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Featuring: Vickie Guerrero (WWE SmackDown), Dolph Ziggler (WWE SmackDown)

Zigging And Zagging To Gold
A WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 ( & Kristi (

Following the July 24, 2010 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, the Official
Consultant of the brand, Vickie Guerrero, dressed in a one-piece black, red
and white designed dress that hangs down against her knees and her low-cut
top that exposes her luscious cleavage, folds her arms and shakes her head in
disgust as she stands her office looking at the SmackDown Manager of
SmackDown, Theodore Long.

"Teddy...I have to know what on earth you were thinking for next week haivng
Layla defend the Women's Championship against Tiffant..." Vickie Guerrero
says, pressing her lips firmly together as she raises her left hand to
slightly move the golden 'Cougar' necklace that rests against her upper

"Well Vickie..." Theodore Long begins to explain.

"I don't care Teddy! I am the Official Consultant of SmackDown, appointed by
Mr. McMahon himself and I don't recall every being consultanted about this
decision!" Vickie Guerreo continues on.

"Now hold up just a minute maybe the Official Consultant of
SmackDown, but I am the General Manager!" Theodore Long replies in a firm
tone. "And I do have the final say in all matters of SmackDown now that Mr.
McMahon has been taken a leave of absence following the attack that took
place on baby girl, and I use the term loosely, I won't be pushed
around by you...or anyone else. Now, you better holla holla..." Theodore Long
says before he nods his head at Vickie Guerrero and turns to exit the office
of Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero grits her teeth and narrows her eyes. "Get out Teddy!" Vickie
shouts, despite the fact that the SmackDown General Manager is already

Just as Teddy opens the door to leave, coming in at the same time is the
handsome, but very arrogant, Dolph Ziggler who casts a very unfriendly look
to the G.M. as he rudely goes by him, deliberately moving so Long has to move
back so he can pass. Shaking his head in disappointment at the young
Superstar's action, Teddy takes his leave of the office, closing the door
behind him.

Dolph looks back at the door with a smirk before turning to Vickie, giving
him the same look. "Hope that moron wasn't bothering you too much Vickie." He
says, putting his hands on his waist. He's dressed in a flashy shirt,
slightly unbuttoned to show off a little of his muscular upper body, and
black casual pants with a belt.

Vickie Guerrero presses her moist lips together and blushes a bit. "Oh
hey...Dolph I wasn't expecting you to drop by..." Vickie comments with a
nervous laugh as she twists her gold 'Cougar' necklace with her right hand,
locking her eyes on Dolph Ziggler. "I mean...I would have refreshened up a

"Relax Vickie. I was just passing by, and I thought I'd drop by and thank you
for being out there tonight..." He says, running his hands through his blond
hair. "First for kicking that NXT loser out from ringside, and then just for
being a "good luck charm" for me when I put Kingston out." He smirks again.
"I might have lost out at Money In The Bank, but I can make up for it when I
take that Intercontiental Championship." He adds with a nod. "No way even
Long can deny me a title shot now after my win tonight."

Vickie Guerrero nods her head in agreement with Dolph Ziggler. "Oh you're
absolutely right baby..." Vickie pauses and blushes "I mean Dolph...but you
know technically Teddy Long isn't the only person who can make matches here
on SmackDown..." The Official Consultant says with a suggestive smirk on her
face as her manipulative eyes wander over Dolph Ziggler muscular, tanned and
clothed body.

"Oh, I know that Vickie..." Ziggler smirks again, although he notices that
she's taking more than just a little look over him. "You are a decision maker
around here as well." He pauses, wondering to himself if he should push ahead
and make the suggestion she's hinting, memories of having to wear that
toolbelt flooding back. "Of course, if you were the one to make that match,
I'd be... I'd be very greatful." He makes sure that the last word stands out
the most as he smirks. "Especially since I know you and I have had... Minor
disagreements in the past."

Vickie rubs her lips together and smiles as she releases a nervous laugh as
she continues to look at Dolph Ziggler. "Oh Dolph I would be more than happy
to make a match between you and Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental
Championship know you'd have to do something special for
me...that's how our relationship works..."

He smirks. "The old I scratch your back, you scratch mine, right?" Dolph
says, looking eye to eye with Smackdown's resident Cougar. "OK Vickie, after
tonight I'm in such a good mood, I couldn't possibly say no, especially to
you." He steps closer to her, already guessing where she's going with this.
"So, tell me, what "special thing" do you want me to do for you?"

Vickie slightly licks her lips as she keeps her manipulative eyes locked with
Dolph Ziggler. "Well Dolph...I believe to be needs to be something
much more physical than want you had to do for me to allowing you to
participate in Money in the Bank...I mean the rubbing tanning oil on me was
good and all...but I want something more!"

Ziggler slightly raises an eyebrow. "You want more?" He moves his hands up to
his shirt, and starts to unbutton it. "Perhaps you want some more of me?" He
says with a smirk, taking off the garment to fully reveal his well defined
and tanned upper body. "Because if you do, then I don't think I could
possible object Vickie." He adds, tossing the shirt aside.

Vickie Guerrero raises her hands to her chest and her manipulative eyes widen
with excitement. "Oh, you really mean it Dolph?" Vickie ask as she takes a
step closer to Ziggler, removing her hands from her chest and placing them
onto his tanned, gorgeously muscular stomach, immediately feeling the warmth
of his skin.

He's no fool, and hell, if it worked for Edge, it can work for him. "I mean
it." He looks down at her hands, and then to her vast cleavage for a moment.
"Baby, I'm all yours and trust me, if you want physical, I can get very, very

"Oh...I want you very physical, Dolph!" Vickie says with a nod of her head as
she breathes heavily, her hands trailing down to his waist and to his belt
which she proceeds to unbuckle.

He licks his lips a little, watching her undoing his belt and soon pulling
his pants down to the floor. "Looks like you really want me, period." He
smirks, stepping out of the pants as he's only in his boxers which show
clearly a sizeable and already starting to harden bulge in them, as he puts
his hands on his waist.

Vickie Guerrero hungrily licks her lips and nods her head as she glances down
at the impressively sized bulge of his boxers. "Oh...I do Dolph! I really
do!" Vickie replies, clearly breathing heavily, as she is overwhelmed by the
handsome SmackDown Superstar. Vickie teasing pulls at the material of his
boxers before she slyly sinks down onto her knees in front of him.

He reaches forward, cupping her face with a hand and lightly stroking her
cheek. "Well babe, I'm all yours." He looks over the curvy, devious woman on
her knees before him. "And you are not going to be disappointed" He boasts,
and for clear reason as he motions to his hardening package as he's using the
sight of her heaving breasts as she breathes to get himself stiff.

Vickie smirks up at Dolph Ziggler before she slides her fingers underneath
the waist band of his boxers and gently lowers the boxers down from his
nicely tanned and muscular waist, with her elegantly manicured fingernails
lightly raking against his skin.

"Like what you see?" Ziggler asks as he takes a hold of his cock, giving it a
couple of quick strokes before letting go, letting Vickie have a look at his
very impressive manhood that's pointed at her, a good foot long in length and
nicely thick. He steps out of his boxers, now naked bar for his shoes and
with his dick rock hard as he stands in front of the seductive consultant of

Vickie nods her head "Oh yes Dolph! It's amazing!" Vickie Guerrero says with
delight as she places her left hand around his completely rock hard cock and
begins to stroke his impressive member with her hand, constantly glancing up
at him for approval.

A light moan escapes from mouth of the handsome Superstar as he feels her
hand slowly moving across his length. "That feels pretty good as well." He
says, looking down at her and also down at his cock as she strokes him.
"Well, good for a physical start of course." He adds with a smirk, enjoying
the look on her face and thinking to himself that this could turn out to be
quite more enjoyable than he first thought.

Vickie Guerrero seductively and slyly narrows her eyes as she keeps her focus
on Dolph Ziggler before she lowers her professionally styled dark haired head
down and slides her wet tongue slowly across the swollen head of Ziggler's
cock, while she holds her hand at the base of his shaft.

"Mmmm even better..." He says with a little chuckle, feeling her tongue
brushing over his bell end, teasing the top of his dick as he has his eyes
locked with hers as she works over the tip of his dick, making him again moan
slightly from the sensation as he puts both hands onto his toned waist.

Vickie slyly taps her wet tongue against the head of Dolph Ziggler's cock,
lashing her tongue from side to side as she coats it nicely with her wet
saliva. Vickie takes a moment to slowly work her tongue in a circular trail
around the head of his cock, before she parts her lips and takes his upper
shaft into her mouth.

Dolph lets out a clear moan this time, already more than just warmed up by
the tongue work he'd received from her, but feeling her soft lips pressing
against his cock and the warmth of her mouth does the trick, and then some.
"Awww yeah..." He says, looking down as he sees Vickie handling the top part
of his long dick in her oral hole. "That's it babe, show me what you can do
with that cock." Ziggler adds with a smirk, slightly licking his lips.

"Mmmmmmmm...." The Official Consultant of SmackDown moans as she smoothly
lifts and lowers her head on the cock of Dolph Ziggler, her pouty and moist
lips brushing back and forth on his shaft as her curved body lightly rocks as
she moves forward on her knees.

He tilts his head back, moaning again as he enjoys her mouth as she goes to
work on his thick dick, impressively moving back and forth along him despite
his vast size and thickness. "Mmmm Vickie..." He looks back down at her,
watching with a grin as her head goes along his dick, feeling her lips
pressing perfectly all around his shaft as she blows him, already getting his
dick a little wet with her saliva. He's not regretting giving in to the
sinful Cougar's lust now, especially with such a quality sucking like he's
getting from her now.

Vickie closes her eyes and turns her head firmly on Dolph's cock, lightly
twisting her luscious lips against his shaft before she lowers her head
perfectly down on his shaft, holding his cock deeply steady in her mouth for
a few moments before the lustful Cougar begins to bob her head along his

"Oh fuck..." He exclaims with a moan as she deep throats all of his twelve
inch cock, before she moves all the way up and down his cock, really giving
his dick the full experience of her clearly talented mouth. "Yeah, suck that
cock baby..." He moves a hand onto her head, lightly running his fingers
through her dark hair as he lets her blow his mind by deeply and quickly
blowing his member. He can't help but moan with each motion up and down she
makes on him, noticing that she doesn't gag even for a moment as she hungrily
feasts on his thick man meat.

Vickie Guerrero opens her sly and sinful eyes as she glances up at Dolph
Ziggler before she lifts her head off of his impressive cock, leaving his
shaft dripping with her saliva. Vickie seductively smirks up at him as she
places her right hand onto his muscular stomach, feeling the indentation of
each muscle with the tips of her fingers. "Mmmmm baby...I think we need to
start getting real physical..." Vickie says with a lustfull, Cougar-like

He smirks at the growl, glancing down at his rock hard cock. "Well I'm ready
to go, but you..." He looks over her. "You're still a little over dressed
baby..." He says before taking her hand off his stomach so he can help her
up, before he takes a hold of the shoulder straps of her outfit, looking into
her eyes as he starts to lower it down her mature, curvy body.

Vickie narrows her eyes as she seductively looks at Dolph Ziggler as he
lowers the one-view dress down from her upper body to expose her nicely
rounded and juicy, full tits and her curved waist.

He doesn't stop there, going all the way down to fully strip her, smirking as
he looks over her naked, Cougar-quality body. "You want to get physical
babe?" He asks as he stands back up, looking over her again. "Go take a seat
on the couch, and I'll show how really physical I can get." He says, running
his hands though his blond hair as he speaks.

Vickie grits her teeth and lustfully narrows her eyes at Dolph Ziggler as she
heavily breaths with excitement "Mmmm...ok baby..." Vickie says as she
blushes slightly before she turns and walks over to her luxury styled leather
couch and sits on it comfortably, spreading her smooth legs apart.

Dolph takes his time as he walks over to her, now his turn to tease as he
steps in between her legs, looking down at her already wet looking pussy
before he grips his dick by the base, lining it up. "You want it? You've got
it Vickie." He says as he firmly pushes himself into her snatch, moaning as
he feels her tightness all around him but soon takes control, leaning over to
put his hands on the back of the couch and starting to move his hips back and
forth, working his shaft into her with a decent, slow pace to kick things off

Vickie leans her head back against the couch and closes her eyes as she feels
his large shaft moving in and out of her wet pussy as he smoothly and easily
pumps his cock into her, teasing the seductive Cougar. "Ohhhhhh...mmmm yeah
Dolph!" Vickie moans.

He smirks, already seeing title shots in his future from every moan she lets
out. He thrusts his dick in and out of her snatch, already half of his
manhood deep inside her as he watches her body move in response to his dick
as it slides back and forth into her dampening, tight pussy as the Smackdown
Superstar fucks the woman who's supposed to be his boss rather than a partner
in this sexual bargaining.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yesss Dolph!" Vickie moans loudly as she raises her
smooth legs and places them up around his muscular, tanned as she starts to
use her legs to pull him deeper into her tight and wet pussy.

"Mmmm shit..." Dolph moans out. "Take it Vickie!" He's pleasantly surprised
himself at how much he's enjoying her tight snatch, quickening his movements
now as thanks to her legs around him he can easily go balls deep into her,
sending all of his foot long and thick shaft into her hole each time he pumps
up into her.

Vickie licks her lips as she lustfully looks up at Ziggler as she raises her
hands and places them onto his muscular, tanned stomach as his body firmly
gyrates as he thrusts his cock deeper and firmer into her wet and warm
snatch. "Ohhhhhh Dolph baby..."

"Mmmm you like that?" Ziggler says with a grin, already knowing the answer as
he sends his cock in again into her, this time keeping all of himself in her
for a few moments. "Shit, you're wet as hell..." He adds as he starts up his
pumps yet again, putting real force behind each one so that his nut sack
smacks into her body each time he thrusts into her soaking pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhhh yeah Dolph...mmmm I love it!" Vickie moans as she starts to
grind her wet and warm, tight pussy back against his shaft as he deeply pumps
into her.

He grunts, using the quick, stiff pace to bang the Smackdown Consultant,
looking down and watching as her large tits bounce slightly each time he
drives himself into her tightness. "Mmmm I can tell..." He says with a moan,
sweat beginning to form across his muscular body as he looks to really make
sure she's "convinced" to make sure he's getting a title shot."

"Ohhhhhh are definitely a star..." Vickie moans as she lustfully
leans back on the couch, feeling Dolph Ziggler's firm and intense thrusts
into her pussy, making every effort to please the dominant Cougar of

"Damn right I am..." He says, moving his hands down onto her waist, showing
impressive strength as he lifts her up so he can bring her down onto his dick
when he sends it up into her, enhancing the pleasure and driving himself deep
into her. The smack of skin hitting skin rings around the office as he bangs
Vickie Guerreo hard and fast on the couch, moaning as he feels her wet, tight
pussy all around his thick, foot long cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm baby! Thats what I like Dolph!" Vickie moans as she arches
her body slightly, forcing Dolph Ziggler to thrust his cock downward at an
angle into her snatch.

"Mmmm shit..." Dolph grunts, leaning over again to get the perfect
positioning, showing his sexual skill as soon he's right back to using the
pounding pace to hammer his dick in and out of her pussy like he's drilling
for oil. "Fucking take it!" He moans out, his cock slick with her juices as
he rams his shaft back and forth into the sinful Cougar with such force and
speed that he's putting professional porn stars to shame.

"Ohhhhhhh Mmmmmmm baby..." Vickie moans as she places her hands onto his
strong, tanned arms as he deeply rams his shaft into her pussy, causing her
curved body to move on the couch. Vickie closes her eyes as sweat starts to
form on her face.

"Mmmmm mmmmm yeah..." Ziggler moans, his cock throbbing slightly as he
continues keeping up this impressive pace, grinning as he watches her large
tits bounce from the rocking motion the rest of her body is doing. "Fuck
yeah..." He grunts, fucking his way to the top looking more and more like a
very good idea as he enjoys pounding her still tight as ever but completely
soaking pussy, their bodies connecting every time he sends himself balls deep
into her.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh Dolph baby..." Vickie moans and her lightly sweat coated
body tense as her pussy tightens firmly around his shaft as she begins to
cum, coating his cock with her juices.

He hisses through his teeth, feeling her snatch clamp around his cock but he
shows his sexual ability as he keeps control, not blasting off just yet as he
helps her to ride out her orgasm, pumping away into her pussy as she cums but
slowing himself down and using less and less power behind each one,
eventually till he can see and feel her coming down from the high. "Mmmm you
enjoy that baby?" He asks with a grin, slowly pulling his now throbbing cock
out of her well fucked pussy.

Vickie Guerrero opens her eyes and licks her lips as she nods her head.
"Mmmmm...I did Dolph...mmm you are so amazing."

Dolph reaches back, unwrapping her legs from around him so he can slightly
climb up onto the couch, his hand around his cock as he quickly strokes it,
pointing himself right down at Vickie's face. "Mmmm yeah, we both are..." He
says with a moan, clearly now heading towards his own sexual peak in a few
moments time.

" baby...allow me..." Vickie Guerrero says with a sly, lustfull
smile as she places her right hand on top of Dolph's hand, gently removing
his hand from his shaft and placing her own hand onto his pulsating cock.

"Mmmm feel free..." He says with a lick of his lips, watching as she runs her
hand back and forth along his length, stroking his dick with her smooth palm
and not having a problem that she's getting her fingers coated in her own
pussy juices that are all over his rod. "Mmmm oh fuck baby, here it comes..."
He manages to gasp out, her swift jerking doing the trick as Dolph Ziggler
starts to blow his load, thick streams of jizz blasting out and landing right
onto Vickie Gurerreo's face.

Vickie licks her lips and narrows her eyes as she watches his load of cum
spray, stream after stream, from his shaft coming directly at her face,
before some drips down onto her large chest. "Ohhhhh Dolph babe...mmmmm you
are so incredible!"

He takes a moment to catch his breath, his cock now hanging limp and spent.
"Yeah... So..." He runs his hands though his sweat drenched hair. "About...
About that title shot..." He smirks a little. "Did I get physical enough for
you to get it?"

Vickie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at Dolph Ziggler. "Oh
did! You really did!" Vickie says as she takes deep breath. "You can make it
official babe...Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental
Championship!" Vickie says with a nod of her head "And if Kofi's little NXT
Rookie is at ringside...he is immediately stripped of the title!" Vickie says
before releasing her hell-raising, screech-like laugh.

Dolph takes a step back from her, nodding with a big smirk on his face. "That
title is one Sleeper Hold away. Me beating Kingston is as good as done." He
states, wiping sweat off his forehead as he knows he's gotten exactly what he
wanted, and a little bit more as well.

Vickie smiles as she moves to stand up from the couch. ""
Vickie says as she looks at Dolph Ziggler. "Go get me a towel...I need to
clean up!" Vickie snaps in a commanding tone.

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