back on the outside of the ring Beth looks at the belt before she climbs onto the announce table. She stands tall on the table above Kelly's body holding the belt in the air.

"What do you think guys, think this belt should be worn by the best wrestler in the company," Beth shouts and some of fans response with cheers to the all-powerful Glamazon.

"This blonde bimbo beneath me is only a champion at lying on her back and taking hard fuckings from all the boys backstage," Beth says taunting Kelly with the rumours that have followed her around her whole career.

"You are a champion Kelly but only a champion slut and tonight I'm gonna prove why," Beth says her voice ringing out on camera without the aid of microphone as she drops the Divas title.

Beth kneels down on the table next to Kelly grabbing the zip of her jacket. She pulls it down much to the delight of the fans getting to see Kelly Kelly's black bra. Pulling the zip all the way down Beth has undone the jacket and now lifts a near lifeless Kelly up and pulls the jacket down her arms. It's like Beth is undressing a doll and Kelly is still moaning in pain too weak to fight back against the strong Diva. Beth removes Kelly's black leather jacket throwing it away leaving the former model clad in just a tiny cotton black bra just about covering her firm tits. Grinning down Beth leans up and her hands grab Kelly's tits squeezing hard. Fans cheer as Kelly with Beth Phoenix roughly grabbing her breasts. Beth squeezes them though Kelly's bra and Kelly uncomfortably moans under Beth's firm grip. Beth's hands grip Kelly's small all natural boobs squashed them like someone would squeeze fruit at a market. Beth squeezes down really hurting Kelly's boobs as her tiny bra offers no protection to Beth's evil tit crushing hands. Beth is really crushing down on Kelly's tits and despite being one of the few Divas in the company with natural real breasts Kelly is wishing it was different as the pain is excruciating. It is almost like Beth is trying to crush Kelly's tits flat even worse when she starts twisting her hands. She is turning and moulding Kelly's boobs and the poor young Florida native is howling for her life. Twisting and squeezing Kelly's breasts shows just how strong Beth is as her fingers tightly crush into bra able to really cause Kelly pain. The blonde cries out as her face grows red while she screams loudly with the Glamazon trying to mould her boobs into flat pancakes. No lover in fact no one in Kelly's life has ever treated her tits this roughly really hurting her but somewhere in the back of her mind she feels Beth's dominating presence. Beth beat her down so easy and is now using and abusing her tits so bad that Kelly can feel tears forming in her eyes. There were rumours backstage that Beth was into some hardcore BDSM lesbian porn, Kelly never knew what BDSM meant but now she is getting the idea it involves pain. Beth finally lets go of Kelly's tits letting the screaming blonde get her breath back as she rubs her boobs in pain. She had imagined a lot of torture for those sexy little tits but Beth has another target on her mind from the little cum dumpster champion. She has already shown her power, boob squeezing Kelly's soft tits giving the blonde a small sample of the pain yet to come.

"Are your little boobies sore Kelly?" Beth teases, "Hopefully later on you will be begging to feel that small amount of pain again."

Her voice is so menacing Kelly wishes she didn't squeak in fear in response. She wonders where her friends are but seeing the evil look in Beth's eyes and the way she dominated that battle royal Kelly rightfully thinks no one man or woman is willing to risk saving her and getting beaten up too. Beth roughly flips Kelly over as if she was as light as a pillow. Kelly grunts with pain as her sore chest slams onto the hard wooden table as she feels Beth rest a forearm on her bare lower back.

Beth is now staring at Kelly's big cargo pants covered ass grinning, "Wow Kelly is this really the big stinky ass you perform the stinkface with?"

Kelly blushes with Beth mocking her again then to her shock Beth raises her hand slapping it down right on her ass. She yelps in pain from the slap then yells again as Beth gives her another spank. Her big ass now being targeted as Beth fires down another three fast hand spanks making Kelly moan with pain. Her ass is starting to burn under her pants as Beth slaps her asscheek again. Beth keeps switching cheeks to spank keeping a moaning Kelly guessing as she is being given a humiliating spanking. The crowd are really getting into this now getting behind Beth as she delivers some sexy discipline to the Divas champion. Blows keep raining down keeping Kelly in pain and moaning for mercy as Beth spanks her big ass over and over again. The constant spanking pain brings tears to Kelly's eyes as she has never been spanked before apart from the odd time in a wrestling ring but nothing this intense. Her big butt is being battered under this barrage of spanks from Beth and the fans have gone from booing to cheering Beth as she spanks the smoking hot Kelly. Beth stops spanking Kelly's big ass instead resting her elbows on her soft cheeks like she is deep in thought.

"I'm bored," Beth complains, "Come on Kelly you're a wrestling slut I think it's time you showed some more skin," She taunts.

Kelly moans in pain and embarrassment at having to show more off but that moan earns her a slap on the back of the head from Beth.

"Naughty girl you have never complained about being stripped or appearing half naked before hell that's the only reason your slutty ass has a job," Beth happily taunts spanking Kelly's ass one more time.

Beth grabs the middle part of Kelly's cargo pants using both hands trying to pull it apart. Kelly moans in shock as she feels the strong Beth pulling at her pants almost trying to rip them right off. Amazingly Beth's pulling works as the middle of Kelly's pants are splitting as Beth is looking to Hulk Hogan the back of her pants. Beth rips a big hole in the pants getting a large scream from the fans at the hole in Kelly's pants. The blonde groans blushing as her bare ass crack and bits of her tanned ass cheeks can be seen.

"Are you not wearing any panties slutty Kelly?" Beth wonders aloud grabbing the freshly torn hole pulling at the sides again.

Kelly cries out as the hole is being made bigger with Beth stretching it, pulling it out totally ruining the material. The hole is getting bigger so the more Beth pulls more of Kelly's big bare ass is exposed to the Raw audience.

"That will be a fine for you Kelly you know the office's view on slutty Diva's wearing no panties on a PG show," Beth mocks, "Mind you wearing no panties got you a job here so why not stick to what you know."

Beth's words hurt almost as much as the spanks did as Kelly moans lying hurt and exposed on top of the announcers table. Pulling at what's left of the ass of Kelly's pants Beth rips them open fully baring Kelly's naked ass to everyone and the many HD cameras all now round pointing at the Glamazon and her stripped victim. Beth steps back allowing everyone a good look at Kelly's bare cheeks almost hanging out of the massive rip in her pants. Kelly groans trying to crawl forward but Beth stops her with an ultra-hard hand slap to her bare cheek. Screaming loud Kelly stops moving as the pain of a spank on her bare skin makes her whole body shake. Her tanned ass already has a slight pink tinge from Beth's earlier spanking now Kelly's perfect ass is fully exposed and defenceless. Beth is unsurprising not gentle as she slaps her hand though the massive tear in Kelly's pants swatting her bare ass cheeks. Kelly is really crying out as Beth brutally spanks her tanned ass, really hard swats staining her flesh with dark red hand prints. Beth grabs a nearby camera man and pulls the lens of his camera forward into the hole so he can show the big screen and the watching world the spanking damage she has done to Kelly Kelly's butt. The dark red tinge is clearly visible, her ass looks in the kind of state a spanking model would expect her ass to look like after a long shoot and Beth isn't finished yet pushing the cameraman back delivering several more hard shots. Kelly's face is bright red and the Divas champion is on the edge of tears as she takes an unmerciful spanking from Beth. Kelly has never felt punishment like this in her life even her wrestling training felt a breeze compared to this Amazon like woman spanking her exposed ass. Beth throws out a few more spanks to Kelly's red tinted ass before ripping at the hole more making sure Kelly's well spanked ass is fully visible to everyone. More moaning from the teary eyed blonde as her ass cheeks sting so much, Beth's spanking is ruthless and hard.

Her cheeks are so sore and Beth knows this, her hands moving forward grabbing two big handfuls of butt flesh. Much like with her tits Beth squeezes hard using her powerful grip to torture and hurt Kelly's already sore ass cheeks. Kelly yelps in pain as Beth squeezes her butt cheeks in a rough uncaring manner really gripping tightly on her naked cheeks. The fans cheer, their love for Beth is only increasing as they watch her so easily dominate the current Divas champion spanking her like a little brat and now having the exposed Diva yelling in pain as she crushes her cheeks. Beth fingers punish and squeeze at the tanned well spanked flesh as Kelly slaps her palms against the announce table yelling out in pain. With her grip only tightening Beth enjoys pushing Kelly's big cheeks together just crushing the flesh with her palms. Dominating and sexually exploiting the slutty Kelly's body feels good to the Glamazon and the cheers from the sell-out Raw crowd tells her the public like it too. Kelly is trying to crawl forward as Beth uses and abuses her cheeks like her own personal toy as Kelly notices the tears rolling down her face, she has been crying in pain for a bit but has been too worried and in pain to notice. Her eyes are getting puffy from her soft tears as her make up starts to leak and wear away as Kelly's tears splash from her eyes. Digging her fingers in deeper Beth laughs at how fleshy Kelly's spanked ass is as her fingers sink into her tanned flesh.

Moaning in pain Kelly starts trying to crawl forward using her elbows against the table to push herself forward. Beth squeezes and crushes Kelly's ass cheeks together twisting the peachy skin until she feels Kelly dragging herself forward. Kelly crawls hard getting to the edge of the table when she feels Beth's hands leave her ass cheeks and grab onto the back of her waistband. Her ripped pants barely have a waistband but Beth has grabbed it and is trying to use it to pull Kelly back across the table. With more panic Kelly pulls herself forward more, the scared and near naked Divas champion sees a chance to escape from this nightmare like situation. She struggles a little in vain as Beth is much stronger and clearly toying with the skinny blonde as she crawls further along the table. Kelly is pulling hard at the edge of the table, her upper body is dangling over the edge and that is when Beth pulls back. The ultra-strong Glamazon yanks hard pulling back the waistband of Kelly's ripped pants and to everyone's surprise Kelly's pants shoot back up her legs.

Kelly screams as her momentum makes her fall forward off the table just as Beth pulls her ripped cargo pants back up her legs. She is being fully depantsed live on Raw, Kelly's stained eyes flood with tears once more as her head and shoulders touch the arena floor with her long golden legs fully exposed. Beth Phoenix is laughing hard as Kelly's ripped pants are pulled all the way up her body catching around her sexy boots. Kelly is bent over the table for a few seconds, her fully bare butt visible before gravity tips her body the rest of the way off the table. She hits the floor with a little bump and Kelly's first thought is moving a hand between her legs to try and cover her now exposed pussy. Fans close to the announce table are laughing at the stripped Kelly making her blush deepen as she covers her pussy and with her free hand tries to pull her pants up. The ripped material has twisted around her boots making it near impossible for her to pull up. It also more or less binds her feet together meaning she can't get up and escape as Beth climbs off the table right in front of her. Kelly squeaks in fear and tries to back away sliding her bare ass across the floor trying to get away from Beth. Smiling widely Beth lets Kelly push herself backwards until Kelly's back hits up against the guard rail. The look of understanding then panic moving across Kelly's face makes Beth's day even better as the dumb blonde finally understands the hopelessness of her situation. Backed up against the barrier, bottomless and with a revenge filled strong blonde standing over her Kelly does the only thing she can think of.

"Please Beth don't do this we were friends, please just leave me alone please," The Divas champion wails tears free flowing down her face.

Beth smirks, "Awwww does little Kelly not wanna play anymore, have I broken my sweet little Barbie doll?"

Kelly nods looking a mess with her face bright red and her make up messed up from her tears, "Please Beth please you have made your point please let me go."

Beth overacts standing and thinking for a second, her hand resting on her chin clearly deep in thought, "Ok Kelly I'll make you a deal you can leave unhurt and embarrassed no more if you do one last extreme expose and show all of us your pussy," Beth smiles as the rafters of the area shake from the loud cheering of the horny crowd.

Kelly Kelly's face drops in shock at what Beth just asked, "I can't Beth that's... I can't even believe what you asked."

"Come on you little slut do it maybe if I offered you money or maybe a championship run you would show me your nice slutty pussy," Beth taunts some more making many fans laugh.

"Please no," Kelly begs fresh tears leaking from her swollen red eyes.

"Come on you little tramp you said anything, Anyway this is something we all know your good at and like unless you are not a slutty little exhibitionist," Beth's harsh words hit the mark worse than her spanks as Kelly is almost recoiling from her cruel words.

"Please Beth I wasn't, I'm not a whore please don't make she show myself off in front of all these people," Kelly says weakly her voice barely carrying to Beth.

"These are your only two choices Kelly either strip for me or I will strip you for them," The Glamazon threatens.

Kelly starts thinking; the poor little diva is shaking still with a hand covering her bare pussy and her upper half clad in just a small black bra. Getting impatient Beth reaches forward grabbing one of Kelly's boots roughly pulling it off. Kelly squeaks as her boot is yanked off and her bare foot is exposed, the fans cheer as Beth throws Kelly's removed footwear into the sea of WWE fans. Beth grabs Kelly's other boot as the blonde screams as her boot is forcefully pulled off her foot. Kelly is now bare footed and her pants are still wrapped around her ankles as she pushes further back into the security barrier.

"Come on Kelly holla girl and show us all what you got," Beth mocks powerfully stood over a clearly scared Kelly.

"Ok, ok Beth I'll do it I'll show everything please let me pull my pants up first," Kelly begs.

"Fine just hurry up these people have been waiting a long time to see if you really are blonde all over," Beth grins standing back a little giving Kelly room.

Awkwardly with one hand still covering her privates Kelly reaches down pulling her twisted ripped pants back up her legs. The entire arena is now on its feet staring at Kelly as she pulls herself to her feet yanking her pants back around her sexy little waist still with a hand hiding her pussy and not removing it until her pants are fully up. She looks up seeing Beth's smiling face and the horny lustful faces of the WWE fans. Kelly looks uneasy on her feet as she stands then suddenly she takes off running hard looking to get away from Beth and this nightmare. She is quickly around the announce table running hard for the backstage area until she feels a large hand grabbing the back of her long blonde hair. She is stopped in her tracks then her hair is roughly pulled back on sending Kelly crashing to the floor. She lands hard driving the air from her as the hand stays clenching onto her long hair and now starts pulling her across the arena floor.

"Silly Kelly did you not think I'd see your escape coming naughty girl I would have left you alone if you stripped naked for these people now a bigger Barbie breaking punishment is called for," Beth says as Kelly groans.

The blonde is dragged back to the announce table and Beth's power easily tosses Kelly back over the table. Lying on her front Kelly's red raw ass is exposed to the world again though the big hole in her pants. Beth grabs onto the back of Kelly's dirty torn cargo pants and wastes no more time in pulling them down. Kelly groans, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as Beth strips the pants right off her body, her back throbbing too from being pulled down hard leaving Kelly to think her escape plan was pretty shit only getting her into worse trouble. Kelly Kelly is bottomless lying across the Raw announce table and the fans are going wild.

Beth throws Kelly's ripped and useless pants away then pulls Kelly's legs apart letting a camera zoom in and capture a shot of Kelly's pussy. Seeing the young blonde's shaved cunt up on the big screen gets a massive almost title changing hands scream from the crowd as the tease's bare pussy is on show for all to see. Kelly hangs her head trying to fight back the tears and moans of humiliation as Beth is exposing her bare pussy to the whole world. Beth Phoenix isn't finished yet as she moves between Kelly's legs crawling onto the table behind the flat out blonde. Raising two fingers Beth presses forward pushing her two fingers right into Kelly's spread pussy. The blonde cries out loud as she feels something invade her tight pussy and her scream is only worse when she works out they are Beth's fingers. Beth Phoenix just pushed two fingers into Kelly Kelly's pussy from behind live on Monday night Raw right on top of the announce table for the world to see. The fans in the arena are cheering and screaming for joy while Kelly is just screaming as Beth's fingers move further inside her. Beth's fingers curl inside Kelly's pussy teasing the inner walls of the blonde who is moaning in discomfort as another woman's fingers invade her private area. With one hand on Kelly's lower back pinning her face down onto the table Beth pulls her other hand back and starts thrusting her fingers in and out of Kelly Kelly.

"NO BETH PLEASE STOP NO OHHHH NO PLEASE GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME," Kelly screams for all to hear as Beth rocks her two strong fingers in and out of her cunt.

Beth ignores Kelly's loud cries as she focuses on rocking her fingers into the Divas champion's pussy. Pumping them in and out of Kelly's tight pussy hearing the blonde moan and scream for Beth to stop is an amazing feeling for Beth the power over the blonde cocktease is an incredible turn on. This is far worse than being forced to strip in Kelly's mind; Beth is performing porn on her in front of a worldwide TV audience, an audience that must be growing by the second. Beth pushes her fingers in as deep as they can go really filling Kelly's tight cunt up.

"OWWW BETH STOP TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME PLEASE FUCK PLEASE BETH STOP IT," Kelly whines as Beth starts to pick up the pace in finger fucking her.

Beth ignores Kelly's cries pumping her fingers in harder making Kelly screams grow in volume as her fingers drive in at a fast slut breaking pace. Pumping in hard Beth can hear the gasps and groans from the crowd as she sexually plays with Kelly Kelly's cunt finger fucking her in front of a sold out arena. She can feel Kelly's tight pussy contracting then opening allowing her fingers all the way inside her damp hole.

"BETH PLEASE I'M NOT A LESBIAN PLEASE GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME PLEASE STOP," Kelly howls rocking back and forth on the announce table.

Beth laughs loudly at Kelly's cries, "I think your lying little Kelly," She says pulling her wet fingers out from Kelly's pussy.

She holds her two fingers up so the fans can clearly see the juices dripping down her two fingers. Kelly's juices shine under the bright arena spotlights on Beth's long fingers clearly showing the blonde's mouth and body are thinking different things. Fans love this new extreme attitude from Beth, this dominating, powerful and sexy performance has aided the public in turning on her side against Kelly. The WWE Universe does like Kelly but they like seeing her under Beth more than seeing her run away. With her Kelly cream stained fingers up in the air Beth smiles before pushing them back into Kelly filling the slutty blonde's pussy again. Another scream comes from Kelly as flat out across the announce table and bottomless is an ultra-vulnerable position with Beth's fingers again pounding into her cunt. Beth's fingers move fast picking up pace once again making Kelly's entire body shake. Pumping into Kelly's once straight cunt Beth can feel the young blonde's juices flowing down from her fingers onto her palm and down her wrist. She has a massive smile on her face while Kelly has a look of agony and hatred plastered across her bright red face. Kelly screams again her hands slapping against the wooden announce table as Beth is violating her pussy while fans around her laugh and point at poor Kelly being dominated sexually by another woman.

"You know what I think this little slut wants more than anything," Beth says out load talking to no one but still getting a loud roar of approval from the crowd.

"I think our Barbie doll world fucking champion needs to feel more inside her overused cunt," Beth teases Kelly even while finger fucking the Divas champion.

Kelly doesn't like the sound of that and before she can scream or react Beth opens her hand out and adds the rest of her fingers into Kelly's cunt. The Glamazon now has four fingers of her right hand inside Kelly's cunt almost like she is turning the Florida born model's cunt into a glove. A 4 fingered assault on Kelly's cunt is enough to have the blonde screaming bloody murder as Beth's fingers drive deep into her sensitive woman area. Beth's fingers are stretching out Kelly Kelly's pussy walls pumping in quickly and clearly turning Kelly on as in between her screams are small moans. While the fans might not be sure how much Kelly is enjoying it Beth is sure she is turning Kelly into a little lesbian slut as against the blonde's better judgement her stretched cunt is getting wet. Her juices drip covering all four of Beth's fingers and leaking down into a puddle of cum on the announce table. Kelly moans again but the moans hidden in the screams are her worst fear feeling a sexual thrill from this massively strong girl fucking her pussy using only her fingers. Her long standing nightmare of being stripped naked and having to endure a public fucking like she is a porn star or a hooker is the sort of fantasy that keeps her awake and scared at night. She likes showing off her body but the skinny blonde likes being in control, she is the cute girl next door an innocent acting submissive but more controlling of people's actions and emotions around her. Kelly knows how to play men and use her charm and body to her advantage, she has never done some of the more disgusted perverted things but Kelly does think she is a little bit of a tease. Kelly never thought another woman could be interested in fucking her let alone one as powerful as Beth and she never guessed if a girl was every with her she would be so beaten and submissive sexually to her that she would start getting turned on by the abuse. Beth's finger fucking drives into her hard and Kelly's entire body feels tired as she is being fucked hard by Beth's quick working fingers. Beth has a large grin on her face as she finger fucks Kelly teasing and working over the sexy blonde using her four fingers to great effect turning Kelly on more than Beth herself thought she would. Kelly feels like she is being turned into Beth Phoenix's sex bitch right here live in front of the entire Monday night Raw audience in the arena and watching around the world. Howling loudly Kelly starts shaking as Beth's fingers drive in really testing her pussy insides stretching them wider than any cock could.

"Please Beth stop it please oh god please Beth stop fucking me please," Kelly softly grunts begging Beth to stop.

Unsurprisingly Beth doesn't stop instead working her four fingers at a quicker pace watching them disappear filling up Kelly Kelly's pussy. Beth's wrist is starting to become a blur as she power fucks Kelly Kelly's pussy. Her fingers curl inside the Diva's champion pleasuring her in ways Kelly never knew possible. She has had no sexual experience with woman never even a full on lips kiss so having Beth's experienced and well trained fingers is sending Kelly's body to a new and massive sexual nirvana. Beth pulls out of Kelly's soaking wet pussy only to flip the sweaty blonde over onto her front letting the public get a full frontal view of her sweet wet cunt for the first time. She spreads Kelly's legs and the Divas champion is too tired and sore to try and get away. She wishes she could get away as again Beth's four fingers push inside her cunt now with her on her back making it more in view of the fans making the humiliation worse. Fans get an almost porno view of Beth's fingers disappearing into Kelly's pussy seeing the blonde's sexual organ stretching out as Beth's fingers fill her up. Beth pushes further and deeper inside Kelly's cunt, her fingers pressing higher making the blonde's screams go up several tones. Kelly bucks her hips as she is laid out like she is in for a doctor's exam with her legs spread and Beth pushing her fingers higher up inside her. Her right hand pumps hard but Beth's left hand is now moving up Kelly's flat out body and before the little blonde knows what is happening Beth's hand moves up right onto Kelly's breast.

"Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze Kelly boobies," Beth taunts in a sing song voice as her left hand clamps down on her bra covered boob.

"Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Owwwwwwwwww Beth that hurt's that fucking hurts stop it," Kelly cries as her sore boob is subjected to yet more punishment.

Beth's hand is crushing down on Kelly's tit squeezing right though her bra as her fingers turn and tilt inside Kelly's pussy. This double pronged sexual attack is a brand new pain for the young Diva. Kelly's screams are getting louder as her breast is punished by Beth's hand while her talented fingers are making her pussy so turned on and wet. Her pussy juices are really flowing down across Beth's fingers as she is hitting some of the untouched and most sensitive parts of Kelly's pussy making her howl with pleasure while her sore body not used to this feeling. Fans are watching with shock and awe as Kelly is flat on her back taking pleasure from Beth's fingers as Beth's big hand switches breast crushing Kelly's other C cup boob. More pain as her boob is crushed while Beth's fingers work overtime pumping into the blonde's soaking wet cunt. Playing and crushing Kelly's normal sized boobs Beth pulls her hand out of Kelly's pussy with her four fingers and her palm shining with Kelly's cum while letting go of her sore boob as well. She climbs off the announce table and walks round, her unstained hand giving Kelly's boob one last squeeze as she walks round to Kelly's red sweaty face. The tears in her eyes have dried leaving red raw rings around her normally sexy face while the rest of her face is blotchy from the blushing and effort she has expended as Beth has easily beaten her around.

Beth is standing close to Kelly's face grinning as she leans down, "Hey there slutty Kelly would you like to taste what you have been leaving on WWE staff worker's dicks?"

Kelly cringes at the question and wonders if she should answer knowing that a cocky answer will get her even more humiliated and beaten up yet she can't bring herself to be Beth's submissive little bitch.

"Come on you fucking bitch taste yourself," Beth threatens grabbing Kelly's jaw and pulling it down.

She forced the blonde's mouth open and before Kelly can scream Beth pushes her sticky fingers right into her mouth. Fans cheer at the disgusting act; the powerful Beth forcing poor little Kelly to taste her own cum off the fingers that were just fucking her. Kelly resists the temptation to bite Beth's fingers as she is forced to use her tongue to clean the fingers that have been pumping inside her cunt. Her tongue humiliatingly swishes around Beth's sticky fingers forced to taste her own juices in front of a worldwide television audience. Beth grins as she just force fed Kelly her own cum off her fingers as she pulls her hand out of Kelly's mouth to hear the blonde cough and look disgusted with what she has done. She doesn't give Kelly ay time to move as Beth reaches down both hands firmly grabbing her sexy black bra. With one forceful pull Beth tears Kelly's bra clean off as the fans roar with delight once more as the much teased Kelly Kelly boob reveal has finally happened. Kelly groans as her tanned tits with her sexy little pink nipples are exposed just like the rest of her. Kelly Kelly naked on Raw is probably trending worldwide on Twitter as cameras flash and zoom in on the blonde's sexy body. Sweating and perfectly laid out on the table, fresh tears form in Kelly's eyes as she feels so degraded. Stripped naked and fingered for everyone to see Kelly had hoped a job with the WWE would have saved her from the slutty show off fate or porn careers that many of her former model friends were forced into. Beth throws Kelly's bra into the crowd and climbs back onto the announce table this time straddling Kelly's gut pinning the blonde down. Fans excitement picks up as Beth is sitting on top of Kelly hopefully to perform some more sexual domination. Beth grabs the front of her black bodysuit ripping it open slightly exposing more of her large cleavage. Reaching behind her Beth unhooks her own black sports bra and pulls it off under her wrestling costume. Fans cheer even louder as Beth is starting to strip as she sits on top of a weak abused Kelly. Beth grabs the front of her suit ripping into it again turning her deep cleavage into two bare breasts bouncing out of the open hole. Everyone gasps as Beth just exposed her boobs for the whole world; her D cups with her rock hard dark pink nipples hanging out the front of her bodysuit. Kelly has no idea what Beth is doing exposing herself but she is scared of what Beth will do to her as she twists and groans trying to shift Beth's weight off her. Beth looks down at the trapped and naked Kelly grinning as she rubs her own tanned boobs.

"Guess what Kelly we are going to see if in real life you are just a big baby," Beth says confusing the crowd and scaring Kelly more.

"You have already cried more than an infant, like a baby you spend most of you time naked and now we are gonna see if baby likes big tits," Beth mocks grinning.

The Glamazon starts to lean down over Kelly, her big boobs aimed right at Kelly's face. In a pure blind panic the blonde screams and struggles harder turning her face left and right as Beth's massive tits loom over her. Beth lowers down wrapping her tits right around Kelly's head breast smothering her and the cheers from the fans can probably be heard in the next state over. Beth's massive tits have hidden Kelly's whole head as the skinny blonde's hands and feet kick and shake around. Beth's cleavage smothers her and Kelly can feel Beth's warm tit skin brushing up and rubbing against her cheeks. She wails pitifully as Beth is once again showing sexual dominance over the Divas champion smothering her with her big tits letting everyone laugh and mock Kelly. Beth moans a little feeling Kelly's head trapped between her tits feeling her breathing right up against her chest tickling her skin. Clamping down hard Beth can feel the blonde thrash fiercely underneath her as she is starting to cut of Kelly's oxygen.

"Kiss my boobies Kelly come on you little whore, give my tits a little kiss and I'll let you go," Beth says wondering if already early on in their mistress/sub relationship she can order the sexy ex model to do things.

Kelly hears the order and without thinking of anything other than her freedom she puckers up her lips and kisses the flesh on Beth's boob. The strong Glamazon groans clearly as Kelly's soft lips touch her skin, not just from the pleasure of the kiss but feeling the slutty blonde respond to her orders brings a big grin to her face and a whole realm of evil possibilities into Beth's mind. Kelly kisses Beth's boobs pressed deep against her head until Beth starts lifting her tits off her face. Beth has a big beaming smile on her face as she moves back up to sitting on Kelly's mid-section as Kelly is blinded by the arena lights gasping for air. Beth easily slips down Kelly's body taking her four freshly cleaned fingers and pushing them right back into Kelly's dripping wet pussy. Kelly roars with pleasure, her body being teased, attacked and pleased from so many angles she isn't sure what will happen to her next. Having nearly been smothered by Beth's boobs to now have the Glamazon's big talented fingers inside her again has Kelly groaning with pleasure. Her naked body turns and grinds on top of the announce table as Beth Phoenix gives her the best and only fingering of her young life.

Kelly can no longer fight the growing lust inside her as this big sometimes butch other woman is bringing her body so much pleasure. She wants to scream and run away but her tired body can't fight it as wave after wave of pleasure shoot across her. Beth's fingers pound in hard really working to a quick pace already having done the foreplay work earlier making Kelly's pussy stretch out to support all 4 of Beth's fingers and she is wet enough for her fingers to just slide in and out without causing the moaning blonde any pain. Beth's fast paced fingers really slam into Kelly's pussy and the young blonde can feel herself building up to orgasm making her whine as she can't do anything to stop Beth. Faster and faster Beth pounds her fingers in looking try and drag her finger tips against Kelly's clit while her thumb presses down on her outer pussy lips teasing and rubbing some of her own leaking juices into her small sensitive lips. Kelly groans loudly as Beth's fingers really drive deep inside her pleasuring her pussy. Beth pumps her fingers deep into Kelly's pussy teasing the blonde bringing her closer to an orgasm. Kelly screams her fingers scratching against the wood as she cries out moaning loudly Kelly bucks her hips getting so close but Beth suddenly pulls her teasing fingers out of her cunt.

"OHHHHHH NOOOOOO FUCK," Kelly moans with frustration as Beth's pleasure bringing fingers are pulled out her pussy.

Kelly looks up at a grinning Beth "I was so close," She mumbles then blushes as she realizes what she just said.

"Awwww does little Kelly want to cum?" Beth mocks in a baby voice.

Kelly holds her lips together afraid of what she will say and what her reaction will be as Beth waves her wet fingers in the air.

"I mean you are certainly wet enough down there to cum Barbie," Beth teases more, "Come on Kelly just admit how much you need a superior woman to make you cum."

Kelly moans preferring Beth when she was just beating on her as this mental and pleasurable attack is hurting her head. She bucks her hips up trying to find Beth's fingers again but Beth is keeping both hands up in the air denying her pleasure.

"Does Kelly really, really need to cum?" Beth teases as Kelly's own hands move down her body trying to scratch the sexual itch Beth caused.

As quick as a flash Beth grabs Kelly's arms pinning them to looking up at the frustrated blonde, "Naughty self-pleasuring slut, do you want me to make you cum or not?" Beth asks again.

Kelly bites her lip fighting with every last ounce of mental strength not to give Beth what she wants to hear. Beth however has already made her do so much against her will and Kelly doesn't want to think of the humiliating consequences that Beth will force upon her if she doesn't give in.

"Ok, ok I want to cum," Kelly whispers in a voice so soft not even the front row fans inches from the announce table can hear her.

"Speak up Kelly," Beth demands letting go of Kelly's wrists grabbing her pink nipples roughly twisting them between her fingers.

Kelly screams as Beth twists her nipples roughly pulling them upwards arching the former gymnasts back. Kelly's nipples are being pulled in the air pulling her back off the table as her screams fill the sold out arena. Twisting and pulling harder Beth has a sick grin on her face as she tortures Kelly's nipples getting the sexy blonde to scream at will.

"Now say it you little bitch or I swear I will pull your little teasing tits off and hang them on my wall," Beth threatens.

Kelly groans as Beth loosens her grip on her nipples and her voice still high and pain filled squeals "Please make me cum Beth I need to cum."

"Louder," Beth orders squeezing Kelly's nipples again getting a fresh scream from the humiliated blonde.

"OH PLEASE BETH MAKE ME CUM I NEED YOU TO MAKE ME CUM BETH FINGER FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM," Kelly screams deeply humiliated at having to do it in front of so many watching people.

Beth laughs letting go of Kelly's nipples looking around at the screaming fans all of whom are amazed and excited at the pure smut coming from the good girl's mouth.

"So dear sweet Kelly wants to cum just like she does with all the boys and staff backstage," Beth fires yet another cheap shot at the rumours of Kelly's slutty attitude backstage.

Kelly could cry as she moans bucking her hips again, "Please Beth stop it just do what you want please I want to cum."

Beth can't help but laugh at Kelly weak and desperate begging for an orgasm, "Its ok Kelly I will make your slutty little body cum but first I want to feel what most people backstage have felt."

Kelly aches her eyebrows confused looking up at Beth wondering what crazy turn the powerful blonde has taken now.

"I want to feel those sweet lips and tongue I want the same treatment all the head office guys have gotten Kelly, I want you to suck me off," Beth grins as the crowd erupt with noise.

Kelly's face drops of all the things Beth has done to her to hear that from Beth's mouth is so shocking. The big grin on Beth's face is scaring Kelly too as the Glamazon has made a deeply upsetting request. Kelly hopes her family has long since turned the TV so as not to see her looking like this. The naked Kelly hangs her head trying not to look at Beth or hear the loud cheering fans all getting a free porn show with their favourite Divas.

"Lick me Kelly come on I know you have never done it before but still I've heard from backstage that your lips are the best so eat me out," Beth smirks her grin can't get any bigger seeing how uncomfortable Kelly is.

"No I can't please Beth I don't wanna, I can't I don't like woman please Beth," Kelly begs as Beth ignore her reaching behind her neck unclipping the back of her bodysuit.

Fans and Kelly watch the powerful Beth kicking off her wrestling boots and slowly pulling her outfit down exposing her well-built ultra-fit body. The body suit peels down past her already exposed breasts showing off her thick 6 pack showcasing the fact Beth has such a hot toned nearly goddess like body. Even a scared Kelly can't take her eyes off Beth's curves and all the blonde's big brazened muscles as she works the tight material down past her hips. Beth's black panties are exposed as she squeezes and squeaks the tight latex material down past her powerful thighs. Most men in the audience have to drool at watching the sexy Beth strip off exposing a body almost entirely made at the gym. Beth works her suit down past her knees then kicking the rolled up bodysuit off her feet and stands on top of the announce table clad in just a pair of black panties that barely cover her big toned ass. Beth seems totally confident and unabashed at her near nudity while Kelly is still meekly embarrassed her arms pointlessly wrapped against her sore chest. She is almost in awe of Beth and amazed with the ease Beth managed to attack her, strip her and sexual play with her body. Kelly has never been the biggest or the best but Beth had played with her body like a doll and total outclassed her. Now in the presence of this all power all conquering Diva Kelly can't help but feel little in the shadow of the Glamazon. Beth grabs her panties and pulls them down revealing her well shaved and shining wet pussy to the stunned WWE Universe. Kelly is shocked at how relaxed at her own nudity Beth is while she the model is trembling at being nude and played with like a sex toy in front of all these people. Beth grins as fans take pictures of her stunning fit nude body as Kelly curls up knowing what Beth will ask and in her mind Kelly wonders if she can refuse such a strong beauty.

"Come on Kelly eat me, relax bet a slutty tramp like you will end up loving it," Beth taunts dropping her weight back onto Kelly's mid-section pinning her to the desk once more.

"Please Beth no you can have the title, you can have my money and my job please, please don't make me lick you I'm a good girl I don't do things like that," Kelly pathetically begs.

"So you're a good girl that just sleeps her way through men rather than woman, That's even worse Barbie at least I fuck for pleasure, you fuck for a better job and more money that makes you a whore," Beth spits the anger at her misused career and Kelly's easy climbing up the ranks spilling out of her.

"Yes. Yes ok I'm a whore I'll say it I'm a whore just please don't make me eat you out in front of all these people oh please Beth," Kelly begs, her eyes leaking with fresh tears as she stops struggling to beg the big Glamazon to spare her.

Beth doesn't listen as she slowly crawls her way up Kelly's tanned and spread out body. Kelly is disgusted as Beth's sweet dripping pussy moves closer to her face. She struggles harder than even trying to break free but Beth is too powerful as she sits right on the very top of her chest kneeling with both legs pressed against Kelly's airy blonde head.

"You are gonna eat bitch and guess what you will love it," Beth says grabbing the back of Kelly's head and pushing her forcefully into her pussy.

Kelly closes her eyes holding her mouth shut too as her pretty face is pressed right into Beth's crotch. The muscly blonde moans as she feels Kelly's resisting face pressing against her wet pussy lips. Beth lets out a soft groan of pleasure feeling Kelly's lips against her sensitive area. She pushes Kelly's head deeper in between her legs and for all Kelly's crying and struggling she can't get Beth off her or move her head away from Beth's snatch. The blonde goddess is really grinding her pussy right into Kelly's face probably staining the model's poster selling face with her leaking pussy juices. Beth rocks her hips really grinding her cunt into Kelly's face but much to her annoyance Kelly isn't responding by using her tongue or even kissing Beth's pussy. Kelly keeps her eyes closed tight wailing between her closed lips trying to ignore her body's lustful reaction to the sweet smelling juices rolling down Beth's thighs. Beth is rocking her hips harder trying to get a response from Kelly with the cute blonde's whole head trapped between her legs.

Fans are cheering loudly all taking the amazing picture of Beth Phoenix sitting on the face of Divas champion Kelly Kelly. Grinding her dripping wet pussy into Kelly's face is fun but Beth wants more, she wants her little Barbie doll slut to give her good oral like she expects from all her conquests. Kelly groans as she is being smothered, her good looks totally obscured by Beth's shaved pussy. The Glamazon pulls harder on Kelly's blonde hair trying to get some pussy licking from the first time lesbian but Kelly isn't budging. Beth turns half her body around to stare at the rest of Kelly's naked body. Taking her free hand Beth slaps it backwards cracking her palm into Kelly's gut. Kelly yelps as Beth slapped her belly, her mouth opens for the tiniest second and Beth's pussy grinds over her open lips and teeth. Some of her pre cum drips from her swelling lips into Kelly's open mouth and the tanned blonde closes her mouth quickly disgusted and ashamed with herself for tasting a woman live on TV. The worst and most embarrassing moment of her life only worsens when Beth's free hand trails from her belly down between her legs. To have Beth's fingers go over her wet pussy lips again makes Kelly shiver with lust and fear wondering what the face sitting blonde is up too. Beth's hand slaps down on Kelly's soaking and sensitive pussy lips making her groan as Beth rocks her hips again. She grinds harder but Kelly still isn't giving anything like the oral Beth expects from bitches she likes to fuck.

Growling Beth pulls back on Kelly's hair moving her face away from her pussy, "Now listen you fucking whore you are going to lick me out or I swear I will tease your pussy for hours until you are broken and begging to be my pussy slave, UNDERSTAND!" she threatens ramming a finger and swirls it around Kelly's cunt.

Looking frightened Kelly nods sticking her tongue out as Beth moves back round to fully sit on Kelly's face. Both hands grab her long mane of hair and force Kelly's head back between her legs. Scared by Beth's threat which Kelly doesn't want as the thought of Beth teasing and pleasuring her for hours is just too horrible for her to think about. The second her head is back between Beth's legs, Kelly lets her mouth open instantly rubbing her pink tongue against the bigger blonde's cunt. Beth makes a loud moan as Kelly's tongue and lips touch her horny pussy and her fantasy of making the little tease her bitch is starting to come true. Kelly's tongue is sloppy licking around Beth's cunt lips occasionally flicking inside and tasting her flowing juices. Kelly is glad Beth can't see the disgusted sick look on her face as she tastes the Glamazon's cum. The WWE Universe is in a state of shock at the live and totally unforeseen HLA performance acted out in front of them.

Sweet innocent Kelly Kelly is eating out Beth Phoenix even if she was forced she is still soaking wet and with her tongue right up the pussy currently sitting on her face. They watch Beth moan while bobbing up and down, rolling her hips around grinding into Kelly's hot face much like the way Kelly shakes her ass into her opponent's face in the ring. The crowd cheering only turns Beth on more as Kelly's tongue is pushing into her cunt and stays there meaning Kelly is now properly licking her out. Kelly is just trying to get this ordeal over as fast as she can, her lips sucking and kissing Beth's outer pussy lips as her tongue pistons against her inner pussy walls. Beth giggles thinking Kelly must be a natural as she bucks her hips harder getting more turned on and closer to her own orgasm. Kelly's tongue probably isn't hitting the right spots but the erotic though of cock tease Kelly with a face full of pussy is driving Beth on more. She never guessed dominating Kelly in front of everyone would be this erotic as she gets close to the end her pussy flowing with pre cum and Beth's moans are growing in volume too. With her head tucked tightly between Beth's legs Kelly can't hear her moans or the fans screams all she wants to do is too keep licking ignoring her body's hot feeling and the fact she is starting to enjoy the sweet female juices running down her throat. Beth grips her hands tighter in Kelly's hair bucking her bare cunt into Kelly's face and moving tongue. Getting the same oral pleasures many WWE higher ups got but doing it live on Raw with a worldwide audience around to see her break Kelly brings Beth to her climax much faster than normal.

"OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM FUCK KEEP SUCKING Kelly gonna cum, gonna cum all over your pretty blonde face," Beth screams holding onto Kelly's hair as she has a long overdue and massive orgasm.

Kelly shivers with disgust feeling Beth rocking faster before screaming out loud and Kelly only works out what is happening when it's too late. Beth's cum flows fast and hard drenching Kelly's tongue and cascading down her open mouth before the blonde can even blink. Kelly is taking her first cum load from another girl she tastes it, swallowing it all up as her head is locked in a vice grip between Beth's knees. She starts crying again hating the fact she likes the taste of Beth's cum but worst are the principle the methods Beth used to teach her this added to the fact she isn't a lesbian ruin it for Kelly. Also making it worse is 15 thousand people and millions more at home just watched her become a pussy licker and female cum drinker. She hates to think how many loads similar to Beth's have just been shot to her ordeal around the world. Beth's cum overflows from her mouth onto her lips and probably spills over her face as Beth finally slides off her still shaking in the warm post glow of a massive orgasm. Kelly gasps at fresh air and gags trying to spit up any cum she swallowed but can't as a close by camera gets a good close up shot of Kelly's face speckled with little drops and smears of cum. With her naked sweaty body and already deeply wet pussy now with a face full of cum Kelly looks more like the backstage slut everyone has heard rumours about.

"MMMMMMM wow I can see why you are champion Kelly that little slut mouth of yours is a delight," Beth says lying back on the table dipping her fingers into her juices.

Kelly just looks sick thinking of the embarrassment this will cause her home life, her career and everything else. Worst of all for Kelly is despite being forced and hating this ordeal Beth has made her horny and tasting all that cum has not damped her own sexual excitement. This for Kelly is the worse night of her life all she wants now it to go back to her hotel, curl up in bed and stay there till people forget about this night. Kelly ignores the soaking wet lusty feeling in her groin and turns to try and get off the announce table. As she rolls away Beth's hand shoots out grabbing her by her ankle. Kelly squeaks as her ankle is grabbed and she is rolled back on top of the announce table with Beth soon rolling on top of her.

"Planning to escape Kelly? Well you can't go yet I have too many fun things planned for you," Beth whispers, her body pressed into Kelly's.

Kelly whines hearing Beth say that and with the added disturbing measure of having the Glamazon's naked body pressed against her it is taking all of Kelly's last inner strength not to scream out and cry like a baby. As Beth's massive breasts squash her own Kelly feels Beth's hand moving down south and the blonde sighs in fear and slight happiness at Beth letting her cum. Kelly's mind is racked with contradicting thoughts as Beth lies on top of her rubbing her free hand against the young Diva's soaking wet pussy. She hates this public sex show and hates it being with another woman yet for all the humiliation and pure domination Beth has shown Kelly can't deny her body's lust filled reaction to it. Kelly isn't given much time to think of anything else as Beth pushes up her four fingers again and slams them right into Kelly's wet hole.

"NOOOOO PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN BETH OHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHHH," Kelly screams her body once again twitching with lust as Beth fingers drive deep into her wet pussy.

Kelly lets out another couple of pleasure filled screams as Beth lies on top of her pumping her wrist back and forth. Her strong fingers slide into Kelly's wet hole filling and teasing her lust filled body. Beth isn't starting slow as her fingers slam full pace into Kelly's pussy curling them around her insides rubbing them quickly up and down her pussy walls. Kelly howls with pleasure as her tired body reacts to Beth's probing fingers in the same way they would to a hard thrusting cock. Beth is finger fucking Kelly hard lying on the blonde with full skin on skin contact. Groaning Kelly can feel her own smaller sore boobs being flattened by Beth's big strong tits. She can feel the sweat of the Glamazon trailing down mixing on her own skin and when she opens her eyes she can see Beth's grinning face inches in front of her.

"How do you like your fucking Kelly?" Beth asks her smile so wide Kelly can see all her bright white teeth.

"Please stop Beth please," Kelly groans as she feels Beth's expert fingers once again bringing her to the edge of cumming while she tries to fight it determined not to give Beth this last piece of pure sexual domination over her.

Beth has already brought her close once and Kelly isn't sure her skinny frame can't take any more sensual punishment. Beth's fingers keep finding her wettest and most sensitive areas and all Kelly can do is moan loudly while she blushes to the camera hovering over her face. The perfectly straight Kelly is being deeply pleasured by another woman's hand and the smile on Beth's face shows Kelly that she knows just how horny and wet the ex-model is. Her cunt is overflowing, her pre cum juices leaking out soaking Beth's fingers and palm as she drives her fingers deeper making sure she gives Kelly the best fucking of her young life. Kelly screams while the fans cheer watching the sexy blonde writhing from side to side against Beth's body as the powerful Diva's fingers bring Kelly crashing onto the edge of a long building climax. Kelly's tight cunt is stretched out by Beth's pumping fingers and Kelly closes her eyes feeling nothing but the powerful pleasure she is being given. Her moans grow louder as live in front of the world Kelly is being pushed towards her first lesbian orgasm. The grin seems stitched on Beth's face as she twists her fingers a little inside Kelly rewarding the blonde with a loud scream and a jolt of pure sexual bliss. Kelly starts tilting her hips up pushing back against Beth's fingers not wanting to be denied another orgasm by Beth's perfect pussy pleasing fingers. Groaning and now unashamedly lost in her own world Kelly moans more as Beth's fingers drive into her soaking wet cunt breaking her completely from cock loving heterosexual to moaning, begging lesbian submissive slut.

Leaning forward a little more Beth gets her lips right next to shaking Kelly's ear and whispers, "MMMMMMM sounds like you love it Kelly, do you wanna cum for me?"

Kelly's moan gets higher in pitch as Beth's warm breath tickles her ear and her teasing suggestion sounds so good to the weary and battered Kelly.

"Come on Kelly I know you want it, you want to let a girl make you cum, you want to do it loud and proud in front of all these people cumming so very hard for a sexy girl like me," Beth moans softly kissing Kelly's cheek as she talks dirty while her fingers pound inside Kelly's pussy.

"Yes," Kelly groans, "Yes I wanna."

"What Kelly, what do you want?" The big blonde teases sliding her fingers inside her as far as they can go.

"I want to cum Beth please, I'm so horny please let me cum please," Kelly begs humiliated at even asking but she is so horny and so close she can't stop herself.

"Good Kelly now I want you to shout it, scream it out so everyone can hear what you want," Beth orders controlling Kelly like a puppet on a string.

"OH PLEASE BETH MAKE ME CUM I NEED TO CUM PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME CUM," Kelly screams at the top of her voice letting the fans cheer wildly at Kelly amazing demand.

Smiling Beth sits up and pumps her hand quickly inside Kelly's cunt happy she just took the first step in properly training Kelly to be a good little lesbian slut. Making her do it in public too will probably bind Kelly towards her even more but for now Beth aims to make Kelly have an orgasm that blows her mind. Beth prides herself in being very good in bed and giving any woman she fucks an orgasm ten times better than any man could give her. This strategy normally meant that the girl she was fucking almost became hers by default as they had nowhere else to go, not able to get the orgasmic high with a man and too scared and straight thinking to try with other girls. Beth can't help but hope she can add Kelly's Barbie doll good looks to her little band of fuckable Divas. Pumping her fingers in fast Beth presses her thumb against Kelly's wet pussy lips as she drives her fingers in deep. Kelly is so wet and sticky Beth can hear the squelching sound of her fingers hitting all that pre cum. She loves how wet Kelly is as her fingers pound in and Kelly's screams only get louder.

"Cum Kelly cum for the sexy woman finger fucking you cum now!" Beth demands as she bunches her fingers together before pressing them hard against Kelly's clit.

Kelly screams as Beth's tightly packed together fingers pleasure her dripping wet cunt, her screams growing louder in volume until finally she falls off the edge and let's go.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK CUMMING PLEASE OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT CUMMMING," The Divas champion screams, Her little blonde body shaking from side to side as Beth finger fucks her to a massive orgasm.

Poor humiliated Kelly is washed away with bliss as she cums hard soaking Beth's fingers which are still pounding into her tight hole. Kelly cries get higher and more incoherent as she experiences a massive body shaking life changing orgasm. Her whole frame is still shaking as Beth slows her fingers down while cum leaks from Kelly's pussy collecting on Beth's hand and in a puddle on top of the desk. Her loud moans and cum face is captured perfectly on camera and transferred to the big screen making sure everyone in the arena and around the world can see Kelly's cum face and watch her post orgasm panting. Sweat pours off Kelly, her blonde hair soaking wet sticking to her as her entire body feels like it has run a marathon. Lying flat out and screaming one last time Kelly finally collapse in the warm glow of her ultra-powerful orgasm that has drained her to the core. A grinning Beth pulls her spunk stained fingers out of Kelly's cunt looking at the cute blonde's juices totally covering her right hand. Kelly gasps flat out with her pussy sore and overly pleasured, she can barely breathe feeling so tired. Everyone in the world just saw Kelly cum from a lesbian fucking and even worse for her they all heard the normally good clean girl begging for it to happen and clearly loving it. Beth rolls a still shaking and moaning Kelly over onto her front showing off Kelly's still red bruised ass. Looking at Kelly's well spanked ass Beth looks happy as she has always slightly dreamed of doing this to Kelly if she ever got the chance. Beth is willing to argue that Kelly has the hottest ass in wrestling and that as a lesbian she has always wanted to fuck it and now live on Raw she has a perfect chance.

Not only does she get a chance to fuck such a hot girl's ass but this should also cement her dominance as the most powerful and unstoppable Diva in wrestling as if she can ass fuck the champion and make her love it then what will stop her from doing that to all her other rivals. She spreads Kelly's ass cheeks with her unstained hand then starts wiping the hand coated with cum all over the entrance to Kelly's ass. Beth is lubing Kelly's asshole up with her own spilt cum wiping her cum stained fingers up and down the crack of Kelly's ass. Wiping Kelly's cum from her palm and wrist onto her fingers Beth slowly presses her digits into Kelly's ultra-tight asshole. Beth rubs and cleans all the spunk off her hand and rubs it off on Kelly's ass coating and lubing up the young Diva's booty. Kelly can only groan weakly her head still light as she can feel something brush and poke her asshole but she is too out of it to do anything about it. Beth finally cleans her hand of cum now it's all over Kelly's ass crack dripping into her tight asshole. She doesn't know if Kelly is an anal virgin but she is sure Kelly will grow to love a female ass fucking. With Kelly's spanked ass dripping in her own cum Beth leans over Kelly's flat out form to whisper in her ear once again.

"This is the bit I love Kelly you had better be awake for this baby," Beth whispers her hand touching Kelly's ass cheek giving it a little squeeze.

Kelly just groans Beth's voice barely making an impression in her messed up head as she recovers from a horrible yet utterly pleasurable experience.

"And what is even better Kelly is that you will grow to love it too," Beth says with almost a super villain smile, "I am going to fuck your sexy ass Kelly Kelly, your ass is mine I am gonna fuck you so good," Beth growls loud enough for the camera to pick up.

Beth moves back off the announce table leaving Kelly flat out face first on the desk as she goes under the ring curtain clearly looking for something. Kelly moans her sweaty body so tired and she can still feel her cum leaking out of her pussy flowing out onto her belly and thighs. Beth comes out from under the ring and to everyone's shock she is with a sex toy. It's a big black 8 inch strap on and the plastic dick looks very thick and the waist straps look well-worn telling people this is clearly one of Beth's best toys. Still completely naked Beth steps into the strap on slowly pulling it up her powerful legs to strap it round her waist. As she does Kelly slowly starts coming around feeling her ass is just at sticky as her pussy but when lifting her head up she can see Beth Phoenix wearing a massive fake cock. Even in her tired and beaten state Kelly can see that Beth wearing a huge strap on isn't a good sign for her. Painfully Kelly tries to pull her tired body across the announce table to escape only to then fall unceremoniously off the side of the desk. Beth looks round and sees her little blonde fuck doll fall off the table and is now slowly crawling across the floor. In no hurry Beth takes her time fixing the big black cock securely around her waist then slowly walks over to a crawling Kelly. Naked, sweating and having suffered multiple humiliations Kelly just crawls with every ounce of strength left in her body wanting more than anything to get away from Beth and this horrible nightmare.

Beth walks behind Kelly grabbing her long blonde hair yanking the tired Diva to her feet pushes her forward under the bottom rope into the ring. Tired Kelly rolls onto her back completely exhausted now knowing her fate is with Beth and that thick 8 inch penis. Beth slides into the ring too rolling Kelly's flat out body into the middle of the ring as the Divas champion whines softly knowing her utter domination and humiliation isn't quite over yet. Kelly is so sore she can barely think with the warm afterglow of her orgasm is still rushing around her body making it impossible for her to even convert any real solid thoughts. With a handful of Kelly's blonde locks Beth has Kelly lying on her front before pulling her up to her knees getting Kelly in the doggy position. Kelly's red and now lubed with cum ass is up in a perfect placement for Beth and her big strap on. Beth kneels behind her hearing the fans roar as their live Diva lesbian domination sex show is going to carry on and include an ass fucking.

"Does anyone want to see me fuck Kelly Kelly's ass?" Beth asks getting a huge roof shaking cheer of approval from the WWE crowd.

The cheers are perfect for Beth as she lines up her fake dick right up against Kelly's bent over exposed asshole. A weak and vulnerable Kelly can only groan as Beth is kneeling behind her spreading her asscheeks staring at Kelly's cute pink hole. She pushes her finger in guessing already that Kelly is tight back there but Beth is torn between wishing Kelly was a no good whore like the rumours say however there is nothing Beth enjoys more than taking a girl's anal virginity. Beth wastes no more time pulling her finger out and moving the first few inches of her thick plastic shaft into Kelly's lubed up ass. Even with the lube it still hurts and Kelly shoots back to life screaming loudly almost pulling her head out of Beth's grip.

"AHHHHHH FUCK BETH NOT IN MY ASS PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS BETH I'M BEGGING PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS," Kelly cries out loud as inch after inch of strap on sinks into her hole.

A few very horny camera men have slide into the ring to capture Kelly's anal invasion as close up as their HD cameras dare to go.

"Come on Kelly relax you have let loads of guys backstage do it why not enjoy it when a girl does it," Beth lies to the anal virgin pushing a few inches more into Kelly's booty.

Her fake cock stretches out Kelly's tight hole slowly thrusting forward though Kelly's pain filled screams suddenly spits out a moan of pleasure. Her soaking wet pussy is still leaking juices all over her lower body and now with both of Beth's firm hands on her hips pumping forward those extreme feeling of pleasure are breaking out of the small blonde. Naked in the middle of the ring being ass fucked by another stronger Diva is a nightmare Kelly would have never even thought possible yet here she is with Beth pushing deeper inside her tight asshole. Her moan is loud again with a hint of pleasure edged in the shout only added to the trauma of this night a night Kelly doesn't think she will ever get over. Beth pushes her 8 inch strap on a little deeper inside Kelly feeling the blonde's ass loosening up as her thick strap on pierces her insides. Kelly groans her entire body shakes with joy with her pussy starting to run extra wet as her ass fucking is amazingly starting to turn her on. Kelly hates herself and her body's reaction to this ass fucking as she moans bitterly to Beth's slow rocking motion that teases her tight ass. Beth loves hearing Kelly's moans, she didn't think the blonde would be so fast to convert to loving anal but it seems she made Kelly hornier than she thought. The feeling of that big fake cock poking inside her ass slowly fucking her is turning Kelly's body on but in her mind Kelly is in no way loving this as she can hear the cries and gasps from the crowd as they watch her being fucked. Beth slowly pulls out then pushes 7 inches of cock deep inside Kelly really stretching her ass out making her scream as Beth dominantly fucks her ass not caring how tight it is as she pushes though it. All the lube that Kelly's cum provided is doing a bit of buffering but not enough for Kelly's liking. She screams again as Beth pulls out and thrusts back in again. Her cute little ass was already feeling hurt from the spanking now it's her asshole being fucked red raw.

Beth pulls out sick of Kelly's screams and drives her thick strap on between Kelly's legs into her warm wet pussy. Kelly gasps as the cock pushes into her pussy hitting her sensitive spots right away making her purr with joy. On her knees in doggy style Kelly just moaned at having Beth's strap on push into her pussy, it's an image and a moment few will ever forget. Kelly cries out with lust again as Beth bucks her hips driving the big strap on deep into the Divas champion. Her lust filled moans only get louder the faster pace Beth moves letting her cock pound Kelly's cum soaked insides. She is driving the strap on deep into Kelly's sloppy wet cunt making the blonde's lusty groans grow as she starts rocking back trying to gain more pleasure from the fucking. Kelly's fingernails grip the canvas as Beth is really fucking her wet pussy good, about as well as any man she has ever been with maybe better. The big black 8 inches of cock is becoming soaked and stained with Kelly's cum as it pushes in and out of her. Beth's hands let go of Kelly's hair moving onto her hips grabbing Kelly's flesh tight as she slides forward moving her strap on all the way into her pussy. Kelly groans, eyes tightly shut as the plastic dick slides all the way inside her filling her wet cunt to breaking point. Her whole body starts shaking, buzzing with hormones and Kelly starts moaning almost panting with pleasure as Beth starts to fuck her hard. Beth slams her hips into Kelly's ass at break neck speed driving in as hard as she can her fake cock pounding Kelly's soft wet pussy.

"OHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWWWWW OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK," Kelly moans losing the ability to think as Beth just keeps pumping inside her wet pussy.

"Yeah come on Kelly millions of people are watching show them how much you love my big hard cock in your pussy," Beth spits thrusting harder taking great pleasure over the deep humiliation and fucking of her untalented rival.

"OHHHHHH YES I LOVE IT MORE PLEASE MORE I'M SO HORNY OHHHHH OHHHHHHH YES AHHHHHHH OWWWW MORE, MORE," Kelly screams with great lust her head bobbing around as she loses control of her body in front of everyone.

"Bet you want it in your sexy ass now don't you Kelly bet you would love these big fat cock inside that ass," Beth taunts pumping in filling Kelly up.

"OHHHHHH NO PLEASE NO OHHHHHHH SO GOOD PLEASE DON'T," Kelly groans fighting a losing battle to retain control as her doggy position pounding is happening live in the Raw ring.

"Come on you know you want it you wanna cum from me pounding your ass, you want me to slam your ass hard until you cum screaming in the centre of the ring," Beth says thrusting into Kelly's pussy harder trying to force the already mentally broken Kelly into doing yet more degrading sexual madness.

"I'm not gonna let you cum until you say it Kelly," Beth teases once again trapping the horny Kelly in an impossible situation.

"Please, please, please I don't wanna be fucked in the ass please Beth please don't make me," Kelly pleads trying to fight the pleasure being given to her by a hard pussy fucking from a fake plastic cock.

Beth pounds in harder really driving in deep to Kelly's pussy really fucking the sexy Diva hard, "Come on say it Kelly say you want it in the ass."

Kelly shakes her head no but moans again with pleasure her body is getting so close to cumming again. She cries and groans but Beth isn't stopping driving harder trying her best to keep Kelly on the edge. Kelly is again fighting her own personal feelings and her body's horny reaction to being pounded by a big strap on. She doesn't want to give up and submit even more to Beth's controlling will but is running out of options as she can no longer deny another woman fucking her doesn't affect or turn her on at all.

"Give in Kelly you want to cum and you want to feel it in your ass," Beth teases again this time going a stage further pulling her strap out of Kelly's soaking wet pussy.

Kelly howls with frustration as without feeling of Beth's cock filling her cunt up leaves her horny and dripping wet. Beth's strap on is now almost completely covered in Kelly's sticky white cum making the big black shaft barely visible with all of Kelly's cum with lots more cum flowing from between her spread pussy lips onto the ring mat. Beth points the thick cock head aiming it right at Kelly's ass hearing the young woman whimper and the fans go wild.

"I'll make you cum Kelly you know I will but you have to say it baby, you have to beg for it," Beth says fully in control teasing the strap on head right up against Kelly's crack.

Poor Kelly is so confused and horny, her entire body an over bubbling pot of emotions as she looks behind her seeing the wide eyed lust on Beth's face. She can hear the WWE Universe roaring at her wanting to see Beth ass fuck her to orgasm. Her own body is filled with lust yet she is so embarrassed thinking what this will do for her career and her life not to mention all her friends and family who will no doubt never look at her the same again. Kelly wants to say no, she wants to scream no but feeling that plastic dick rubbing against her ass and the wonderful feeling it gave her pussy she is finding it hard to resist. Knowing Beth will live up to her word like she did before and tease her until she gives in and does it Beth's way Kelly can't see many other choices.

"Ok, ok you will please fuck me in my ass Beth please make me cum I'm begging please," Kelly groans as she humiliatingly begs in front of a watching worldwide audience.

The crowd cheers as Beth grins, her goal finally completed making the great and overly pushed Divas champion beg for her strap on up her ass. She pushes forward again making her strap on disappear between Kelly's ass cheeks. This time when she pushes inside the slutty blonde moans on impact as Beth's cummed over strap on slides right into her sore but stretched out ass. Kelly body is grateful to be used to Beth's invading member as Beth slides halfway in with ease then pushes out working a slow pace on Kelly's butt. The young Diva lets out a moan rocking her hips back trying to keep her hands on the mat while all she really wants to do is rub her soaking wet pussy. Beth starts to move faster giving Kelly the ass fucking she begged for really pounding forward losing more inches of strap on up her tight hole. Kelly is more relaxed than the first time Beth entered her ass starting to get pleasure from her anal pounding having already ruined so much her decides to let it happen and worry about the backlash later. Her moans are getting louder as Beth drives inside her ass hard Kelly's pussy juices are flowing down her legs making them shine under the arena lights and are leaving a stain on the mat. Beth's hands grip Kelly's hips tighter as she starts pumping into Kelly's ass slamming in hard. She is getting anal pleasure from Beth's hard strap on pounding so Kelly slowly feels herself losing control as her body is filled up with pleasure. The cum soaked strap on pushes forward finally sliding all the way into Kelly making her feel her strap on fully immersed inside her once young virgin asshole. Kelly screams louder losing feeling in her arms falling face first to the mat still on her knees with her well fucked ass in the air. Beth loves it as she pounds Kelly's asshole enjoying the feeling of pumping into the young Diva's ass hoping that now she has had it and totally dominated it Kelly might be more willing now to be one of her bitches giving Beth her body whenever the Glamazon is in the mood.

"OHHHHHHHH YES MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE YES," Kelly screams rocking her hips around from side to side getting more turned on than she ever thought possible with a woman.

"Going to cum for me you little slut," Beth demands driving forward wiping the sweat from her forehead as her hips buck butt fucking Kelly.

Beth drives in harder really pounding the full length of the strap on into Kelly's ass. She fucks the young Diva harder getting louder moans from the blonde who is face down on the mat only hoping her orgasm is coming soon as the rest of her body starts to shut down though tiredness. Pleasure fills her up as Beth keeps driving in teasing the strap on out then slamming all the way 8 inches back into her mostly untouched asshole. She is sore but Kelly is still groaning the pain affected her less as she is ass fucked hard by the dominate Beth. Kelly starts screaming with pleasure rocking back and forth on her knees back against Beth's plastic cock. The blonde's whole body is shaking with pleasure as she is fucked hard taking an ass pounding no one in the arena would think a skinny like girl like her could take.

"OHHHHHH AHHHH AHHHHH OHHHHHH YES OH YES OHHHHHHH YES," Kelly moans loudly sweating hard feeling so close to Beth as Beth butt fucks her.

"You like my cock Kelly you love cock don't you?" Beth says smiling as Kelly nods showing the world how much she loves cock.

"PLEASE BETH I WANT TO CUM PLEASE OHHHHHH PLEASE SO GOOD I'M SO HORNY," Kelly cries begging to Beth to let her cum becoming so submissive now to the will and fucking power of Beth.

"Yes you're gonna come for my big cock, my big fat cock up in your ass," Beth says as she pounds in really nailing Kelly's sexy ass happy that Kelly has finally embraced her role as sexy submissive Glamazon.

"UHHHHHH UHHHHH OHHHHHH OHHH OH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH," Kelly just moans making no sense as her body shakes cum flowing down her legs from her pussy.

She is so horny bucking her hips back against Beth who starts fucking faster. Beth is moving fast really pounding in going as fast as she was fucking inside Kelly's pussy. Beth's hips thrust back and forth filling up Kelly's ass pumping in fast driving in hard bringing Kelly closer to the edge. Kelly groans with joy fully relaxed letting Beth pound into her ass bringing her so much amazing pleasure. Beth smiles as she pounds forward driving into Kelly's bowels slamming in fast as she can hearing Kelly call out loud enough for the entire arena to hear.

"OHHHH GOD OHHHH GOD OHHHHHHH YES I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING BETH PLEASE I'M CUMMING," Kelly screams as she starts to cum surrendering her body totally to the Glamazon.

The whole arena and the worldwide TV audience watch as Kelly Kelly famed girl next door type woman's champion cums from taking a hard anal fucking by a fellow Diva. Kelly rocks back her body exploding into a full mind numbing orgasm, cum squirting down all over the ring mat as Beth drives into her booty. Beth grins as she feels Kelly shake with orgasmic joy cumming loudly making a big mess but is making an amazing Raw moment. Beth slows down as Kelly keeps moaning, her cries are getting softly as she comes down from the heights of her jaw shaking second orgasm. Kelly moans one last time her head feeling so light and her body so tired she just needs sleep as Beth slows down her hard anal pounding. Pulling out of her ass slowly Beth lets Kelly drop to the mat seeing the little baby doll is fast asleep. The blonde has a big smile on her face as a naked, sweaty Kelly is out cold sleeping in her own spunk. Still wearing her strap on Beth holds her arms up in the air taking a cheer from the amazed WWE Universe. She just made Kelly Kelly cum twice and made the sexy Diva beg for a live anal fucking. Overall Beth knows she has shown her dominance and truly left her mark on Kelly and the Diva division as she leaves the ring with a naked sleeping Kelly still curled up in the centre of the ring. Kelly Kelly just got her first lesbian experience live in front of millions of fans and shown too many more on the internet hours later, Kelly's life has changed forever as she was just made Beth Phoenix's bitch. Beth Phoenix just made the Divas champion a little sex slave, she nailed Barbie good and can't wait to get her title match with the now well fucked Kelly. Beth walks away happy having shown her extreme dominance over another Diva having made the blonde Barbie slut her fuck toy. The WWE Universe is just happy for the free sex show and the chance that this mistress lesbian dynamic will be a storyline that is not only long running but sticks to the clear rated adult content they were all happy to witness.


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