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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988). Thus the events in this story did not really happen.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Yours First, Mine Now
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'WWE Elimination Chamber, February 12, 2017' as the scene fades in, revealing Nikki Bella as she enters the locker room just as the Elimination Chamber is being lowered from the arena ceiling nad following another backstage skirmish with Natalya, "I can't wait until SmackDown, because Nattie is going to get it, next time no holding back... just going to straight up beat the hell out of her..." Nikki says to herself as she heads to her locker just as Mickie James enters the locker room a few moments later.

"Well what do we have here... the bitch that stole my boyfriend..." Mickie says upon seeing Nikki, her comment instantly getting the longest reigning Divas Champion's attention.

"Excuse me?" Nikki asks as she turns around to face Mickie with a raised eyebrow.

"You heard me... John was mine first... I leave the WWE and you just steal him from me, you know that's totally against locker room etiquette right, to take someone's boyfriend without paying respect to them," Mickie says with a somewhat psychotic gleam in her eyes as she casually walks towards Nikki

"First off, John and I started dating long after you left the WWE, and second, didn't you two break up before you left seven years ago?" Nikki asks

"That's just semantics... the fact is John was mine first... which makes you mine ," Mickie says with a grin as she now stands directly in front of the Busty Bella

"I don't think so, by the way didn't you loss your match, so shouldn't you off somewhere, bending over for Becky? Plus John is my boyfriend now..." Nikki says, causing Mickie to glare at her for bringing up the result of the earlier match.

"And as I said, he was mine first," Mickie smirks, "So why don't you get down on your knees... pull down my pants, and start eating my pussy..." Mickie says firmly.

Nikki presses her lips together as she locks eyes with Mickie for a long moment, but slowly starts to get down on her knees where she does pull down Mickie's bell-bottomed styled wrestling pants from her waist, revealing the former Women's and Divas Champions smoothly shaven pussy. Licking her lips slightly, Nikki leans her head forward and starts to lap her tongue against Mickie's snatch while pulling her pants down to around her ankles. "Mmmm yeah... ohhh fuck..." Mickie moans as she proceeds to remove her top, letting her juicy tits bounce free before grabbing a handful of Nikki's black hair as she works her tongue against her cunt before she reaches behind her to grab Mickie's ass cheeks followed by shoving her tongue into Mickie's cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Nikki moans as she starts to dart her tongue in and out of Mickie's pussy, tongue fucking her boyfriend's former girlfriend and causing Mickie to clutch her hair even tighter. The Busty Bella twirls her tongue around inside of Mickie's snatch, causing her to buck her hips so that she can grind her pussy against against her face as Nikki hammers her tongue into her fuck hole. Mickie gasps and tosses her head back as her knees buckle slightly as pounds her cunt with her tongue, fearlessly tongue fucking her.

"Yeah... ohhh yeah... ohhhh fuck yes!" Mickie gasps and moans as her eyes roll back a bit as she feels Nikki squeezing her ass cheeks while she keeps up her oral assault on her pussy. Nikki rocks her head back and forth, shoving her own face against Mickie's crotch as she continuously works her tongue around as deeply as possible within Mickie's twat. Mickie's breathing quickens as her pussy starts to release its sweet cream when she starts to climax, which Nikki greedily slurps up and swallows while continuing to tongue fuck the starlet who recently returned to the WWE the previous month.

Glancing up at Mickie who is in basking in the afterglow of her climax, Nikki shifts her hands down from Mickie's ass to the back of her knees and proceeds to pull her legs forward, causing Mickie to fall backward, landing flat on her back on the locker room floor. "John is mine now..." Nikki says as she takes a moment to remove her Phoenix Suns Purple and Orange colored wrestling attire and moves to straddle Mickie's face, lowering her shaven cunt down towards her face, while making sure to be facing towards Mickie's legs, "Now fucking... ohhhh fuck..." Nikki moans as as Mickie places her hands on her ass cheeks followed second later by her starting to lap her tongue against Nikki's moist cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Mickie moans as she works her tongue feverishly against Nikki's pussy, causing Nikki to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy down against her face, leading Mickie to push her tongue up into her cunt where she starts to expertly tongue fuck the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History. Nikki leans her head back as she starts to bounce a bit on Mickie's face as one of the most decorated champions in modern Women's Wrestling history shoves her tongue repeatedly up into her pussy.

"Ohhh ohhh yeah... ohhh fuck yes ohhh... ohhh!" Nikki moans as she proceeds to lean forward, and lowers her head down between Mickie's legs where she resumes lapping her tongue against her cunt. Mickie responds by arching her back, pushing her cunt up against Nikki's tongue while continuing to move her own own within Nikki's pussy while rubbing her juicy round ass at the same time. The moans of both SmackDown starlets are barley muffled as they eat one another's twat in a situation brought about thanks to Mickie feeling she was owed something for the fact that she was John Cena's girlfriend seven years earlier, but it's more than apparent that Nikki is more than willing to go with the flow. The pair of former Divas Champions expertly pleasure another with their mouths, slurping up and swallowing the pussy juices of the other with lustful zeal, relentlessly tongue fucking one another to the point their whorish cries of passion as they both start to cum at nearly the same time, as they moan against the other's snatch in ecstasy as the scene blurs from view.

When it clears, Nikki Bella is shown on her knees in front on Mickie James who has a large strap-on dildo harnessed to her waist. "You're gonna suck my dick like your suck John's big fucking cock..." Mickie says with a smirk as Nikki grips the shaft of the fake cock before she stars to rub her lips against the tip of it before partying her lips fully to take the dildo into her mouth. The Busty Bella starts to bob her head, steadily at first ,but gradually builds up her momentum as she sucks and slurps on the man-made dick while at the same time she starts to stroke the shaft. "Oh yeah... suck it... suck that fucking cock... mmmm fuck..." Mickie licks her lips as she Nikki turns her head from side to side, rubbing her lips around the strap-on dildo while saliva drips out past her lips and down her chin. Nikki places both of her hands on Mickie's thighs as she takes the manufacture dick further past her lips, easily deep throating it as she continues to look up at the starlet who dated John Cena several years before she did.

The scene then shifts to show Nikki on her hands and knees on the locker room floor with Mickie behind her, invading Nikki's pussy with her tight wet pussy. "Ohhhh ohhh fuck..." Nikki moans as Mickie begins to fuck her, thrusting the strap-on dildo in and out of her love tunnel with near perfect movements, which allows her to use her strength to push back against the former Women's Champion resulting in her juicy ass smacking against her hips. Mickie licks her lips as she looks down at the ass of John Cena's current girl friend while she fucks her and begins to increase the rate of her thrusts, delivering several stiff, sharp thrusts at a rapidly increasing tempo. "Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!" Nikki moans and gasps as Mickie slams her fake cock fully into her twat as the recently returned starlet grabs her by the hips while she keeps up her impressive tempo of fucking her from behind.

"Mmmm you're gonna ride my cock like your ride John's!" Mickie yells as she eventually slow downs her thrusts and pulls Nikki by her hips while she leans back until she is laying on the locker room floor with Nikki mount on top of it. No stranger to this change in position, Nikki places her hands on Mickie's thighs and shifts her legs so that she is in a deep crouch with her pussy still stuffed with the strap-on dildo before she starts to eagerly rides Mickie's fake cock, bouncing herself up and down on it while giving its owner a great view of her gorgeous juicy round ass. "Yeah ride that fucking cock! Ride it bitch!" Mickie says as she moves her hands to grab and grope Nikki's backside as the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history drops down continuously raises herself to the head of her man-made dick followed by dropping downward to take every inch of it into her twat. Much like the past seven years away from the WWE, Mickie isn't being idle as she pops her hips upward to propel her sex-toy upward into Nikki Bella's cunt.

"Ahhh ahhh ahh ohhh fuck... fuck... fuck!" Nikki squeals as her pussy tightens around Mickie's strap-on cock and she tosses her head back as she starts to cum her juices drenching the false-cock as she continues to bounce up and down on it as sweat pours down her gorgeous face as the scene blurs from view.

When the scene clears, it shows Mickie standing with her hands on a locker while Nikki is crouched behind her, holding her ass cheeks apart as she laps her tongue against Mickie's asshole, "Mmmm ohhh..." Micki moans as she feels Nikki's tongue against the entrance to her anal passage while pushing her ass back against the Busty Bella's face when Nikki pushes her tongue inside of her asshole. "Ohhh yeah... eat my fucking ass... ohhh fuck..." Mickie groans as Nikki presses her face against her backside while she explores her asshole with her tongue, pushing it as far as humanly possible. John Cena's current girlfriend rocks her head slightly as she darts her tongue in and out Mickie's rear hole only for his ex-girlfriend to push back against her face to make sure its constantly pressed against her rump until Nikki pulls her head back.

"John's my man now... and I'm gonna show you why..." Nikki says as she proceeds to push two fingers inside of Mickie's asshole, causing her to gasp and squeal lightly with surprise. The Busty Bella slowly rises to her feet behind Mickie as she works her fingers in and out of her asshole with short, jabbing thrust that result in the palm of her hand striking against Mickie's rear end at the same time as she finger fucks the former Divas and Women's Champions who is rocking her hips to push her ass back against the digits of her right hand as the scene blurs.

The next segment appears showing Mickie kneeling on the locker room bench with her head resting on it's surface while she reaches back and holds her ass cheeks apart with both hands as Nikki Bella secures the harness of her own strap-on dildo around her waist before she stepping behind her to guide her large dildo into Mickie's asshole "Ohhhhh fuck... fuck... ohhh... shit..." Mickie groans as her ass is stuffed with the large fake cock as Nikki takes moment to grab her hips before she starts to fuck her. The longest reigning Divas Champion of all time licks her lips as she pops her hips repeatedly to drive the fake cock forward into Mickie's asshole, causing her hips to smack against Mickie's fingers thanks to how she is keeping her ass cheeks spread for her. Mickie hangs her head and breathes heavily as it becomes real clear that Nikki has benefited greatly by training with her ex-boyfriend, for every one of Nikki's thrusts are deep and powerful, causing Mickie to jolt forward with not much chance to pull back Nikki compensates by pulling Mickie back by her hips.

"Yeah take it up the ass you bitch... still think I owe you something just cause your dated John first?" Nikki asks as she doubles her own pace in short order, rapidly butt fucking Mickie with enough force that could put her on equal standing with several male Superstars. Both starlets bodies are dripping with sweat, and despite her climax just minutes ago from when Mickie was fucking her with her own strap-on dildo, Nikki seems to have caught a second wind, fearless hammering Mickie's asshole, driving every inch of the sex toy into the depths of her anal passage.

"Ohhh ohhh fuck... ahhh ohhh fuck..." Mickie moans and cries out with desire as Nikki deeply fucks her ass while her own hands slip from her backside. Mickie lets her arms just hang off the bench as Nikki keeps up her all-star display of drilling her backside as Mickie's breathing quickens to short gasps of air until her body starts to shake once she starts to cum thanks to the ass fucking she's receiving from the Busty Bella.

The scene blurs and cuts one last time, showing a naked Mickie James laying face down on the bench still recovering from her climax as Nikki putting on her street clothes as John Cena enters the locker room, having just been eliminated from the Elimination Chamber match. "Hey John did you..." Nikki starts to say before seeing him shake his head.

"No... Wyatt eliminated me..." Cena says before he starts to head to his own locker before noticing Mickie James on the bench. He looks at Nikki with a raised eyebrow, "Do I want to know what was going on here?"

"Just some old era stuff that seeped into the new era... nothing to worry about," Nikki says with a smile as the scene fades to black.


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