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You're Not What I Thought You Were Part 2
by MTL (

Paige was aware she should be happy. She was the first ever NXT women's champion, cementing her place in the organisation and earning the respect of her peers. She also had something which made her more happy than she could have ever imagined, namely a girlfriend. And yet the same reasons she should be happy were currently making her miserable. After all, she had just finished roping together two single beds because WWE Management didn't care what their divas did behind closed doors, but God forbid anyone should learn that Paige and Emma was so much more than reluctant tag team partners. The same went for many of the divas, but while those sluts were just having casual sex Emma and Paige were in a committed relationship, yet they couldn't get a room with a nice big double bed.

It was different when they were still both full-time members of the NXT roster, but now if Paige wanted to fuck her girlfriend she had to go through this bull-shit, which was sadly foreshadowing her future. If she even made it to the main roster. Because people might be smiling at her now and telling her soon, real soon, but there were no guarantees in life and Paige knew how easy it would be to say the wrong thing in an interview or just to someone backstage and end up fired or stuck in development forever. The latter of which would have been fine by Paige a few months ago, but not now Emma was on the main roster.

Taking a deep sigh Paige sat on the bed of the tiny hotel room and started looking through the pictures on her phone of herself and Emma like a lovesick teenager. It was amazing how many pictures she had of this girl she had until recently insisted she didn't like, but Paige just couldn't stop. Emma was her complete opposite in just about every way, but somehow they just worked. The differences ended up either changing each other for the better or simply complimenting the other. Like Paige's dark humour was rubbing off on Emma, and Emma's energetic personality was rubbing off on Paige, while their mutual passions for wrestling and lesbian sex was things they were constantly sharing.

Paige had been fucking other girls for years, but there was just something about Emma which made every time special. Ok, so part of it was obviously Paige's feelings for the beautiful blonde, however Paige had never met a girl quite so enthusiastic to be with specifically her, and that was almost painfully addictive. Or more accurately was painful when Paige wasn't getting her fix, the brunette honestly feeling like a junkie right now as she was itching for a fix of her girl.

Just then Emma opened the door and hollered, "Honey, I'm home."

Still in a bad mood Paige didn't look up from her phone, "I can see that."

Emma pouted and, after making sure the doors were securely locked behind her, asked, "What, don't I get a hello kiss?"

Paige sighed, put her phone down and then crossed her arms, "I hear you're going to Wrestlemania."

This time it was Emma's turn to sigh, the blonde rolling her eyes before throwing her things down and grumbling, "Yeah, in a match featuring the entire divas roster. Meaning it will be a huge cluster-fuck no one will remember or care about. I don't want to win the diva's title like that. Not that my chances of winning aren't slim at best."

"Hey!" Paige yelled softly, jumping off the bed and strolling over to Emma, "You could totally win."

"I don't know." Emma mumbled, looking down.

"Hey... HEY! Look at me!" Paige insisted, gently pulling Emma's chin up, "You're smart, and quick, and strong, and just all around awesome. If you have a chance to win the title, no matter how much the situation sucks you have to try."

"I know, but-" Emma started.

"No buts." Paige forcefully said before sighing, "I know I haven't been the most supportive girlfriend, it's just that I'm-"

"Jealous?" Emma offered, and then when Paige gave her a look added, "Well you are, aren't you?"

"Maybe..." Paige begrudgingly admitted, before pulling Emma close, "I just want both of us on the main roster, where we belong."

"Let me guess, with you as the champion and me as your bitch?" Emma teased.

"Well... I'll give you a chance to beat me." Paige grinned, leaning in closer, "And no matter what happens you'll always be my bitch."

"Yeah I will." Emma agreed gleefully before Paige closed the distance between them and gave Emma the kind of kiss which made her entire body tingle, and that was before Paige added her tongue.

The 'snog' was kind of gentle by their standards, both before and after the addition of Paige's tongue, the pale girl gently massaging the lightly tanned girl's lips with her own and then doing the same to her tongue. Which was enough to make Emma swoon. Although to be fair Paige really didn't have to try very hard to make Emma swoon, as Emma was easily excitable in more ways than one and she was head over heels for Paige. But Emma would happily challenge any girl to be in the strong arms of the person they loved and not be really distracted, which was her excuse for barely noticing her clothing was being removed.

She did notice that Paige was stripping herself, Emma doing what she could to make sure that both of them ended up in the centre of the room completely naked and kissing in practically a matter of seconds. It was impressive because while being able to strip quickly was practically a requirement for a WWE diva Emma had always been awkward and clumsy in her day-to-day life, yet in this moment she was relaxed and effortlessness helping her partner in crime, Paige flashing her sexy smile in between their increasingly frantic kisses.

By the time they were both on the bed Paige's tongue was ravenously bullying Emma's into submission, the blonde happily letting the brunette have her way with her. That included Paige grinding down against her very pleasantly, then finally breaking the kiss and scoot herself upwards so she could press her luscious tits into Emma's face. Taking the hint Emma wrapped her lips around the offered nipple, licking and sucking it enthusiastically until page moved slightly so she was 'forcing' the other nipple into Emma's eager mouth.

For a long while Emma was living in boob heaven, then Paige lifted herself up and positioned her pussy over Emma's face. This meant that the Australian barely had time to look disappointed before her eyes went wide with delight, Emma reaching out to grab Paige's ass and pull her girlfriend the rest of the way down on top of her. If they had been in the middle of the diva's locker room Emma might have thought twice about that as she wouldn't want to undermine Paige's authority over her or the rest of the NXT divas, however in private she could normally get away with these little acts of defiance by jumping the gun and start eagerly lapping away at the yummy treat now pressing against her face.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhh Emma!" Paige moaned happily as her girlfriend went to work on her womanhood, "Mmmmmmm that's it, munch my muff! Eat that pussy you filthy little queer girl, ohhhhhhhhh, don't tease me, eat me! Eat me! More, harder, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, get to work carpet cleaner! Mmmmmmm, we both know a little dyke slut like you can do better than that. Oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk, we, mmmmmmmmm, we both know what a pussy craving lezzie whore you are, mmmmmmm, but why don't you go ahead and remind us both. And remind me why I love that tongue sooooooooo much mmmmmmm Gawwwwwwwwd!"

As eager to please as ever Emma immediately gave Paige what she wanted, sort of. She squeezed her arse and pulled her down on top of her while pushing her own face upwards, Emma practically smothering herself in Paige's cunt. The blonde also took the precaution of wrapping her lips around the entrance to the brunette's sex so that any precious liquid which escaped from Paige's love hole would pretty much flow directly down Emma's throat, the submissive diva able to suck as well as lick the pussy of the dominant diva, something Emma did with a wonderful amount of enthusiasm.

However it wasn't plunging her tongue, or possibly a finger or two, into Paige's cunt and hammering her fuck hole until she came, something Paige knew Emma could do with these if she wanted too. Of course it wasn't that Emma didn't want to, Paige could tell that her girlfriend was aching to taste her cum. She was just being a good little submissive bitch and waiting for her Alpha female to say the word. And as Emma took a particular interest in her clit it became increasingly difficult for Paige to resist giving the order.

Of course Paige didn't have to resist giving that order. She was very much in charge here, being Emma's top and the first ever NXT women's champion/first ever Alpha female of NXT. Plus Emma had made it very clear how she felt about her, even flat-out telling Paige several times that she would do anything for her. However Emma was such a fantastic muff diver it would be a shame to not at least take a few minutes to enjoy her gentle tongue work before ordering her to fuck her with it.

Still, Emma was so talented at this Paige ended up having to bite her knuckles to prevent herself from ordering her girl not to make her cum in those first few minutes. It was also to help her not to reach down, grab a handful of that pretty blonde hair and shoving Emma's face deeper into her cunt, or her grinding her twat down onto the other girl, or both, Paige moaning into her hand as she imagined it. Of course they won't fantasies, they were memories, Paige smiling softly to herself as she tried to count all the times she had ridden Emma's face, and failing miserably.

Most of the time Paige like to just lay back and let Emma take her place in between her legs and do what came naturally to her, but sitting on another girl's face was such a wonderfully simple and pleasurable way to show who was in charge, and she knew for a fact that Emma loved it. So Paige allowed them both a few long minutes to enjoy this position, savour every long slow lick of Emma's tongue against the lips of her pussy, then the English girl grabbed the Australian's hair pulled it upwards and started grinding her love box down onto the pretty little face of her submissive bitch while frantically yelling at her.

"Tongue me bitch! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh fuck, that's enough of the slow and gentle shit, get that tongue up my twat! Mmmmmmmm, tongue fuck me you little dyke, tongue fuck me like the lesbian slut you are Fuck meeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!" Paige squealed with joy as Emma did as she was told, "Yesssssssss, oh yes, yes, yes, oooooooooh yeeeeeeesssssssss fuck me! FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd you beautiful little dyke, mmmmmmmmmmm, my beautiful little dyke, oooooooooh yeah, you're my dyke Emma! My muff diver, oooooooohhhhhhh, my nasty little carpet muncher, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, my pussy lovin' queer girl who can't get enough of my cunt! Oh yea, fuck me Emma, fuck me with your queer girl tongue, oooooooohhhhhhhhh shit! Oh Emma!"

Emma loved it when Paige said her name during sex. It was a really common occurrence, as was the trash talk Emma equally loved. It seemed practically as mandatory as the constant oral and butt sex itself within wrestling locker rooms, but there was just something special about hearing her name. She couldn't put it accurately into words, but Emma really love the fact that even as she became incoherent the one word Paige constantly screamed was her name. That and a bunch of swear words, but it was her name Emma heard loud and clearly.

It gave her yet more motivation to tongue fuck Paige, like she needed one, Emma gradually picking up the pace of her tongue thrusts until she could feel the other girl trembling against her lips. Then it was Emma who took a few minutes to savour this heavenly situation. To savour her girlfriend tightly pressed up against her and trembling, her cunt covering her face until all she could smell was pure Paige, her mouth constantly filled with pussy juice and her face covered in the stuff as she tried and failed to swallow everything the other diva had to offer.

Then, honestly a little reluctantly, Emma curled her tongue just right so that she hit Paige's clit, the NXT women's champion throwing her head back and letting out the type of primal scream she did during her entrance as she squirted all over Emma's face and down the Aussie's throat. Again Emma swallowed what she could, partly to keep herself from drowning or suffocating, but there was just so much girl cum and Paige spent the entire time frantically grinding against her.

Of course Emma had known she was fighting a losing battle, and that was ok. She liked being marked by the other girl, the girl cum now covering her face a sign of Paige's dominance, the Alpha female of NXT marking her bitch as her territory. Plus Emma would be able to lick up at least some of the cream, and the rest would enhance the experience of being butt fucked by the pale girl. Best of all when Paige got like this it was very easy to make her experience multiple orgasms, Emma using every trick she knew to make her girlfriend cum for her again, and again, and again.

Each of those orgasms was fantastic, part of Paige considering just letting Emma use her talented tongue to fuck her into unconsciousness. It wasn't the first time Paige had considered it, and it probably wouldn't be the last, and one-day Paige might actually give in to that temptation. But it was unlikely, and it certainly wasn't going to happen today, because Paige wanted to give her beloved Emma some orgasms in return. More importantly she craved the blonde's arse, and there was no way she wasn't getting a piece of it.

So when she started feeling faint Paige tore herself away from Emma's mouth before collapsing on top of the other girl and licking some of her own cum from her girlfriend's face like a puppy, Emma joyfully giggling and hugging Paige to her as she did this. She then returned her attention and her lips to Emma's mouth, only this time she used her upstairs lips instead of her downstairs lips, pushing some of her own cum down the blonde's very willing throat before getting lost in the passionate kiss which felt like it lasted several hours, the two wrestlers grinding against each other frantically as they became lost in this latest sign of affection.

After who knows how long Paige broke the kiss and practically growled in her girlfriend's face, "Flip over! Mmmmmm, give me that hot arse of yours. I wanna lick it before I fuck it!"

With a happy smile Emma did as she was told, Paige naturally moving off of her so her fellow wrestler could turn over and lift herself up onto all fours, Emma presenting Paige with the cute little arse she had become completely obsessed with lately. Emma even wiggled it. Wiggled that cute little butt pretty much directly in Paige's face, something that Emma knew was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, Paige having no choice but to charge. Although instead of several other times where she had just buried her face in between Emma's cheeks straight away Paige at least had the presence of mind to dip her mouth downwards and start with her lover's clit, Paige allowing her tongue to linger on that sensitive bundle of nerves before she moved her tongue upwards.

She lingered again on Emma's entrance, almost ramming her tongue inside several times, then she moved upwards to her final destination. It wasn't quite as tasty as Emma's pussy, but eating out her bum hole gave Paige a nasty thrill which almost couldn't be matched. Sure, it felt a little bit submissive, but that was counteracted by the knowledge that she would soon be ramming a dildo deep into that hole, Paige grinning against the soft flesh as she kept her eye on the prize.

It certainly didn't escape Emma's mind what was about to happen to her, and honestly it made her shudder with delight. She knew she should be ashamed to love something so perverted and dirty as being fucked up the ass, a humiliation wrestlers weren't supposed to love, but she couldn't help herself. Emma loved the feeling of a cock in her ass, and the tongue was almost just as good. Partly because it was a wonderful sign of things to come, but it also felt really good in its own right. With a couple of fingers buried in her cunt at the same time she could even cum, although she was sure this time round Paige would be satisfied with nothing less than making her cum through strap-on butt sex, and that was just fine with Emma.

Until then Emma was happy to keep her ass in the air and let Paige eat it all she wanted, the Brit pushing her tongue as deep into the Australian's butt as it would go. Thanks to the constant ass fuckings Emma was now receiving that was pretty deep, the blonde's well loosened welcoming the brunette's tongue as Paige spent several long minutes giving her the kind of incredibly thorough rim job Emma had only ever previously received from this wonderful pale beauty who had completely stolen her heart.

Eventually Paige reluctantly pulled away, slapped Emma's ass roughly, and ordered, "Go and get my strap-on. It's time for me to destroy your bitch hole!"

Quick as always to obey her dominant lover Emma scrambled off the bed and quickly retrieved the strap-on dildo from Paige's bag which had pummelled her insides countless times. For a moment she just held it in her hands and trembled as ass wreckings of the past flash through her mind, then Emma quickly return to the bed where she found Paige laying on her back with an expectant look on her face. Without needing to be told Emma slipped the harness over Paige's feet, kissing each one as she lifted it up to make the process easier on herself, then she pulled the device up the brunette's thighs, her lesbian lover lifting her hips so that Emma could strap the dildo firmly around Paige's waist.

Once it was secure Paige grabbed hold of the cock by the base so she could guide the head against Emma's lips before calmly ordering, "Good girl, now suck it for me. Mmmmmmm, get it nice and wet for your slutty little shit hole. Mmmmmmm yeah, that hole I'm about to ruin again in the name of reminding you who you belong too!"

With a happy grin Emma quickly swallowed the head of that dildo and began bobbing her head up and down, eventually stuffing her throat with a large piece of rubber just like she had been trained to do. To be fair she had given a few blow jobs before she and Paige had hooked up, but now she was submissively sucking strap-on cock at seemingly every opportunity, the brunette barely ever using lube as she much preferred rimming Emma's ass out and then making the blonde deep throat her massive tool, not that Emma wasn't happy to choke herself on Paige's cock every single time her girlfriend fucked her.

The only difference this time was shortly after her lips reached the bottom of the cock Paige called out, "Ok, that will do for an anal whore like you. Now get up here, face away from me and get this cock up your arse reverse cowgirl style! Mmmmmmm yeah, I want my bitch to ride me with her cute little bum hole, show me how much she likes being my personal anal slut!"

Eager to obey, and eager to get that large piece of rubber into her rectum, Emma quickly rolled around on the bed and positioned herself so she was hovering over Paige's weapon of ass destruction. She then reached down to grab the dildo, but her hand was wordlessly smacked away by Paige. Emma glanced back at her lover who briefly glared at her and then Paige dropped her gaze to her strap-on, Emma following suit to see that her girlfriend was already holding the toy cock firmly in place.

Happy in the knowledge that Paige was helping her out Emma lowered herself down until the toy was poking her in the butt, then she reached back and slowly pulled apart her butt cheeks. This was mostly so it would be easier to line up her butt hole with the other girl's fake cock, but she also knew it would mean Paige got a great view of her back hole being stretched and eventually filled by the monster dick currently knocking on her back door. It was a sight that all women in wrestling seem to love, and ever since Paige had taken her anal cherry it was an action which Emma loved feeling.

Even the initial penetration, as painful as it could be, filled Emma with delight. After all, no matter what happened in that moment she was completely submissive to Paige, Emma literally misusing her body because she wanted to please her girlfriend. And as she glanced over her shoulder Emma got to enjoy a now very familiar sight, Paige staring with pure lust and amazement as the blonde's butt hole slowly swallowed the head of the strap-on before beginning to take inch after inch inside it with practised ease, Emma refusing to stop until the entire length of the brunette's cock was buried as deep as it could go into her bowels.

Emma then moaned loudly as Paige ordered her, "Bounce for me love. Bounce up and down on that big cock for me! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, ride my cock! Ride it with that slutty little arse hole of yours. Ride my big dick with the slutty little arse hole I own! Mmmmmm, your arse hole is mine Emma! It's my personal fuck hole, so fuck it for me. Mmmmmm yeah, fuck it on that big cock! Bounce up and down on that big cock, stretch out that booty for my amusement. Show me you understand your place. Show me you understand who your arse hole belongs too! Mmmmmmm, show me you understand that by becoming my submissive little girlfriend you gave up ownership of your own bum hole and allowed it to become a fuck hole for my pleasure. Ooooooohhhhhhh yeah, that's it, ride my girl cock like the lesbian anal whore you are! Mmmmmmm, that's my girl."

As soon as she got her orders Emma started gleefully bouncing up and down Paige's cock, her slutty ass quickly relaxing to accept the massive intruder. Pain turn to discomfort and then to pure pleasure, and while Emma was mostly moaning with sadistic delight at first she soon started riding that cock with more enthusiasm than she'd ever shown one in her pussy not just because it was Paige's cock but because this was the best ride she ever had. Not that she doubted for a second it wouldn't be, after all none of her lovers be they male or female compared to Paige, and after months of non-stop butt fucking she was more than ready for this.

Watching an arse stretch for her was something Paige could never see herself get bored of, but like with everything else it just extra special when it came to Emma. To be fair it wasn't just because Paige was head over heels for the other girl, it was that this women's wrestler was her greatest rival so far in her career, and without a shadow of a doubt she had become Paige's bitch. Paige had spent the last few months gleefully sodomising Emma every chance she got, often in front of the other divas as a silent message. Or more accurately messages. Every time she fucked Emma up the butt in the middle of the locker room she was telling the other divas, if you mess with me, this is what happens to you. If you touch my girl, this is what happens to you. If you so much as look at me the wrong way or dare to look irresistibly sexy, this is what happens to you. And most importantly, it doesn't matter how tough you are if you're an NXT diva I own your arse and I will use it. Anytime, anyplace.

She'd had great fun making sure all those messages were crystal clear to every NXT diva, Paige no longer dismissing anyone as unworthy and instead taking complete control of the NXT locker room and leaving a trail of gaping arse holes in her wake. Even the intimidating Stephanie McMahon had ended up face down, arse up and moaning like a happy little anal whore as Paige had stuffed her arse with strap-on cock and then gave her the rectum wrecking of a lifetime. Stephanie had been so impressed with Paige's butt busting skills that she had promised not only to hurry along the process of her getting on the main roster but contact several former divas and recommend Paige if they were in the mood for an arse wrecking.

For a few moments Paige blissfully smiled as she remembered Stephanie McMahon squealing in pleasure as her well-rounded butt cheeks jiggled against Paige's thighs. Then she refocused on the just as if not more heavenly sight of Emma anally riding her cock, Paige began wondering why she hadn't put the other wrestler in this position sooner. Maybe it was because Emma just look so cute when she was face down, or maybe it was because when taking another woman on all fours it couldn't be more clear who was the dominant Alpha female and who was the submissive little bitch. Maybe it was a combination of both, it didn't really matter.

What mattered was that Paige promised herself that from now on all the cute little divas she had turned into her anal sluts and all of those still yet to learn the joys of her cock in their bums were very soon going to be riding her exactly like Emma was now. Each and every one of them would bounce on her cock, the other women spreading their ass cheeks so that Paige could get the best view possible of a submissive bitch's butt hole sliding up and down her dick like the lips of a professional whore. Or just one of her many lesbian sluts. And of course, there was some delightful variables Paige was eager to try.

For example as much as she always loved Emma spreading her cheeks and exposing just how wide she was stretching her bitch's bum hole out there was something else Paige wanted to see right now, "Faster! Faster! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, Emma, mmmmmmm baby, I want you to move faster. Really bounce that booty on my big cock. Ohhhhhhhh yeah, wreck your rectum for me babe, mmmmmmmmm, wreck it good. Ahhhhh fuck yeah, take your hands off your cheeks so you can really use that gorgeous arse of yours to give my dick a real ride. Oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's it, wreck that arse! Wreck your slutty little arse for me Emma, mmmmmmmm, show me how much you love being my girl! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, show me how much you love being my slut! Mmmmmmm shit, show me how much you love being my bitch! Show me what a good little submissive bitch you truly are by ruining your rear fuck hole!"

Emma felt that by now it had been established that she was a good little submissive bitch, ready and willing to do anything to please the woman who had conquered her. However she was always willing to reconfirm her submission, especially when she would receive more pleasure as a by-product. So she let go of her cheeks, reached behind her to grab the bed sheets and then lifted herself up from her knees to her feet while of course making sure she remained sitting on Paige's lap with 10 inches of rubber stuffing her back passage. Then with this new amount of leverage she started sawing her own ass hole up and down the shaft of her girlfriend's strap-on, Emma crying out with pure bliss as she started eagerly wrecking her own rectum.

It wasn't hard and fast straight away. No, Emma had to build-up to that, but thanks to the build-up she had received like only seconds between establishing a steady rhythm in a slightly different position to hammering her butt up and down the thick dildo with every ounce of her strength. Also thanks to the build-up there was no pain or even discomfort from this anal abuse, and the mind-numbing pleasure which quickly sent her to the edge of orgasm, Emma very quickly finding herself struggling not to cum as she relentlessly bounced her crotch up and down while the rest of her remained more or less in place.

Luckily for her it wasn't long before Paige cried out nice and loudly, "Cum for me babe! Cum for me like a good little bitch with a cock up your arse! Oh yeah, only total anal whores cum from getting fucked up the arse, and since we both know that's what you are, do it! Cum for me. Cum like an anal whore! Cum like a bitch! Cum for me my bitch! Mmmmmm, yeah cum for me!"


While Emma was sure she said a lot more than that, and Paige almost certainly did, she became far too overwhelmed with the amazing ecstasy rushing through her body as she came like only anal sex could make her cum. That amazing ecstasy probably left any words out of her mouth completely incoherent, Emma's mind melting away completely leaving her nothing but an animal selfishly trying to gain more pleasure by hammering her own butt hole up and down that toy cock.

Emma wasn't sure how many times she came, all she knew was that one moment she was frantically riding Paige's dildo, the next she was lying flat on her stomach with her girlfriend on top of her, the NXT women's champion giving her perhaps the most savage rectum wrecking of their butt sex filled relationship. Honestly it was a relief, Emma's muscles ached from doing all the work so now she could just lay in a sweaty heap while Paige used every ounce of energy she had to make sure that Emma's anal muscles were the only part of her body which weren't shown any mercy. Well, that and her butt cheeks which had to be turning red under the constant pounding of Paige's thighs and her butt hole which was being savagely slammed by the English girl's dildo, but those were small prices to pay for her girlfriend's pleasure, and her own of course.

Paige had loved watching Emma anally ride her cock and knew this was going to be a very frequent position from now on. It had only taken so long to do this because Paige was addicted to the feeling of Emma's well rounded yet toned arse cheeks against her thighs, and there was just something about sodomising another woman from behind which felt so primal. Even when Emma was lying flat like this and not in the traditional doggy style position it was crystal clear who the bitch in the relationship was, Paige's body screaming that she was in charge with every bowel wrecking thrust.


Occasionally Emma whimpered something back which sounded like it was supposed to be some kind of confirmation, but right now the exhausted blonde was nothing but an orifice to Paige, so even if she was able to say something coherent and loud enough for her to hear the brunette wouldn't necessarily register it. Which was kind of worrying because Paige never wanted to truly hurt Emma, but the once playful attempt to re-establish her dominance over this now WWE diva had become desperately needy for the still NXT diva. Especially after what happened. True, Emma riding her had meant to be a sign of the blonde's devotion to her, but it only partially had felt like that.

After all, Emma had at least partly been in control during the anal riding, even if she was just the cowgirl with her bum skewered on Paige's prick. Emma was the one deciding just how fast the arse pounding was, Paige left only with the option of ordering the blonde around which technically Emma could have ignored if she'd wanted too. Paige realised now she could have thrust upwards, but somehow she hadn't thought of it at the time and with every thrust her clit was played with so it felt like in a weird way Emma was using her arse to masturbate Paige to climax. Or at least the edge of it, Paige refusing to let anyone, even Emma, have that kind of power over her.

So ravenous with the need to cum Paige had flipped them both over and had very quickly pushed herself over the edge of a wonderful climax while pounding her dildo into the deepest depths of Emma's bowels. She then kept pounding both herself and her girlfriend to multiple orgasms, each more wonderfully satisfying than the last, Paige becoming a savage beast taking her pleasure from her mate. She even sunk her teeth into Emma's neck, upper back and shoulders while digging her nails into various patches of skin, Paige doing anything to mark what was rightfully hers.

Even when exhaustion forced Paige to stop the serious sodomising she continued lazily pumping the other girl's bum, slowly bringing them both down from their highs while methodically growling into Emma's ear, "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!"

After a while Emma called back, "Oh yes, mmmmmm, I'm yours Paige. All yours!"

"Prove it!" Paige demanded, using her last bit of strength to pull her dildo from Emma's bowels and ordering, "Show me that arse! Mmmmmm, show me what I've done to that slutty bum of yours!"

Even with every ounce of her body aching, but especially her ass, Emma lifted her lower half upwards and spread her cheeks, happily presenting her dominant lover with her handiwork. Emma had demanded this of quite a lot of women, most of whom had underestimated her, but making them present their loosened holes had nothing on presenting her own gaping butt hole to Paige. Oh how it made her feel like a total slut, Emma's aching ass hole feeling like it was as wide as the Grand Canyon right now. It was so painful and embarrassing, but it turned her on so much and whatever discomfort she was feeling was totally worth it for the happy grin on Paige's face.

It was also worth it for what she got to do next when Paige commanded, "Good girl, now clean my cock! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, clean my dick of your nasty little arse Emma. Clean it with your fucking mouth! Clean my ass cream coated dick with your slutty little mouth! Mmmmmm, suck my cock clean and prove to me what kind of a twisted slut you really are!"

Having always loved the taste of ass Emma's mouth had been watering at the thought of sucking her own anal cream off the strap-on while it was still pounding her butt. So by the time she got the permission she'd been waiting for she scrambled to turn around and stuff the head of the dildo into her mouth, Emma first ignoring the pain in her ass and then almost forgetting about it entirely once she tasted the sweet flavour she craved almost as much as Paige's girl cum and pussy cream. Literally those were the only two other things which could compare to this, Emma moaning around the cock as she not only tasted her own ass, but the deepest part of her bowels.

This wonderful dildo had pummelled the very deepest depths of her rectum, and now Emma was tasting the fruits of Paige's labour and in the process hopefully showing her girlfriend just how grateful she was to her for taking the time to slam her shitter so thoroughly. And as she looked up to stare lovingly into the eyes of the dominant pale girl Emma got the feeling that Paige knew just how grateful she was, the brunette praising her for her work while the blonde became lost in the heaven which was bobbing her head up and down on that an ass flavoured dildo.

As Emma gleefully sucked every ounce of bum cream from that cock Paige gripped her hair tightly and moaned, "Mmmmmmmm yeeeeeesssssssss, suck it you nasty slut! Suck my cock! Suck my cock clean of your filthy little bum! Ooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd Emma, I love bumming you so much, and there's nothing better after a good bumming session than to have an arse to mouth slut sucking my cock clean. Ohhhhhhhh, and you're the sexiest little arse to mouth slut in the entire WWE. Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck, you're the hottest bitch in the WWE, and I'm so happy that you're mine. Mmmmmmm, I own a total slut, and I fucking love it. Gawwwwwd I love you Emma, ooooooooh fuck!"

Paige said a lot more, but Emma didn't really hear it. She fixated on the 'I love you' which clearly slipped out of the deliriously happy Paige. Sure, they had only been together for a short time and it was probably too early to exchange these three little words, but Emma had fallen head over heels for Paige pretty much the moment they met just over a year ago and every single day she fell for her harder. So, once she had permission, Emma moved up Paige's body and kissed her with every ounce of devotion she had for her, Paige returning the kiss with an equal amount of passion causing the two divas to once again become completely lost in each other before eventually they snuggled together to recover from their latest round of passionate lesbian sex.

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