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You're Not What I Thought You Were Part 3
by MTL (

Paige had done it! She had won the diva's title. She had pinned the champion, AJ Lee, in the centre of the ring and now she was the WWE diva's champion. She was the first ever NXT women's champion and now she was the first ever woman to hold the WWE diva's championship and the NXT women's championship at the same time, in the process of filling her dreams like she could have never seriously imagined. To top it all off she had done it in front of a rowdy crowd who had cheered her on and chanted her name, the arena full of passionate fans from Europe, Canada, Mexico and even her home country England.

Sure, she had tricked a clearly drunk on power AJ Lee into a false sense of security, and she had capitalised on that mistake, but that just meant that she had outsmarted the now former champion. Besides, AJ was still technically the Alpha female of the WWE, meaning that a rematch was inevitable. Then Paige could prove herself the superior woman, first by beating AJ when she was ready and then by fucking her up the arse and taking her place as Alpha female of all the WWE divas, each and every single woman in this business a fuck hole for her pleasure.

The second she got behind the curtain she was practically tackled by her girlfriend, Emma pulling her into a bone crushing hug as tears of joy flooded Paige's eyes and overflow down her cheeks. Time stood still in that moment as Paige first held Emma against her tightly and then forced them a part just enough so she could kiss the woman she was in love with. Emma of course kissed back, somehow knowing just how Paige needed it right now, namely soft and gentle but with just as much passion as when they were practically choking each other with their tongues.

Unable to contain the words any longer Paige broke the kiss and rested her forehead against Emma's before whispering, "I love you."

Emma gave her a beaming happy smile, but before she could say anything the wrestling world demanded their attention again, Paige spotting the camera crew just in time so she could pull away from the blonde. This of course caused a heart-breaking looked to briefly cross Emma's face quickly followed by a relieved one when she spotted the cameras, the Australian diva stepping aside so that her lover could enjoy the moment. Truth be told even though she'd practised her interview for after winning the women's title countless times Paige just wanted to tell the lot of them to sod off so she could celebrate her win with her girl, but they both knew what they got into when they signed up for wrestling.

So Emma waited patiently as Paige cried her way through the interview and then the two WWE divas quickly grabbed her things and left the arena for the safety of their hotel room, as always sneakily holding hands whenever they were sure no one was paying attention to them. In the car and the hotel there wasn't really opportunity to hold hands, so by the time they reached their hotel room they were practically shaking with anticipation, Emma letting out a happy squeak followed by a soft moan as Paige pushed her up against the door and kissed her again, this time with the usual roughness Emma was used to receiving.

Things continued to progress as normal for a little while, Paige stripping herself and Emma of their close while keeping the making out session going as much as possible and then guiding them to the bed. The difference came when, after a few minutes of making out with Paige on top of her the new champion broke the kiss and moved her lips to first Emma's neck and then further south. Not that it was an unwelcome difference, it was just that as Paige's bitch it was Emma's job to pleasure the NXT champion with her mouth, not the other way around. So when Paige started kissing her way down Emma's chest, up her right boob and then took her right nipple into her mouth Emma couldn't help asking why, after she had let out a long moan of course.

"Paige." Emma got out at the end of her moan, before focusing on her words, "What, oh, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Paige asked, grinning as she glanced up at her lover.

Emma blushed, "You don't have too."

"I want too." Paige promised, lowering her gaze as she added, "I, I know I said I wasn't looking for a girlfriend... but, I'm so glad your mine. I'm so glad you changed my mind and became mine, because you make me so happy. And now, the only way I want to celebrate my big win, is by making you happy."

Paige claimed not to be good with words, but she did a great job just then at using them to make Emma melt, the Australian so blissfully happy she barely registered the English girl's lips returning to her nipple. She made Paige happy. And, from her tone, Paige meant more than with the constant sex. Emma almost wanted to tell Paige that was enough for her. That all she wanted to do since she met Paige was make her happy. But if Paige wanted to do what Emma thought she wanted to do who was Emma to deny her champion?

Sure enough after a few minutes going back and forth between Emma's tits, something she had occasionally done while finger fucking the blonde or making her anally ride her strap-on, Paige move to almost completely unexplored territory, namely kissing her way down her chest until she was in between Emma's legs. Emma's heart hammered in her chest as Paige just stared at her cunt for a few long seconds, then finally when her girlfriend stuck out her tongue and licked her pussy Emma cried out in blissful joy, her mind going wonderfully blank for a few minutes as she just enjoyed having Paige going down on her for a change.

Paige loved the taste of pussy, especially Emma's yummy little snatch, however in the WWE bottoms licked pussy and tops got their pussies licked. It wasn't unheard of for a dominant diva to eat some pussy, but it was rare and taboo, and considering Paige was so very close to becoming the Alpha female of the entire WWE with every single other diva on the roster her little fuck toys she couldn't risk doing something like this in a locker room. She hadn't even done it at all when they had first started dating, and while it clearly enhanced Paige's dominance and Emma's submission there were moments when Paige regretted her selfishness.

Every time she tasted Emma's sweetness for example. Oh yes, as Paige slid her tongue over her girlfriend's pussy lips for the first time tonight, quickly followed by her second, third, and fourth lick Paige very much regretted not going down on Emma on a more regular basis. In fact, every other time she had given her more than a teasing lick on the way to Emma's pretty little butt hole they had been engaged in a 69, Emma showing such devotion to Paige's cunt that if it wasn't for all the cream coating her face Paige would have doubted how much her girl was able to enjoy it.

Wanting to make it up to Emma now Paige pressed her face deep into the other diva's cunt, wrapping her upstairs lips around those succulent downstairs lips and beginning to suck them gently in between long slow licks. She also began lingering on Emma's clit and entrance, perhaps a little too soon. Paige had wanted to eat Emma's pussy for hours to show her appreciation for all the times her girlfriend had treated her to such a experience, however nearly as soon as the English girl began licking the Australian girl's pussy she became absolutely consumed by the Aussie's flavour to the point she couldn't control herself.

So Paige licked faster and sucked harder, ravenous for the taste of cunt cream and the even tastier treat of Emma's sugar sweet cum. Everything about Emma was sweet, but especially her cum, Paige's mouth-watering as she thought about tasting it again. Oh, if Paige wasn't so obsessed with becoming the Alpha female of the WWE divas she would be drinking down as much of that cum, and heavenly pussy juice as possible, Paige promising herself at the very least she would go down on Emma more often, because her girl's cunt was even tastier than she remembered. Also, she really felt like she owed Emma some head.

Emma didn't feel that way. Not exactly. She certainly didn't feel like Paige owed her anything. She loved Paige. Paige was her everything, the two now former NXT divas and current WWE divas having seemed to fall head over heels for each other in record time. So eating Paige's pussy was her privilege, Emma really getting off on the fact that she was Paige's personal pussy licker, at the other girls beckon call at night and day with her only source of pleasure being the constant fucks her ass had to take.

However as much as Emma loved being Paige's personal anal whore and cunt lapper it felt really nice to have some attention on her pussy, and Emma certainly wouldn't object to some more of this treatment in the future, especially if Paige continued showing as much enthusiasm. Not in the locker rooms obviously, Paige had a reputation to maintain, and Emma loved the thought of being her Alpha female's favourite bitch, but when they were alone together in the safety of a hotel room or even just in a bathroom/closet Emma would love a pussy licking, as long as she could returned the favour of course.

It was hard to imagine that wouldn't be the case. Paige had often praised Emma's tongue work, and the blonde never fail to make the brunette cum really hard in her mouth and all over her face, so it would be unlikely for Paige to deny her the joy of eating her cunt. In fact Emma could imagine no scenario where she wasn't in between Paige's legs on a daily basis. Even if things had gone another way and Paige had ended up being her bitch Emma was sure she would have sampled Paige's pussy and become addicted. Not that she thought about that often, but the idea of topping Paige was a hot fantasy of hers, especially if she got to fuck her girlfriend's perfect ass.

Before Emma could become too lost in that line of thinking Paige shoved her tongue inside her pussy, causing her mind to go blank. She also let out a deafening scream followed by incoherent whimpers as Paige just left her tongue inside her for a few long seconds. Then Paige slowly started thrusting in and out, literally tongue fucking Emma. In response Emma wrapped her legs around the brunette's head and her fingertips in her hair and then shoved Paige's face as deep as it would go into her pussy, the blonde even desperately grinding her cunt against her girlfriend's face to maximise her own pleasure.

Eventually, after a lot of incoherent screams, Emma found her voice, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Paige, fuck me Paige, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck, mmmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue, tongue fuck me, tongue fuck my lezzie cunt, ooooooooooh Goooooooodddddddddd, oh Paige, I love you Paige, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh God I love you so much! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh you fuck me soooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd, oh Paige! Paige! Fuck me Paige! Fuck my slutty little dyke pussy with your talented little tongue, mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd I love you, I love you, I love you OH GOD!"

Feeling overwhelmed Emma became a broken record, repeating 'fuck me' and 'I love you' over and over again in different combinations with little else except moans, groans, whimpers and cries. Which was pretty normal when Paige was fucking her in the ass, except for the 'three little words' which Emma had been desperately holding in for weeks. Because Emma might have had a crush on Paige since the moment she met her, but lately she'd been finally getting to know the pale brunette which had allowed her to fall completely in love with her NXT rival.

Despite the fact they had known each other for well over a year now their relationship was still only a few months old so Emma had been holding those three little words in until Paige said them first, and now she had Emma felt free. Provided she really had said it and Emma wasn't just delirious with happiness for her secret girlfriend fulfilling her lifelong dream. The fact Paige didn't immediately freak out was a good sign Emma wasn't delusional. Then again normally once a WWE diva started eating a pussy it was all but impossible for her to stop, Emma having certainly felt that way in the past whenever she had sampled one of her fellow divas, and it was definitely how she felt when eating Paige's pussy.

As Paige increased the force of her tongue thrusts and thus pushed Emma closer and closer to her orgasm the bubbly blonde smiled dreamily as she thought how happy she was. Paige had just achieved her ultimate goal in the WWE, they were both now officially on the main roster and most importantly of all they had each other. Paige loved her, and she loved Paige. They could be blissfully happy together while achieving their dreams. Now, if only Emma could fight Paige for her diva's title at a WWE PPV or whatever they were called now things would be perfect. Oh who was she kidding, they already were.

Just when Emma didn't think she could be happier Paige began curling her tongue inside her with every thrust, that extra bit of stimulation only taking to make Emma cum, pure bliss washing over her as she pushed her cunt upwards into Paige's face while mindlessly pushing her girlfriend's head downwards. For someone who was mostly on the receiving end of oral sex Paige did incredibly well, barely flinching at Emma's actions and instead pushing the Aussie to climax after climax, Emma becoming lost in the amazing pleasure Paige effortlessly gave her.

Paige was almost just as lost albeit in the fact that she was frantically swallowing as much as Emma's cum as possible. Then again that could be just her body taking over while her mind soared to cloud nine as she was practically suffocated by Emma's cunt and drowned by all the girl cum. Which was exactly why tops didn't do this, Paige definitely not feeling dominant right now but like a cum drunk bottom desperate to please her top. Paige promised to get herself out of that mind frame later, for now she would concentrated on swallowing Emma's cum, frantically tongue fucking her girlfriend once the cum ran out so she could receive some more.

Thanks to her skilled tongue work, and just how horny Emma now was, it didn't take long for Paige to make the other diva cum for her again. And then again, and then again, and then again, Paige showing Emma's pussy absolutely no mercy whatsoever. Which was the least she could do. After all when the positions were reversed Emma ravenously munched her muffin without complaint for as long as Paige wanted, eagerly tongue fucking the current double champion through multiple climaxes until Paige was ready to destroy Emma's tight little bum hole.

Of course it wasn't entirely out of the kindness of her heart that Paige did everything in her power to make Emma cum as much as possible. No, she couldn't get enough of Emma's cum, and unfortunately for her most of it ended up on her face due to her lack of experience. On the bright side she had been around the block and knew a few techniques to keep her energy up, keep her tongue from getting sore and more importantly to make Emma cum extra hard. That included shoving first one finger, then two into Emma's cunt while sucking on the other girl's clit, going back and forth between that and tongue fucking her girl.

There was something else Paige considered, namely shoving a finger or a tongue up Emma's slutty little arse hole, but she ultimately decided to save that for later. Which reminded her if she wanted to do everything she planned on tonight she'd have to give Emma a break at least momentarily. After all, wrestlers prided themselves on their stamina, but they weren't invincible. Besides, as much as Paige loved eating pussy, and promised herself she would eat Emma's pussy more in the future, right now she wanted to fuck that tight little pussy with something longer, thicker and harder than a tongue.

So Paige very reluctantly pulled herself away from Emma's cunt, shot up the blonde's body for a brief kiss and then grinned down at her, "Wait right here."

Emma frowned in confusion for a second or two as she lifted herself up slightly so she could watch what Paige was doing. Then her eyes went wide as she spotted Paige pulling her big strap-on out of her bag and firmly strap it around her waist, before spitting several times in her hand and then starting to rub that saliva into the dildo as if it was real and Paige was jerking herself off. Emma had to admit that would probably be enough lubrication for her slutty ass hole, but it would still stretch her backside painfully and ruin the romantic mood she had been so enjoying.

So for once Emma offered up a complaint of sorts, even if it was partly a genuine offer, "Would, would you like me to suck your cock?"

"Maybe later." Paige shrugged, enjoying the apprehension on Emma's face for a few seconds before smiling, "From the looks of it, and the taste, your pussy doesn't need any more lube."

"My, my pussy?" Emma stammered.

Paige just grinned wickedly and crawled back onto the bed, Emma easily spreading her legs as the brunette positioned her cock right at the entrance to the blonde's pussy and then pushed forward slowly, Emma crying out as Paige took her cunt and made it hers. Or had she already done that with her tongue? Or did Emma's pussy become Paige's property the moment she gave into her, became her bitch? In some ways it didn't matter, every part of Emma had been Paige's for the taking long before they had gotten together, but to feel the superior woman slide into her love hole filled Emma with almost indescribable joy.

Maybe Emma was so lost in that joy that she was totally oblivious to how long it took the dildo to become fully embedded inside her, or maybe Paige was right and her pussy was just so ready for this to happen that it was the easiest penetration of her life. It was probably a combination of both, but whatever the reason it seemed to only takes seconds for the strap-on to slide to the hilt into her cunt, Emma whimpering happily as she realised Paige's cock was all the way inside her. That Paige was all the way inside her. There was part of Paige inside her meant to be penetrated hole, the other woman taking her as she was a blushing virgin bride on her wedding night.

Just when Emma didn't think it could get any better Paige's eyes locked on to hers, the two WWE divas staring into each other's souls as they savoured the moment. Then one began to fuck the other in the 'traditional' way, Emma's legs instinctively wrapping around Paige's waist and they clung to each other tightly as they began to make love. Which to an extent was what they always did, even during their first time, Emma now having no doubt that Paige felt the same way as she did even back then, however this was so intense. So... real? So wonderful, amazing, magical, Emma never wanting it to end.

Had she known what Emma was thinking Paige would have agreed with the 'they were always making love' part, but not that she never wanted to end. It was wonderful and amazing, but it was just a little to intense for Paige's liking, the Brit overwhelmed by the love and devotion she saw in Emma's eyes as she slowly pumped her pussy. Mostly because she felt the same way, and that scared Paige who had worked her entire life to create a persona of a tough as nails chick who didn't care about anything except winning and putting Barbie dolls like Emma in their place. Ironically she had fallen head over heels for a Barbie doll girl who in reality was as tough as she was.

It was different when she was fucking Emma in the ass. Then it was all about domination, imposing her will on another woman and making her defeated opponent her bitch. Or more accurately reminding Emma that she was her bitch. Somehow Paige always felt powerful when Emma gazed at her lovingly when she was forcing the other girl to anally ride her strap-on cock, and yet that exact same look was now making her feel vulnerable. Even weak, to some extent. Like she was Emma's, and not the other way around. Which wouldn't matter in a normal relationship, but they were wrestlers, both officially on the WWE's main roster no less, and even during this act they could not be equal.

No, Emma was Paige's bitch, and it was up to Paige to remind her girlfriend of that. Perhaps even remind herself that. And there was an easy way to do it too, all Paige had to do was pull her cock out of Emma's pussy and shove it up her slutty little ass. However Paige wasn't prepared to ruin this near perfect evening just because she felt a little uncomfortable, not when she had promised herself that for once she would treat Emma like a princess, not a whore.

So Paige found a gentle way to establish dominance, namely by breaking her contact, lowering her head down and pressing her lips to that of her princess's. More importantly she shoved her tongue into Emma's mouth, Paige conquering that orifice just as she had them so many times before, by bullying the blonde's tongue into submission. Not that Emma put up much of a fight, the seemingly naturally submissive diva surrendering to her completely and allowing Paige to do whatever she wanted with her mouth and pussy, the new WWE diva's champion gleefully plundering those holes with her tongue and strap-on cock for the mutual pleasure of both girls involved. Although ironically as much as Paige thoroughly enjoyed that she did sort of miss the eye contact.

Emma missed it more, but not enough to complain. Then again, she didn't think there could be any universe where she would be remotely hesitant to kiss Paige, especially when the other WWE diva was thrusting a strap-on in and out of her cunt at a slowly increasing rate. For a blissful moment Emma wasn't sure which made her more giddy, the fact that Paige was fucking her pussy with a strap-on dildo with increasing force or that they were both finally on the main roster. Then the moment passed and Emma concluded it was definitely the latter, the Australian diva crying out into the English diva's mouth as her orgasm approached.

Of course this was no nervous teen or clueless bimbo who'd got lucky enough to get her spreading her legs, this was a woman taming stud, a total top, an Alpha female. The next Alpha female of the WWE. After all, Paige had outsmarted and then defeated AJ Lee in just a few minutes, so surely it was only a matter of time before the anti-diva buried her strap-on deep inside AJ's butt and Paige officially took her place as HBIC of the WWE divas. The point was Paige was an expert, and expertly fucked Emma to the edge of orgasm and then kept her there for what felt like an eternity until she finally pulled away and grinned down at her helpless prey.

"You like that Emma? You like having my big dick inside your hot little cunt?" Paige teased her girlfriend.

"Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, oh Paige, ohhhhhhhhh, I love it! I love your dick! Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I love your big dick inside me, I love that big wonderful girl dick inside me!" Emma moaned happily.

"Yeah you do." Paige grinned, "And you know what this means, don't you sweetie? Mmmmmmmmm, you know what taking my big cock all the way inside your pussy means?"

Emma thought for a second, then smiled, "That all my holes are yours?"

"That's right love, all your holes are mine! They are my personal fuck holes which I can use whenever I want, however I want. Mmmmmmmm, especially my favourite hole." Paige grinned, sliding a hand down and around Emma's side, then further down to her backside, squeezing the well rounded flesh before slipping a finger down the crack and rubbing her girlfriend's back hole, "Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, especially this tight little bitch hole. Especially your tight little dick taking arse hole which I love fucking so much. Oooooooooh yeeeeeeeessssssss, I bet you want me to fuck it right now, don't you baby? You want me to stuff my finger up your arse so I can double fuck you and make you cum? Don't you, huh?"

"Oh yes." Emma quickly nodded, "Please make me cum Paige! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, make me cum mmmmmmmmmm make me cum for you by fucking my pussy and ass at the same time. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck all my holes and remind me why their yours. Mmmmmmmmm, remind me why my fuck holes are all yours!"

"You got it babe." Paige smiled while shoving her finger forcefully into Emma's arse, "Now, cum for me. Cum on my cock you sexy bitch!"

It didn't happen immediately, but it happened, partly because of the anal fingering but equally because Paige really picked up the pace of her pussy pumping until she wasn't pumping, she was pounding. Paige was pounding Emma's pussy with her big strap-on cock, eventually giving Emma no choice but to cover that cock in her girl cum. Not that Emma was complaining. Far from it, she was trying to beg for more, for Paige to fuck her harder, for Paige never ever stop. However as soon as that finger entered her slutty, constantly fucked ass hole Emma had trouble speaking, first because she was too busy screaming with pleasure, and then because Paige was kissing her.

Throughout their time as a kinky sex loving couple they'd had several kisses which more resembled fights than signs of affection, but this was the roughest ever, Paige practically fucking Emma's mouth with her tongue the same way she was using her strap-on and her finger to fuck Emma's pussy and ass. Which of course just made this experience so much more intense, and wonderful for the blonde, Emma welcoming this latest edition as she writhed underneath Paige, screamed into her girlfriend's mouth and most importantly came on the other girl's cock. Emma drenched the other female wrestler's strap-on dildo in her girl cum in yet another sign of her total submission to the goddess simply known as Paige, the Australian loving her English girlfriend more with every orgasm.

Paige had wanted to maintain a romantic atmosphere throughout, but she was also incapable of not making her lover cum as hard and as often as possible in a situation like this. She just couldn't help herself, and wouldn't if she could because she loved making girls cum. She especially loved making Emma cum, Paige savouring every adorable sound that the other girl made as well as every tremble and squirt which proved Emma was cumming for her yet again.

As was often the case when Paige was fucking Emma she became so lost in giving the other girl pleasure that her orgasm just kind of crept up on her, the stimulator inside the harness doing its job and pushing her body towards climax even as she was solely focused on Emma's pleasure. When it would no longer be ignored Paige forced herself to wait just like she had trained herself to do, but it was only a matter of time. More importantly while part of her would have liked to spend the rest of the night claiming Emma's pussy as hers she couldn't possibly go a night without sodomising her girlfriend, so Paige eventually allowed her orgasm to wash over her in a sign this was the beginning of the end.

She still fucked Emma through a couple of hard climaxes before switching holes, Paige using that time to make sure each of the other girl's orgasms was powerful as possible/prepare Emma's back hole for the abuse it was about to endure. It helped that since they had gotten together Emma had been taking a minimum of three ass fuckings a day and the previous pussy licking and current fucking had caused Emma's cream to flow down her arse crack and cover most of her hand, meaning that Paige was able to stuff a second, and then a third, and then a fourth finger into her favourite fuck hole.

Because of this, and again the constant anal abuse Emma was made to endure, it was pretty easy for Paige to remove her cock and fingers from her girlfriend's body and then a second later slide the head of that cock into Emma's bum hole, the English girl grinning wickedly as the Australian's eyes went wide at the penetration. Knowing just how Emma would react Paige broke the kiss so she could enjoy her girl's reaction to being anally violated, and oh Emma did not disappoint.

"FUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" Emma swore like she'd never be able to do on WWE TV, "Fuck me, oh God, fuck my ass! Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my ass Paige, shove every inch of your big wonderful girl cock up my dyke ass and fuck it! Fuck me up the ass, ass fuck me, oh Paige! Paige! Paigggggggggeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Emma again tried to say more, to tell Paige exactly what she wanted and more importantly how much she loved her, but she was too overwhelmed by the feeling of her girlfriend slowly sliding inch after inch of long thick strap-on cock into her ass hole. The pain and the pleasure mixed together to create an unique sensation Emma could only feel while being anally penetrated, and it was a feeling she had quickly grown to crave, the submissive diva doing her best to relax her butt and give it up to the dominant diva who rightfully owned it. Oh yes, Paige owned her butt hole, and once again the dominant champion was proving it.

Just before the latest back door violation Emma had been dully aware of Paige pulling one of her legs from around her waist and pushing it up onto her shoulder to give her better access to her ass hole. Paige did the same to her other leg about halfway through the anal penetration, meaning that Emma ended up almost bent in half while her anal ring gripped firmly to half of her girlfriend's cock. Then Paige gave her a wicked grin, and buried the rest of the dildo deep within her bowels with one final mighty thrust, Emma letting out a squeal of pain and pleasure as the deepest available part of her rectum stretch to accommodate Paige's impressive poll.

"That's it baby, take it!" Paige moaned, "Take my big dick all the way! Mmmmmmmm, take it all the way up your tight little arse! Give me that bitch hole!"

"It's yours Paige, all yours!" Emma moaned in reply.

Emma was going to say more, but before she could Paige slowly pulled a couple of inches of dildo out of her ass hole and then pushed back in just as slowly, the WWE diva's champion/the NXT women's champion officially beginning to butt fuck her bitch. Oh yes, Paige was pumping her big dick in and out of Emma's most intimate hole, the blonde wrestler laying back and relaxing so she could actually allow the brunette wrestler to take what was rightfully hers, the fact that her back door was Paige's personal fuck hole filling Emma with so much joy it was almost painful, much in the same way her ass was now full to bursting.

Just like before the best part about being in this position was that Emma could look up into Paige's eyes/face and see the joy there, the pleasure, the determination, the love, and the sheer dominance of an Alpha female dominating her submissive mate. It made Emma so happy that she was obviously pleasing her woman. That she was a good fuck hole for her dominant lover. An orifice for their mutual pleasure, all Emma's physical training and experience fighting in the ring meaning nothing as she was truly conquered property in this moment. The fact that Paige's cock was now in her ass, forcing upon her the ultimate act of submission, made the experience so much more intense and yet at this slow pace it seemed just as romantic as the pussy fucking, especially as the two WWE divas locked eyes and stared at each other lovingly.

Paige found it equally overwhelming to look down into Emma's eyes and see pure submission, devotion and love. To be fair Emma looked at her like that even when Paige didn't have a strap-on firmly planted up the blonde's butt, but it was always so much more intense when Emma's arse hole was stretching for her dick. Not that it was a common occurrence, Paige preferring to ass fuck Emma doggy style to reinforce the idea of the other wrestler being her bitch. It was the same way she preferred to take her NXT bitches, Paige smiling happily as she briefly became lost in the sweet memories of butt fucking the likes of Bayley and Sasha Banks, their juicy asses jiggling as she pounded into them from behind.

Then her favourite piece of ass moaned for her, Paige refocusing on the woman she loved and was currently anally pumping and to her delight discovered that the gentle sodomy was paying off. She could see it in Emma's eyes and on her face, and she certainly could hear it in her moans, groans, whimpers, cries and gasps. Emma's arse had loosened up and now was ready for a serious pounding. The type of serious pounding Paige adored dishing out. However Emma was going to have to beg for it first, and even then Paige was determined to gently butt fuck her bitch until she was ready to begin the serious ass pounding that they both wanted.

As was usually the case Emma anticipated that Paige wanted more fun with her arse hole and didn't say a word, other than a few swear words and Paige's name over and over again. Paige kept waiting to get tired of hearing Emma moaning her name during sex, or just overall tired of this woman who was her polar opposite, but it never happened. Seemingly with every passing second she fell for Emma even more, and hearing her name over and over again just like that drove her to pick up the pace ever so slightly, in turn making her lover moan, gasp and whimper even louder for her.

During this the look on Emma's face/in her eyes became so overwhelming that Paige had to look away. Luckily there were other wonderful sights to choose from, like Emma's big boobs which jiggled with every thrust, down to the blonde's empty cunt leaking like crazy and then further down to her stretched arse hole. Ok, Paige didn't have the best view of the last thing, but it was still visible enough and in combination with everything else Paige promised herself she would be taking Emma's arse in this position more often. After all, she may love doggy style, but a little variety was fun. That was why she often made Emma anally ride her, and it and this experience were definitely why Paige was going to add taking Emma face to face to her normal repertoire.

Emma definitely love this position, although it was hard for her to imagine a position she wouldn't enjoy with Paige. Especially if Paige was fucking her in the butt, part of Emma wishing the other girl would continue sodomising her like this forever. Of course another part wished Paige would fuck her harder, that part slowly growing as the new WWE diva's champion picked up the pace slowly, but not nearly enough for Emma's liking. Oh yes, Emma wanted to be butt fucked hard and deep like the submissive little anal whore Paige had turned her into, that desire overwhelming her contentment and her need to please her dominant lover until she just couldn't help herself.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck me, please fuck me!" Emma whimpered, those words escaping her lips before she finally committed to begging, "Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard and make me cum! Please Paige, mmmmmmmm, pound my slutty little gay butt with your big strap-on cock and make me cum for you. Please? I need it, I need it so bad."

"Convince me." Paige interrupted with a wicked grin, "Convince me how badly you want it, and I'll give it to you."

Taking a deep breath Emma shamelessly begged with all the enthusiasm she could muster, which was a lot, "Please, please, please, please, pleasssssseeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeee! Oh God fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, please fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum. Please Paige? I need it soooooooooooo bad, mmmmmmmmm, I need you to fuck me like only you can. Ooooooooooh, you're sooooooooooo dominant Paige mmmmmmmmmm the biggest Alpha female in all of wrestling. Ooooooooohhhhhhh you were the first NXT women's champion and now you're the WWE diva's champion tooooooooo ooooooooooooh shit, that makes you the undisputed champion of every single WWE diva. Oh yeah, you're the champ. You're the champion of me and everyone else, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me my champion! Fuck me in the ass! Treat me like all the other WWE sluts you're going to butt fuck. Mmmmmmm, we are all just your ass sluts, ohhhhhhhhhh, every WWE diva just walking fuck holes for you to use whenever you want, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, every single female wrestler in this company and orifice for your pleasure! We all know it, especially AJ. Why do you think she ran away? She knows her ass is yours for the taking, so she legged it and saved her butt for now, but sooner or later you're going to stuff her ass hole and make her your bitch just like me!"

"NO!" Paige interrupted, "Not like you Emma, never like you. Everybody else is just a fuck hole to me, especially AJ, but you... I, I love you. You're my number one bitch, my favourite piece of property, my girl. Do you understand that?"

Emma stared at Paige for a few seconds, then breathlessly whispered, "Yes."

"You don't sound sure." Paige frowned before grinning wickedly, "But that's ok, I'm going to change that."

Emma opened her mouth to insist she was sure, that she had just been overwhelmed by Paige's words, and that was true. Even though that Paige had already told Emma she loved her, and made it clear she was her favourite fuck hole, it was still overwhelming to hear, especially with a large cock up her ass. It became even more overwhelming as Paige suddenly picked up the pace, causing Emma to completely forget what she was going to say in favour of moaning, groaning, whimpering and eventually squealing in pleasure as her girlfriend began seriously sodomising her.

Although she wasn't exactly sure how long Paige had gently fucked her booty it was long enough that her back passage was nice and relaxed and ready for the hard pounding Emma had eagerly anticipated. Even when Paige moved her upper half downwards so that she was literally doing rapid push-ups/bending the blonde's body in half Emma felt nothing but pleasure. Granted that was partly due to Emma's athletic background, but that was mostly because of the skilful ass stretching she had received. That and the fact that she and Paige were now face to face, making the butt pounding even more intimate.

In what felt like seconds Emma was on the edge of climax, Paige keeping her there for what felt like hours but in reality was only about a minute before giving Emma what she wanted, this time with purely anal stimulation. Oh yes, Emma received the kind of intense climax she could only receive when her only form of stimulation was having her butt brutally fucked by a strap-on wielding Paige. That an intense pleasure of giving up her most intimate hole to a superior woman, the woman she loved and loved her, Emma deliriously crying out her name along with a few other phrases as she was roughly ass fucked to climax after climax.


There was nothing in this world Paige loved more than making Emma cum. Defeating AJ for the title was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a moment she will treasure forever, but anally dominating her girlfriend, making the woman she loved cum over and over again from her dick up her arse, that was something she couldn't even accurately described it was so wonderful. The fact that this anal pounding came after fulfilling her ultimate career goal made everything so much more intense, Paige entering a high more powerful than any she'd ever known as she became lost in sodomising her precious Emma.

Emma was clearly just as lost, both WWE divas becoming lost in what they were feeling as one brutally abused the other's ass hole. It was also clear how both divas felt, Paige no longer looking away from the love and devotion she saw in Emma's eyes and wanting to show her girl she felt the exact same way by staring right back. Well, almost exact same way, as Emma was overcome by the submissive delight of that huge cock pulverising her bowels while Paige was lost in the pure dominance of wrecking another female wrestler's rectum with her giant dick, but what really mattered in that moment was showing each other that even during this extremely perverted act they loved each other.

That wonderful truth, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, and a female wrestler at that, meaning that Paige was fulfilling her ultimate sexual desire after fulfilling her ultimate goal in wrestling, all caught up with Paige and she had an orgasm so powerful she had to briefly stop for a few seconds. She quickly re-started the butt sex, however the damage was done. Impressively she was able to make Emma cum several more times, and push herself through several hard climax of her own, but Paige's stamina wasn't infinite and ultimately she ran out of steam.

When that happened in the past Paige may have saved herself a little energy to maintain her dominance. Maybe by leaving enough to stand up or get on her knees for a blow job, maybe just to examine her handiwork. However this time she was so lost in the anal sex Paige didn't even notice just how exhausted she was until her sweaty body collapsed down on Emma's equally sweaty body, the blonde's legs falling off the brunette's shoulders and coming to rest either side of her exhausted body. Even then Paige continued pumping Emma's arse, although that might have been more out of instinct than anything else. Either way it provided a nice way to bring both girls down from the high until Paige rolled off of her bitch, causing the dildo to leave Emma's back hole with an audible wet pop and the blonde to cry out as her arse hole was left a cavernous ruin.

Then Emma cried out again when her legs came down as her butt had been slightly elevated just from Paige's relentless fucking. It wasn't by much, but it was enough that Emma whimpered when she was forced to put weight again on her by now extremely well fucked ass, the submissive blonde rolling onto her side so that Paige could admire her handiwork. Of course there was something else behind that whimper, namely the emptiness Emma felt now Paige was no longer inside her.

Ever since she had first seen the pale brunette Emma had found herself with a powerful urge to have Paige inside her. Her tongue, fingers, toys, it didn't really matter, Emma just wanted to be penetrated by the dominant brunette. Since they had gotten together desire had become even more powerful to the point where Emma felt incomplete without Paige inside her, and despite how sore and aching her ass was Emma wished her girlfriend would just slide her strap-on back inside her ass hole and restart the rectum wrecking, if it were possible to wreck her rectum even more.

She was more than ready to settle for her girlfriend spooning her from behind as usual, but instead Emma was again surprised to hear Paige calling out, "Emma, come here."

Frowning in confusion Emma looked over her shoulder and then smiled as she saw Paige had one arm extended against the pillow behind her and her lover was beckoning her forward. Not needing any further encouragement Emma rolled over into Paige's arms, not in caring that she momentarily put weight on her well battered butt. Sure, she momentarily flinched, but then she was in the arms of the woman she loved, Paige hugging her tightly to her and even leaning down for a gentle kiss.

That kiss lasted a few long seconds, and then Paige broke it and smiled, "Believe me now?"

"Huh?" Emma frowned.

"That I love you." Paige said, before further explaining, "What? I know this wouldn't be everybody's idea of romance, but for WWE divas-"

Boldly Emma interrupted her top with a brief kiss and then smiled, "It was perfect."

Paige returned the smile and then after a few seconds past, "Well?"

"Well what?" Emma frowned again.

"Aren't you going to say it back?" Paige asked, trying and failing to sound casual.

"Say what back?" Emma asked, trying and failing to sound innocent.

"Emma." Paige said warningly.

"Awww sweetie, you already know I love you too." Emma grinned, before working her way down Paige's body, "But if you really want a reminder..."

With that Emma wrapped her lips round the dildo which had just pummelled the deepest depths of her bowels and moaned as she began frantically sucking off all her own anal cream. Once she had thoroughly clean the toy she removed it from her girlfriend's waist and began cleaning Paige's cum leaking pussy, squeezing a powerful after-shock or at least one brand-new orgasm out of the new champion in the process. Then she crawled back up Paige's body and collapsed into her arms again, now both official WWE divas whispering sweet nothings to each other as they dozed peacefully for an hour or so before continuing their epic celebration.

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